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DWINE, v. and n. I. 1. (1) Add to defin.: (Sh., Bnff., Abd., Ags., Ayr. 2000s). Add quots.: m.Sc. 1988  William Neill Making Tracks 39:
Nou thir auld singers are gane
til an airt whaur nae makkar is thrang,
faur ben in a lown o ma ain,
I dwyne for the want o a sang.
wm.Sc. 1989  Anna Blair The Goose Girl of Eriska 50:
... Angus, had dwyned for a year or two, not able to work his ground, and all he had left as legacy was a stony strip outside his cot, ...
Sc. 1995  David Purves Hert's Bluid 24:
Afore he made ti dee, Keing James the Fift
rowed roun ti face the waw an dwyned awa,
raither nor thole the skaith that wes ti cum ...
Abd. 1996  Sheena Blackhall Wittgenstein's Web 3:
A twa three year back, merriage wadna hae bothered her ava. Bit her fowk war auld noo, dwinin, dweeble. Her sister Betty wis merriet, as wis her brither.
em.Sc. 2000  James Robertson The Fanatic 90:
They had to take a taxi straight to the infirmary, he told him. She'd been dwining away all afternoon.

I. 1. (2) Add quots.: Sc. 1991  Kenneth Fraser in Tom Hubbard The New Makars 101:
Yet the Scots leid's a treisure o mair worth
Than ony castle, an it dwines awaa
Frae day tae day, but tho we see its faa
There's gey few words o protest comin furth.
Dundee 1994  Matthew Fitt in James Robertson A Tongue in Yer Heid 179:
The dey wus dwynin, the gloamin camin oan.
Abd. 1998  Sheena Blackhall The Bonsai Grower 69:
At gloamin, [birdsong] didna dwine neither, fur syne tuik ower the saft croo-croo o the cushie, and the greetin keen o the whaup melled wi the eildritch skreich o the hoolit.
em.Sc. 1999  James Robertson The Day O Judgement 11:
The sun, heich lantren o the lift,
Blinters an fades forenent his bleeze.
Afore the brichtness o his face
It dwines an dees.
Abd. 2000  Sheena Blackhall The Singing Bird 9:
As lang as salmon sweem the waves an I hae thochts tae myn,
As boats salute the dwinin year,

I. 2. (1) Add quot.: Ags. 1988  Raymond Vettese The Richt Noise 20:
Ye say he didna look,
but it's mair nor that — he didna, wadna, see;
wanted this, needed this, the truth let dwine.

II. Add quot.: m.Sc. 1996  John Murray Aspen 17:
Daith isnae
kennin hou ye mairked oor faimlie's dwyne
wi fadit cuttins gotten fae the Scotsman.

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