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CLIM, v. Sc. form of Eng. climb. The strong conjugation still persists in Sc. (and in many Eng. dials.), although it has long been superseded in St.Eng. For forms and phonetics see the various sections, under.

1. Pr.t. and inf.: clim. [klɪm] Sc. 1923 in Sc. Univ. Verses 1918–1923 18:
Do ye no see her climmin' up yon michty foamin' wave? D'ye see the murky swirl o' her goon?
Lnk. 1919 G. Rae 'Tween Clyde and Tweed 98:
And I at last the gowden stairs maun clim', To find a bield wi' langsyne glories hingin', Weel-backit frae the saints an' seraphim.

Hence climmer, a climber. Sc. 1912 A.O.W.B. Fables frae the French 44:
The climmer noo cam doon frae aff the tree.

2. Pa.t.

(1) Weak conjugation: clim't. [klɪmt] Abd.(D) 1920 G. P. Dunbar Guff o' Peat Reek 24:
The honeysuckle clim't the wa'.

(2) Strong conjugation: (a) clam(b), claam [klam, klɑm]; (b) clum [klʌm]. (a) Abd.(D) 1755 R. Forbes Jnl. from London 30:
I . . . clam out at t'ither door o' the coach.
w.Dmf. 1917 J. L. Waugh Cute McCheyne 30:
I had yin o' the best an' truest lads that ever clamb a hill-face.
Rxb.(D) 1925 E. C. Smith Mang Howes an Knowes 23:
A planteet masel i the machine, takin tent no ti crack ma cantel as A claam in.
(b) Sc. 1887 R. L. Stevenson Underwoods 126:
An' the cauld terror clum in bed Wi' a' an' sindry.

3. Pa.p.: (1) clum [klʌm]; (2) clomb(e) (rare) [klɔm]. (1) Fif. 1864 W. D. Latto Tammas Bodkin xxvi.:
The cuttie had actually clum up to the garret amang the lumber.
Rxb. 1805 A. Scott Poems 54:
High, high had Phoebus clum the lift, And reached his northern tour.
(2) Sc. 1827 Scott Croftangry ii. in Chrons. Canongate I.:
Likewise there are sindry honorable families, quhilk . . . have clombe higher up the brae of preferment.
Abd. 1923 B. R. M'Intosh Scent o' the Broom 14:
Noo I've clomb my last hillock and cleared my last howe.

[The form clim is found in the pr.t. in the majority of Eng. dials. The reg. strong conjugation in O.Sc. was clim, clam(be), clum(byn) (from O.E. climban, clamb, (cmb), clumbon, clumben), but the form of the O.Sc. pa.p. has been transferred in some cases to the pa.t. in Mod. Sc. (the pret. pl. in u having died out at an early date).]

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