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DWAM, n. and v. Add variant dwamm
I. 2. Add quots.: Gsw. 1966 Archie Hind The Dear Green Place (1984) 33:
Like all young people, particularly when they are in love, ... They didn't believe they would ever experience the anxieties and miseries of ordinary domestic life. The kind of erotic dwalm in which they were living convinced them of the truth of this.
em.Sc.(b) 1978 John Herdman Pagan's Pilgrimage (1987) 141:
I suppose I sat staring at the epic painting in a kind of fascinated dwalm for about twenty minutes, ...
wm.Sc. 1985 Liz Lochhead Tartuffe 6:
Flipote! you're staunin' in a dwamm like a big daft dug!
Get a move oan or Ah'll gie you a skelp on the lug,
wm.Sc. 1987 Anna Blair Scottish Tales (1990) 180:
But through his dwam he was taken aback to hear his own name thundering out from the pulpit, in a tone and context which were certainly not respectful.
Ags. 1988 Raymond Vettese The Richt Noise 89:
Whitna dwam's this? It maun be
dwam, shairly, for oor Scottish trees
(as oniebodie that kens Scotland kens)
are owre kirkyairdie-like for sic harum-scarum
Sc. 1990 Scotsman 24 Mar 10:
Nevertheless I am ashamed that so many of my fellow Scots pathetically responded to a clear-headed, disciplined and passionate performance by our national team by submerging themselves in an alcoholic dwam.
Cai. 1992 James Miller A Fine White Stoor 214:
Dougie lived in a dwaum of love for all that day. His feet took him around the croft but his mind was fixed on Alison's face and lips.
Abd. 1996 Sheena Blackhall Wittgenstein's Web 62:
"Come awa then," quo Tullio hypocreetically. "Are ye in a dwaum? Pit the fit doon."
Wi her vyce sweetened bi the flichterin o luve, Ines agreed: ...
em.Sc. 2000 James Robertson The Fanatic 100:
'Aye,' he said. 'I was in a dwam. I'm fine.' But his leg was pounding again.

II. 1. (1) Add variants dwammy, dwamlie. Add to defin.: (dwammy Ags., Ayr.; dwamlie Ags. 2000s).
Add quots.: m.Sc. 2000 Bruce Leeming in Alec Finlay Atoms of Delight 91:
Doun i the haugh
dwammy wi haw flourish
a wumman greitin
em.Sc. 2000 James Robertson The Fanatic 52:
'And I keep gaun intae dwams. Real stuff disna feel real and the dwammy stuff does. Does that sound like the behaviour of an emotionally balanced person?'

II. Add: II. 5. To dream, daydream (Sh., Bnff., Ags., Ayr., Rxb. 2000s) Also fig.em.Sc.(a) 1991 Kate Armstrong in Tom Hubbard The New Makars 113:
Werena we a maist perjink, aye dreamin,
dwamin o hoo thae weel-spoken lads
wid clap yer shouther, haud yer haun, cry ye brither?
Abd. 1996 Sheena Blackhall Wittgenstein's Web 22:
Sylvester wis curled up inno a cosy baa, dwaumin o Fuskers an cream, fin Henry cam back frae the agency.
m.Sc. 1996 John Murray Aspen 5:
ower the dwammin haughlans fanklin,
in spate we tak on
wir lives lang syne,
Abd. 1998 Sheena Blackhall The Bonsai Grower 81:
A wearisome warssle it wis anna, fur a hett-bluided lass tae pit by the rigg o ilkie nicht wi a shargeret auld bodach fa snored and snochered an dwaumed awa, aa the oors sud be keepit fur luvin.

II. Add: II. 6. To move 1996 Sheena Middleton in Sandy Stronach New Wirds: An Anthology of Winning Poems and Stories from the Doric Writing Competitions of 1994 and 1995 28:
Sae sweet an caller an cweel war the burnies that treetled doon the side o the Darroch, that the Dee hersel, dauchled and dwaumed an dovered as she roundit its braes, ...

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