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Scottish National Dictionary (1700–)

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First published 1968 (SND Vol. VII). Includes material from the 1976 supplement.
This entry has not been updated but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

ROWST, v.1, n.1 Also roust; ¶roost (Ags. 1894 J. B. Salmond My Man Sandy (1899) 107). [rʌust]

I. v. 1. To roar, shout, bellow (Sc. 1710 T. Ruddiman Gl. to Douglas Aeneis; n.Sc. 1808 Jam.; Ags. 1968). Hence rousting, vbl.n., roaring, shouting (Id.); ppl.adj., roaring, noisy, vociferous; of a fire: blazing, roaring (Fif. 1968); of weather: blustery, windy (Ags., Fif. 1968). Agent n. rowster, a tempest, blizzard (Abd. 1968); a cow or bull.Sc. 1747 Lyon in Mourning (S.H.S.) II. 220:
Ground your arms and rowst no more.
Abd. p.1768 A. Ross Fortunate Shep. MS. 170:
A wench that kept the cows then answer made "North the west flaik, as I my rousters fed, I saw them hors'd behind two Gentlemen."
Sc. 1793 “Tam Thrum” Look before ye Loup 35:
Come then, Charles, let's hae God save the King, an' I'll roust a bass to ye.
Sc. 1820 A. Sutherland St Kathleen III. iv.:
Wha's that rousting for Jim Niel?
Fif. 1827 W. Tennant Papistry Storm'd 119:
At's mou' he had a trumpet braw, Whairwi' he 'gan to roust and blaw.
Abd. 1832 W. Scott Poems 182:
The nout were roustin' like to feight.
Ags. 1879 J. Guthrie Poems 25:
The cattle roustin' at the style's nae richt.
Kcd. 1933 L. G. Gibbon Cloud Howe (1937) 26:
A rousting night in December's close.

2. Transf. to brag, boast, bluster (Abd. 1968).

II. n. A roar, bellow or loud penetrating noise, the act of roaring or bellowing (n.Sc. 1808 Jam.; Ags. 1968). Deriv. rousty, having a loud hoarse voice (Sc. 1710 T. Ruddiman Gl. to Douglas Aeneis, 1808 Jam.).Abd. 1804 W. Tarras Poems 93:
Horse-Jockies thro' the Shoo-gate rant, Wi' monie a roust an' rair.
Ags. 1815 G. Beattie Poems (1882) 182:
To ilk bellow, roust, and roar.
Abd.4 1928:
Heard in connection with a foghorn: “Sic a rowst”.

[O.Sc. rowste, a loud noise, a.1400, Mid.Eng. rowwst, voice, O.N. raust, id.]

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