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A, AH, AW, AA, A', I, 1st pers. pron. [ɑ:, ɑɪ (both emphatic), ə (unstressed), Sc.] Sh. 1914 Angus Gl. 9:
I wid a dun it if A could.
Cai.(D) 1909 D. Houston 'E Silkie Man 3:
'Iss is 'e teel [tale] ‘'e silkie man' is A hed id oot o' Androo Corner's mooth.
Mry.(D) 1897 J. Mackinnon Braefoot Sketches 48:
A wis yawfu' liftit [uplifted] wi' yon man.
Abd.2 1929:
Fat ken ye o' him? Feint a ken ken I. Ken 'ee?
Per.(D) 1915 Wilson L. Strathearn 91:
Dhaat's dhe maan ut Aa saw.
Edb. 1895 J. Tweeddale Moff 208:
For efter a', a'll be the Leddy o' Preencod.
Kcb. 1893 S. R. Crockett Stickit Minister xv. 164:
Aw was up at Allokirk the day, an' div ye ken what the craiturs war sayin'?
Uls. 1897 A. M'Ilroy When Lint was in the Bell ii. 22:
Boys, will ye learn? What can a' dae tae coax ye tae pay attention?

[O.E. ic; Goth., O.Sax., Du., ik; Ger. ich; O.N. ek; Norw. eg; Sw. jag; Dan. jeg; Lat. ego; Gr. εγω. In Barbour's Brus, the first purely Scottish literary work, ic, ik, i are all found. See Barbour's Brus i. l. 384, ii. l. 20, iii. l. 110, v. l. 411, xiv. l. 477. Later on the i form finally ousted the others in general use. The simple vowel i [ɪ] seems to have been lengthened under stress, and later on developed into a diphthong, as in Midland English, probably = [ɑɪ]; the second element was lost under lack of stress and a new form [ɑ] arose. This form again developed in two ways, the weak form became [ə] and a strong form arose under the influence of stress [ɑ:]. St.Eng. is no doubt one cause of the use of [ɑɪ] as a second strong form, but the [ɑɪ] is comparatively rare in living dialect speech, being reserved for very dignified or emphatic expression. Many writers obscure the fact of pronunciation by writing I in all circumstances for the 1st pers. pron.]

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