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LOSH, n., int. Also lush and extended forms loshes, -en, los(h)(t)ie, -ins, losh(t)ie-gosh(t)ie, losh(-gosh)-a-da(is)y and in phrs. losh a, loshie or loshes me, losh bless me, -candy me, -keep me, etc., loshifycairyme, Losh have a care o me. Deformations of Lord, used in exclamations, gen. of surprise, wonder, dismay or expostulation (Sc. 1825 Jam.; Gsw. 1899 Mont.-Fleming 90, losh-gosh-a-daisy). Gen.Sc. In Bwk. the form losh-a-daisy is popularly said to be common among St. Abbs fishermen who are hence nicknamed Loshadaisies by their neighbours (Bwk. 1961). Cf. Gosh. Lnk. a.1779  D. Graham Writings (1883) II. 120:
The losh preserve me, sirs.
Ayr. c.1786  Burns Reply to a Trimming Epistle i.:
Losh man! hae mercy wi' your natch.
Edb. 1828  D. M. Moir Mansie Waugh (1898) x.:
Losh me! but I was terribly frighted and eerie.
Sc. 1857  Wilson's Tales of the Borders V. 223:
“Loshifycairyme!” cried Kirsty; “he's lost his bonny black whiskers.”
Lth. 1857  Misty Morning 294:
Loshins o' me!
Sh. 1862  Shet. Advert. (29 Sept.):
My loshins, boy, what deil cam ower dee for to mack dee gang an wraet seck extranordinar foly?
Mry. 1865  J. Horne Poems 134:
But loshie, sirs! when I gang oot A bittie frae the toon.
Abd. 1871  W. Alexander Johnny Gibb xliv.:
Loshtie man, ye're seerly gyaun gyte.
Dmf. 1877  R. W. Thom Poems (1883) 3:
But losh! when the autumn had dauner'd by, An' winter reigned 'neath a drumlie sky.
Bnff. 1880  J. F. S. Gordon Chrons. Keith 101:
Losh Candy me! but siccan frichts: Fat next?
Kcb. 1891  M. A. Maxwell Halloween Guest 216:
Loshen, Bet, ye look fleysome.
Ags. 1899  Barrie W. in Thrums ii.:
Losh keep's a', Leeby; ye say that? They maun hae haen a quarrel.
wm.Sc. 1907  N. Munro Daft Days xiii.:
Losh bless me! what a fine, big, sonsy baby you have gotten here.
Lnl. 1910  J. White Eppie Gray 6:
But I hae ma doots, an' losh preserve's a' Noo wi' the lave they're gane awa'.
Abd. 1918  C. Murray Sough o' War 30:
Ae foraneen my neiper chap cried — “Loshtie-goshtie guide's!”
Rxb. 1925  E. C. Smith Mang Howes 19:
Losh sakes mei! the thochts that come seipin, are fit ti gar aa the trauchles an the fashes gang leike the snaw off the deike in a thowe.
Kcd. 1933  Scots Mag. (Feb.) 334:
But lush, it's a small bit thing to greet over.
Bnff. 1954  Banffshire Jnl. (25 May):
Loshtins be here, ye maun hae gotten a maist terrible stammagaster.

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