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First published 1934 (SND Vol. I). Includes material from the 1976 and 2005 supplements.
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

BAIKIE, Baiky, Baickie, Bakey, Bakie, n.1 [′bekɪ̢, ′bekɪ̢]

1. A square vessel made of wood, used for ashes, coals, refuse.Sc. 1837 Blackw. Mag. XLI. 414/2:
The chamber-maid . . . swept them all away in her bakey with other refuse.
em.Sc. 1909 J. Black Melodies and Memories 17:
Bring forrit, my lassie, a baikie o' coals.
Slg.1 1932:
Baikie, this is the word current in Slg., never Backet. Gen. in comb. ass baikie, coal baikie.
w.Sc. 1933 (per Kcb.1):
She says to the servant-girl “Bring the hens' baikie” when they are going to feed the poultry.
Lnk.5 1929:
Bakie is used to designate a wooden ash-bucket without a cover and with two side handles.
w.Dmf. 1925 W. A. Scott Vern. of Mid-Nithsdale, Trans. Dmf. and Gall. Antiq. Soc. 16:
Baiky, wood bucket, scoop-shaped, with lugs on each side, and carried against the breast, used for carrying in coals and out ashes. Heard in Sanquhar.

Hence bakiefu(ll), as much as can be carried in a baikie.Gsw. 1713 Records Trades Ho. (Lumsden 1934) 7:
A baickie full of clay.
Ayr. 1742 Ayr Presb. Reg. MS. (1 Sept.):
What is worn by the weather Which a Bakiefull or two of lime will repair.
Ayr. 1818 Kilmarnock Mirror 112:
In comes Geordie carryin' his muckle bakie fu' o' buns.

2. “A square wooden trough for holding provender for cows, horses, etc.; as ‘the cow's baikie,' ‘the horse's baikie'” (Jam.2 1825 for Lnk.).Lnk. 1991:
Baikie: wooden trough for feeding sheep, from 'box'; boxes/baikies interchangeable.
Ayr.4 1928:
Baikie, a square wooden vessel used for . . . feeding cattle.
Ayr. 1989:
Baikie (a wee trough for calves).
sm.Sc. 1988 W. A. D. and D Riach A Galloway Glossary :
baikie a wooden box or trough with handles for feeding sheep or cattle

3. “A wooden vessel, of a square form, in which dishes are washed” (Jam.2 1825 for Lnk.).Ayr.4 1928:
Baikie, a square wooden vessel used for . . . washing dishes.

4. A small stool.Ayr. 1900 “G. Douglas” House w. the G. Shutters (1901) x.:
They'll need to stand on a baikie that put the branks on him.
m.Dmf.3 c.1920:
Baikie, a small stool.

[May be a dim. of Back, n.2, or ad. Fr. baquet; O.Sc. bakie, 1629.]

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