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REEMIS, n., v. Also reemise, -ies, -ice, reimis, reamys, rheemous; reemish, re(a)mish. ne.Sc. forms of Rummiss, q.v. See P.L.D. § 37. [′rimɪʃ, -ɪs]

I. n. 1. A resounding crash or rumble, as of a falling body, masonry, etc. (Bnff., Abd. 1825 Jam., Bnff., Abd. 1968). Abd. 1768  A. Ross Helenore (S.T.S.) 68:
With a loud crack the house fell down at last, The reemish put a knell unto her heart.
Abd. 1832  W. Scott Poems 84:
Weel, sorra tak' this warld wi' a reemise.
Abd. 1879  G. MacDonald Castle Warlock xiii.:
There was no accounting for the reemish they baith h'ard.
Abd. 1920  A. Robb MS. xi.:
He wisna weel doon fan we heard an awfu unearthly roar and seen a great remise.

2. Of a lighter sound: a scuffle, a noisy upheaval, a din, clatter (Abd. 1968). Abd. 1922  Swatches o' Hamespun 60:
As gin some warlock hid made a reemice amon' the breem busses.
Sc. 1819  J. Rennie St. Patrick II. xvii.:
The vera craws canna get sleepin' for your rheemous an' rantin'.
Abd. 1877  G. MacDonald M. Lossie xi.:
In sic a whummule an' a rum'le an' a remiss as this Lon'on.
Abd. 1895  J. Davidson Ministers 144:
A gryte reamys they're haddin' awa' aboot Germany some wye.
Abd. 1916  G. Abel Wylins 56:
A reemis at the door fair strak the speaker dumb.

3. A heavy stroke, a blow, a beating or battering about (Bnff., Abd., 1968). Abd. 1754  R. Forbes Journal 24:
She tumbled down upo' me wi' sik a reimis.
Abd. 1884–1903  Northern Figaro 19:
We gaed tae lift him up an' saw that he had gotten a gey reemis.
Abd. 1900  C. Murray Hamewith 24:
[He] only leuch when threatened wi' a reemish fae a rung.
Abd. 1966  Huntly Express (30 Sept.) 7:
The “reemish” which the barley took on 6th September.

II. v. To move about with a crashing or clattering sound, to jolt, jar (ne.Sc. 1968). Vbl.n. ree-mishin, uproar, clatter. Bnff. 1918  M. Symon Wir Roup 2:
Aul' Cairnies reemisht in a hearse.
Abd. 1929 1 :
I hear a reemishin' o' the tay things.
Abd. 1958  Huntly Express (2 May):
There's an unco reemishin' gyan on oot bye like tho' some ane wis brakin' into the mull.

[See note to Rummiss.]

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