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First published 1968 (SND Vol. VII). Includes material from the 2005 supplement.
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

PAIP, n.3 Also pape. Sc. forms and usages of Eng. Pope.

1. As in Eng.Sc. 1818 Scott H. Midlothian ix.:
I had forgot what an ill will ye had aye at the Paip.
Fif. 1827 W. Tennant Papistry Storm'd 15:
Sorrow gin Paip was boil'd to taivers, And I'd a platefu' o' the bree!
Rnf. 1876 D. Gilmour Pen' Folk 60:
Ithers fin mair comfort under Prelacy, and thoosan's, like ships bedit amang san', can get peace only frae the Pape o' Rome.
m.Sc. 1917 J. Buchan Poems 61:
It's no that I'm chief wi' the Pape, But I owe the warld to yon bell.
Sc. 1934 Sc. N. & Q. (June) 82:
Sax feet for the paip, An' sax for the pauper.

Derivs.: (1) paperie, papp'ry, popery (Ayr., Kcb. 1965); (2) papish, (i) adj., popish; (ii) n., a Roman Catholic, derogatory (Sc. 1825 Jam.; Uls. 1953 Traynor; Ags., Ayr., Kcb., Uls. 1965). Also in Eng. dial. Also pa(i)pisher, -ur, id.; (3) papist, in comb. papist-stroke, a jocular term for a crucifix (Abd. 1825 Jam.). The second element may represent Troke, q.v.(1) Sc. 1719 Ramsay Poems (S.T.S.) I. 185:
Stage-Plays, quoth Dunce, are unco' Things indeed! They're Papery, Papery! — cry'd his Nibour neist.
Lnk. a.1779 D. Graham Writings (1883) II. 134:
They were braw markets on the Sundays i' the time o' Paepery. We had nae ministers than but priests.
Sc. 1818 Scott Rob Roy xix.:
It was na for luve o' Paperie — na, na! — nane could ever say that o' the trades o' Glasgow.
(2) (i) Slk. 1820 Hogg Tales (1874) 276:
The rebel crew, and their papish prince.
Kcb. 1898 Crockett Standard Bearer xiv.:
He had been a Papish priest some-gate in his youth.
Gsw. 1991 John Burrowes Mother Glasgow 214:
'Aye, I'm not surprised about Riley being in with the IRA. They tell me he's never away from the chapel.'
'Is that right?'
'Papish bastard.'
(ii) Lnk. 1806 J. Black Falls of Clyde 109:
That's the Pope's doin' now — It's him sends here, Thae bodies, to put Christian folks in fear; An, mak them papisher.
Sc. 1823 Scott Peveril xxi.:
This plot . . . that they are pursuing the Papishers about.
Dmf. 1826 H. Duncan W. Douglas III. xiii.:
The Papishes, sakeless bodies,'ill nae doubt try to get in their han'.
Slk. 1835 Hogg Tales (1874) 587:
I ken you to be the maist determmed an' abominable Papishur in a' the British dominions.
Kcb. 1900 Crockett Stickit Minister's Wooing 178:
The Papishes make ower great a to-do about her for my liking!
Arg. 1917 A. W. Blue Quay Head Tryst 176:
He was lost in the thirties off the Craig, and Hughie had it as he lay that the Papishes had drooned him.

2. A member of the Roman Catholic Church (m. and s.Sc. 1965), a shortened form of papist or papish.Rnf. 1935 L. Kerr Woman of Glenshiels iv.:
Mary . . . wouldn't click with a “pape” or a boy who whistled after them.
wm.Sc.1 1950:
Pape is a common term in sw.Sc. and, like “papist” is used in a derogatory sense.
ne.Sc. 1952 John R. Allan North-East Lowlands of Scotland (1974) 112:
Old Ronald knew about the translation from Mortlach: "Aye, the Cathedral was first biggit in anither place. But coorse [evil] men troublet the Bishop - he was the minister at that time - and, being a Pape, he workit a miracle.
Gsw. 1957 Bulletin (11 Oct.):
Lucas had been drinking. When charged he said, “I set the house on fire to burn these Papes and Niggers.”
wm.Sc. 1979 Robin Jenkins Fergus Lamont 11:
'Are you a Pape?' I asked. 'What a nasty word. If you mean Catholic, say Catholic.'
Sc. 2000 Herald (26 Jan) 15:
A Scottish Executive spokesman has denied, however, that the spectre of sectarianism led to the Scottish data-collectors deciding not to ask us whether we are Proddies or Papes, Muslims or Hindus.

[O.Sc. Paip, the Pope, a.1400.]

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