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First published 1971 (SND Vol. VIII).

SACKET, n. Also sackit, -ut; sag(g)art (see 2.). [′sɑkət]

1. A small bag or sack (Wgt. 1969). Obs. in Eng. Comb. sacketman, one who carries a sack, specif. a sportsman's gamebag. Adj. sackety, of a person: like a stuffed sack, short and thick-set, dumpy (Rxb. 1825 Jam., †1923 Watson W.-B.).Kcd. 1700 Black Book Kcd. (1843) 121:
He put the shoes in the said sacket, being an haill fourteen pair.
Abd. 1723 W. Meston Knight 3:
Like Supplicants who are most needy, Put in thy Hand in either Sacket.
Ags. 1818 Scots Mag. (Sept.) 236:
When he rides to a market-town, the produce of the dairy is stowed into a bag or small sack, termed a sacket, which is close at both ends and open in the middle.
Per. 1845 Stat. Acc.2 X. 570:
Sportsmen from the south train them either as servants, or guides, or sacketmen to a fascinating amusement.
Wgt. 1912 A.O.W.B. Fables frae French 49:
That sacket hauds bried, An' o' a sma' bite I am sairly in need!

2. A loose upper garment, a kind of smock (Mry., Abd. 1921 T.S.D.C., sagart).

3. As a term of abuse: a scamp, rascal, a pert impudent person (Ags. 1969); ¶in 1844 quot. of a sorry-looking, broken-down animal.Abd. 1844 P. Still Poems 43:
My nag, like ony city sackit, Hangs head and tail.
Ags. 1853 W. Blair Aberbrothock 61:
Her dochter, a little, clippy sackut o' fifteen or saxteen.
Ags. 1889 Barrie W. in Thrums xxi.:
If he ever comes back, the sacket, we'll show 'im the door gey quick.
Ags. 1959 People's Jnl. (2 May) 6:
Ye wee sacket, I'll gie ye something for yer cheek.

[O.Sc. has sacket, a bag, 1520, Mid.Eng. sakett, O.Fr. saquet, dim of sac, sack. For sense 3. cf. also Ger. sack, with sim. force.]

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