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EAROCK, n. Also eer(r)ock, erik and variants listed under sense 1. [′irɔk, ′irək ne., wm.Sc., but Knr., Arg. + ′e —, Per., Slg., Uls. + ′ɛ —; ′ærɪk Sh.]

1. A young hen, usually one in its first year, a pullet which is just beginning to lay (Sc. 1818 J. Sawers Dict. Sc. Lang., eerock; Ayr. 1923 Wilson Dial. of Burns 161; Abd.2, Abd.9 1942; wm.Sc.1 1949). The following variants are occasionally found: eirack (Sc. 1795 Stat. Acc.1 XV. 8, Note); er(r)ack, erock (Sc. 1825 Jam.2); errock (Ags. 1822 Edb. Mag. (Aug.) 212; Uls. 1880 Patterson Gl. Ant. & Dwn.); errick (Uls. 1931 in North. Whig (5 Dec.) 13/2); eroc (Arg. 1936 L. McInnes Dial. S. Kintyre 11); also (from confusion with year), yearoc (Ayr. 1835 Galt Efforts by an Invalid 40) and yearock (Abd. 1871 W. Alexander Johnny Gibb xliii.; Slg. 1945 (per Abd.27)). Dim. earikie (Bnff. 1866 Gregor D. Bnff. 135). See also Arro, id. Rnf. 1791 A. Wilson Poems 234:
Three fat eerrocks, fassent by the legs.
Ags. 1794 W. Anderson Piper of Peebles 18:
He has a clunker on his crown, Like half an errack's egg.
Sc. 1825 Wilson Noctes Amb. (1855) I. 26:
Aye keep some three or four pullets for eerocks, or for devouring through the winter.
Ayr. 1887 J. Service Dr Duguid 133:
Ye micht at least hae the gumption . . . to byde till the eggs were clockit, and the 'earocks of some sonsy and sappy size.
Abd. 1920 C. Murray Country Places 21:
But the earock [a young crow] sailed awa', nae a feather touched ava', Left his twa mislippened neepers lyin' kickin' fu' o' leed.
Lnk. 1928 W. C. Fraser Yelpin' Stane 176:
I wadna gie a guid fat earock for a' the grouse that ever was cleckit.

2. “A yearling; used in some places of a one-year-old horse, but mostly of a one-year-old goose” (Sh. 1908 Jak. (1928), erik; 1909 Scotsman (27 April)).

[Gael. eirag, a pullet, young hen.]

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