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ATWEESH, Acqueesh, Atwish, Atweest, Atweese, with aphetic forms, prep. and adv. Sc. forms corresponding, with Betweesh, to Gen.Eng. betwixt (and to atwixt, Mid.Eng. and mod.arch. or dial. Eng.). [ə′twiʃ Sc. but Abd. + ə′twis; ə′twist Sh., Kcb.; ə′twɪʃ Mry., Ayr; ə′kwiʃ Ayr. + twiʃt]

1. prep. Between (in various senses). Gen.Sc. Sh.(D) 1898  “Junda” Klingrahool 24:
Du'll gie dem a halloe tweest every twa.
Sh.(D) 1922  J. Inkster Mansie's Röd 36:
I wis gotten da lamb . . . atweest me knees.
Mry.(D) 1824  J. Cock Hamespun Lays 30:
Nae doubt ye hae a ruth o' care, Atwish your business an' the fair.
Bnff. 1856  J. Collie Poems 121:
Glowrin' atweesh me an' the licht, Hech, wow, I saw an unco sicht.
Abd. 1768  A. Ross Helenore 52:
Sick, sick she was, as ever lay on strae, An' near gae up the ghost 'tweesh that an' wae.
Abd. 1801  W. Beattie Fruits of Time Parings 35:
Glowring atweese her and the sky.
Mearns 1819  J. Burness Plays, Poems, etc., 134:
The gryte contrast atweesh this hairst time an' the last.
Ayr. 1787  Burns Works (1878) IV. (Prose) 244:
The deil-sticket a five galloppers acqueesh Clyde and Whithorn could cast saut on her tail.
Ayr. 1823  Galt R. Gilhaize III. iv.:
Atwish the hours of dark and dawn.
Ayr. 1900  “G. Douglas” House w. the G. Shutters (1905) 135:
A year's carting tweesht the quarry and the town foot. Ib. 268: acqueesh.
Kcb. 1900 4 :
There's no muckle atweest us, we'll just split the difference.
Kcb. 1913  (d.1902) J. Heughan Virgil's “Golden Age,” Gallovidian XV. 109:
Tweest drink an' eatin'.

2. adv. Between. Esp. in phr. atweesh and atween, so so. Abd. 1982 2 :
“Fu' are ye keepin', Sandy?” “O jist atweesh an' atween. Ae day a bittie better, an' the neest nae sae weel.”

[Atweesh is prob. formed on the stem of Betweesh (q.v.), like Atween from between. -Tweesh, -twish, etc., go back to the second element in O.E. betweox, betweohs, from an unrecorded *twisc, twofold (Ger. cogn. zwischen, Du. tusschen). The excrescent t is already found in O.E. The acqueesh forms are due to the assimilation of t to the back position of the following w. For the alternation between sh and s cf. Scottisc, Scottis, Scotch; Englisc, Inglis, English; busk, bus, bush.]

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