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FAT, pron. Also †faht; †phat (Abd. c.1838 Battle of Harlaw in Child Ballads III. 318), and, orig. in unstressed position, fit, fut, †fout. n.Sc. forms of What, q.v. See P.L.D. §§ 122, 134. Abd. c.1692 A. Pitcairne Assembly (1722) 38:
Ruling Elder: Fat hae they deen?
Abd. 1768 A. Ross Helenore 8:
An' says, O 'oman fat makes a' your care?
n.Sc. 1819 Scott L. Montrose iv.:
If the ale be gude, fat the waur is't that another man's beard's been in the queich before ye?
Ags. 1860 A. Whamond James Tacket iii.:
Not to say fat . . . when I did not hear, but, what's yer wull.
Mry. 1927 E. B. Levack Lossiemouth 21:
He's a scolart, he kens fat he's spikin' aboot.
Ags. 1952 Forfar Dispatch (5 June):
Fit bonnie it is, especially the Bay.

Phrs. and Combs.: 1. fat a, ¶fat o', followed by a noun in pl., what a number of . . .! (Bnff., Abd., Ags. 1950); ¶2. fat-a-feck, ? remarkable, outstanding: app. an extended meaning of fat a feck! See Feck, n.1, 2.; 3. fatever, -iver (mn.Sc. 1950), fatoor (Cai.9 1950), whatever; 4. fat for, why (n.Sc. 1950); with no, why not? (Cai.1, Mry.1 1925); 5. fat ither, what else, implying the unlikelihood of an alternative; hence = of course (Bnff., Abd., Ags. 1950); 6. fat like, like what, what . . . like, how (n.Sc. 1950). Also used absol. in mod. colloquial ne.Sc. = How are you?; †7. fatrecks, fatrakes, what does (it) matter? See Reck, v. Also, from Reck, n., foutrack, excl. of surprise (see quot.); 8. fatsomever, whatsoever (Abd.27, Ags.2 1946); 9. fat sorra, what the devil, what on earth . . .? (ne.Sc. 1952). See Sorrow; 10. fat tarry, = 9. See Tarrie; 11. fat(t)en, fat(t)an, what (sort of), which: gen. with the indef. art. in the forms fatna, fitna (n.Sc. 1950, fatten, fatna, fitna). Also in the irreg. forms fatter, fattera (Cai. 1907 D. B. Nicolson in County of Cai. 71). See Whatten; 12. fat time, when (ne.Sc., Ags. 1950); 13. fat wye, how, why (n.Sc. 1950). 1. Bnff.2 1929:
Fat a bairns gid up the brae tae the pic-nic!
Abd. 1929 J. Alexander Mains and Hilly 114:
Losh, aw min' fat o' fairlies aw wid 'a' seen, an' fat o' pennies aw wid 'a' spent gin aw hid hid them.
2. Ags. 1867 G. W. Donald Poems 32:
The weather's nae that fat-a-feck, But Summer will be in.
3. Abd. 1789 A. Ross Helenore 14–15:
Fan she came up, he never made to steer, Nae answer gae, fatever she wad spear.
Cai. 1909 D. Houston 'E Silkie Man 9:
Fatoor 'ey thocht 'ey said neethin,.
4. Abd. 1871 W. Alexander Johnny Gibb xviii.:
Fat for sudna ye gies a word?
Mry. 1873 J. Brown Round Table Club 71:
“There are sweethearts on board, I see.” “An' fat for no?”
5. Bch. 1832 W. Scott Poems 98:
The cozey wooer's just at hame, Fat ither can he think.
Abd. 1931 D. Campbell Uncle Andie 23:
Andie — A wis jist . . . winnerin' fu she'll tak' wi't. Elspet — Like a peesie tae fleein', fat ither?
6. Abd. 1928 Abd. Weekly Jnl. (18 Oct.) 6:
Fat like are ye wi' the wark?
Abd.27 1951:
“Ay, ay, Geordie, fine day! Fat like?” “Nae bad.”
7. Bch. 1804 W. Tarras Poems 12:
“Fatrecks!” quo' Will, “it needs nae badder”.
Mry. 1806 J. Cock Simple Strains 106:
Fatrakes o' that, there's naething tint, Tho' ye ware fairly hought.
n.Sc. 1825 Jam.:
One who hears any unexpected news exclaims Foutrack! i.e., “Indeed! Is it really as you say?”
8. Abd. 1871 W. Alexander Johnny Gibb vii.:
The Presbytery hae been prohibited fae takin' ony forder steps fatsomever to induct this “stranger”.
9. Kcd. 1796 J. Burness Thrummy Cap (1819) l. 96:
Fat sorrow gars ye look sae blate?
Abd. 1836 J. Grant Tales 177:
That 'ill never doo. Fat sorra gart ye tak' a wife, ye idiot?
ne.Sc. 1884 D. Grant Lays 60:
“To soun' the Kirk? Fat sorra's that?” Speir't Robbie, sair perplext.
11. Mry. 1873 J. Brown Round Table Club 116:
Fatna lang toonie's this?
Abd.15 1925:
Fattan een o' yon twa byue stots made the big siller?
Abd. 1932 J. Leatham Fisherfolk 35:
A landward visitor . . . asked a little girl to direct him to the abode of Sandy White. “Fatan Sanny Fite?” asked the little lass.
12. Abd. 1915 H. Beaton Benachie 15:
The tappit hen, fat bonny eggs she laid, Fat time she clockit, an' fat time she laid.
13. Bnff. 1885 Banffshire Jnl. (8 Sept.) 6:
Ye widna hiner his in this pairt o' Her Majesty's domains frae winnerin' fut wye the Coonty Justices is picket.
Abd. 1925 A. Murison Rosehearty Rhymes 164:
I've fun' oot noo, Maister Scribe, fat wye oor place is ca'd picturesque.

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