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FA, v., n.1 I. A. Add to defin.: (faa Sh., Ork., Cai., Bnff., Abd., Arg., Dmf.; faw Ags., Fif., Edb., Gsw., Ayr., Dmf., Rxb. 2000s).
Add quots.: Ags. 1988  Raymond Vettese The Richt Noise 42:
The lads f'ae the Mairt
wi sharn on their feet
birl aboot the howff sawins,
(Tam on the moothie
Peem on the spoons),
heechin, skirlin, lowpin, fleein,
faain doon,
stotterin hame....
Dundee 1991  Ellie McDonald The Gangan Fuit 33:
Man i the muin he's staunan an chauvan
wi a graipful o breers he's warslan awaa.
Sic a wunner it is he disnae gang skitan
wi joukan an trummlan sae feart gin he'll faa.
Gsw. 1993  Margaret Sinclair Soor Plooms and Candy Balls 15:
Jumpin' o'er the dykes noo, watch ye don't fa' aff.
Sure fitted ah wisnae, ma pals hid many a laugh,
m.Sc. 1994  Martin Bowman and Bill Findlay Forever Yours, Marie-Lou 17:
When you git up durin the night, the racket you make fartin an spittin must make the neebors think thur ceilin's fawin in!
em.Sc. 1999  James Robertson The Day O Judgement 11:
"Faw doun, ye craigs, upon oor heids,
An crush us wi yer stanes an scree!
O scoor oor presence frae the yirth:
The Lamb cums that we canna see."

I. A. pa.p. Add quots.: Ayr. 1991  :
He's fell on his feet; he's fell doun that hole.
Abd. 1996  Sheena Blackhall Wittgenstein's Web 52:
He wis jist drivin intae Steenhive fin it happened. Aa o a sudden there wis a muckle blaff frae the airt o Aiberdeen. Syne, there wis a blinnin fire-flaucht. I thocht the sun hid faaen ooto the lift!
em.Sc. 2000  James Robertson The Fanatic 66:
' ... Why, Sir Andrew Ramsay, Lord Provost o Edinburgh, that had gotten it as pairt o the lands o Wauchton frae a puir laird fawn on hard times. ... '

I. B. 9. (10) (b) Add quot.: em.Sc. 2000  James Robertson The Fanatic 1:
He fell away again. Now he dreamt a face staring at him, evil, a bishop's face sneering and cold beneath its black skull-cap.

II. Sc. form of Eng. fall. em.Sc. 2000  James Robertson The Fanatic 35:
'Is he deid?' the boy asked.
'Aye,' said the minister. 'I doot the faw has killt him.'
Edb. 2000s  :
She had an awfie bad fa an broke her airm.

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