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OUTWITH, prep., adv., adj., n., v. Also outwuth, ootwuth (Abd. 1880 G. Webster Crim. Officer 82), oot'ith. [′ut′wɪθ]

I. prep. Outside, out of, beyond. Gen.Sc. Abd. 1705 Abd. Jnl. N. & Q. II. 309:
It shall be leisum to them . . . to take themselves outwith the family.
Sc. 1724 Records Conv. Burghs (1885) 341:
None dwelling out of burrows use merchandize, nor top nor sell wine, wax, etc., nor staple goods, outwith burrows.
Sc. 1735 Session Papers, Petition C. Sheriff (16 Dec.) 3:
Putting the Salt on board the Lighters, outwith the Supercargo's Presence.
Sc. 1875 P.S.A.S. X. 286:
It is only probable that outwith this row there had been an outer course of piles.
Rxb. 1923 Kelso Chron. (11 Dec.) 2:
Savings Certificates. — Sales during October — Berwickshire (outwith burgh), 1162.
Knr. 1925 H. Haliburton Horace 240:
Drive off the evils that we dread, Outwith us and within's.
Sc. 1937 St. Andrews Cit. (24 April) 3:
It [the car] was outwith the control of the driver.
Sc. 1947 H. Farmer Hist. Music Scot. 216:
In music, there was but one name, John Abell (d. 1724), and he gained his fame outwith Scotland, to use the appropriate Scots word.
Sc. 1962 Scotsman (8 Oct.) 1:
Comunn na h-Oigridh, the youth section of An Comunn Gaidhealach, is to be placed outwith the parent body's immediate management and control.

II. adv. Outside, out-of-doors, outwards (Sc. 1710 T. Ruddiman Gl. to Douglas Aeneis; Fif. c.1850 R. Peattie MS.; Abd., Kcd. 1964) beyond a certain limit. Sc. 1701 Burgh Rec. Gsw. (1908) 321:
To determine and mark out to him how far he is to come outwith.
Abd. 1768 A. Ross Helenore (S.T.S.) 89:
Colen her father, who had outwith gane.
Abd. 1871 W. Alexander Johnny Gibb xli.:
The two being now, as Hairry put it, only “freen's fae the teeth ootwuth.”
Ags. 1895 Caledonia I. 433:
Bein' a hantle ootwith an' hearin' the maist o' fouk's stories.
Abd. c.1930:
Tak that trash awa' oot'ith a bit, an' burn't.

III. adj. Outward, outermost, outlying (Abd. 1964). Sc. 1819 Scots Mag. (July) 256:
An' fesh my hawks sae fleet o' flicht To hunt in the outwith lan'.
Abd. 1871 W. Alexander Johnny Gibb xlv.:
Nae the ootwuth nyeuk o' fat we ca' the Pardes park?
Abd. 1917 C. Murray Sough o' War 15:
They wandered awa' on the ootwith roads.
Bch. 1943 Scots Mag. (March) 446:
They've teen a waefu' ootwith gait we've never had to tak'.

IV. n. The outer world, the district beyond one's immediate circle. Abd. 1882 W. Alexander My Ain Folk 98:
He's as weel kent there as he's respeckit to the ootwith.

V. v. To go beyond, exceed, overreach. Bnff. 1935 I. Bennet Fishermen vii.:
Ye're so clever, ma lad, ye'll ootwith yersel' yet.

[From Out + With (cf. without). O.Sc. otowth, out from, 1375, ututh, outside, a.1400, North. Mid.Eng. utwiþ.]

Outwith prep., adv., adj., n., v.

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