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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 2001 (DOST Vol. X).

Submit, Summit, v. Also: submitt, -myt, -meitt, summyt. P.t. also submit(t)et, submittede. P.p. also submictit. [ME and e.m.E. submitt(en, -mytt(en, summytt(en (all Chaucer), summitte (1401), submyt (1422), submitte, -mytte (both c1430), summytte (a1450), summyt (1483), submit (1526), L. sub-, summittere.]

1. reflex. and intr. To give oneself up to another's control; to surrender or yield to another, or to his rule, authority, arbitration, etc. a. Const. to (till). Also transf. and fig.reflex. 1402 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 56.
The saidez parties submyttit thaim of fre wil … til vs & til oure consaillie
c1439 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV 189.
That the sayde Lorde of Forbes has submittyt hyme and his sonys … to my sayde Lorde of Mar
1490 Irland Mir. III 142/30.
Thus he causit … mony cuntreis and pepil of Spanȝe without battale humely submytt thame to him
1501 Acta Conc. III 79.
[The parties] has submictit thaim til Patrik, Erle of Boithwile … anent the summondis rasit
1532 Reg. Cupar A. I 316.
Submittand ws … in that cays … to my lord Archibischop of Sanctandrois jurisdictioun
a1538 Abell 22a.
The Britonaris at wes nocht slane submittit thame to the Romanis
1540 Acts II 354/2.
My lordis commisseris & thre estatis of parliament being present for the tyme submittit him … to the Kingis gracis will
1546 Acta Conc. Publ. Aff. 553.
Robert Stewart, … heirfor submittis himself to my lord governour and lordis of privey counsale, … and the lordis of counsele hes ordinit this his submissioun … to be insert in the bukis of counsale
1551 Hamilton Cat. 80.
Evereilk man submit him self … to the auctorite of hear powaris
1562-3 Winȝet I 24/1.
For the mynd of man of ane gude inclination … obeyis not, nor submittis not the self willinglie to ony commandar or techear
a1605 Montg. Ch. & Slae 1234 (Wr.).
‘Sirs, Dread and Danger,’ then quoth Wit, ‘Ye did yourselves to mee submit, Experience can prove’
(b) 1489 Lennox Mun. 130.
We summyt ws simpilly to the ellexcione of his Hienes and his nobile estatis vnsuspect
1576 Inverness Rec. I 250.
[I] heirfor desyris to be exemit fray his charge and … summittis my self to your wysdomes
intr. c1515 Asl. MS I 247/6.
Julius Cesar … send to the king of Scottis and Pictis and bad tham submit fully to him
(b) 1433 Ayr B. Ct. 13 July.
The said Jhon fand a pleg that he had cummyn to his principail ordenit apon the said Wil & Dawy be caus that thai summitat to his ath
transf. and fig. 1490 Irland Mir. I 7/24.
To submyt ȝou humylly to Jhesu and lere his law
1490 Irland Mir. II 12/18.
Has nocht … all maner of pepil and nacioun humely submittit thame to this haly faith of Jhesu
1490 Irland Mir. III 114/1.
The thrid signe and takin is that the iuge luf him self submittand him to iustice and ressoune
1562-3 Winȝet II 55/1.
Quha suld nocht submit thame selfis to sa gret plentuousnes of thir heuinlie wordis

b. Const. in, under, befoir. c1552 Lynd. Mon. 30.
Under thare feit thow lawlye thé submyt
1572 Buch. Detect. (1727) 145.
To testifie unto you how lawly I submit me under ȝour commandementis
1589 Edinb. B. Rec. V 10.
Quyntene Bowstoun … submittet himself in the towns will for schoting … ane of the swannis in the North loch
1595 Conv. Burghs I 467.
Johnne Boyd … submitet himself haillelie in the will of the saidis burrowis for the … vsing of the said gift
c1600 Montg. Suppl. xxxv 3.
My God, maist huumle I submeitt My sellf befoir thai heichnes heir
1604 Elphinstone Mun. 197.
Glengarrie … man of necessitie submit him selff in McEnzeis reverence

c. Without const. c1400 Troy-bk. ii 1325 (D).
King Agamenoun And Menelayus, quha suld haf The relyke quharfor that thai straif, Thai thaim submitted vtterly [L. ipsi eorum arbitrio decreuerunt]
1533 Bell. Livy II 45/8.
Becaus his colleig submittit him sa curtaslie
a1570-86 J. Maitland in Maitl. F. 434/6.
Sene we so far our selffis hawe submittit

2. reflex. and intr. To give oneself up to (till) express one's willingness to undergo (correction, chastisement, judgment, etc. by an assize or the like).reflex. 14.. Reg. Maj. c. 136.
Quhether that he wil vnderly the batail or submyt him til a gude assise
1431 Liber Melros II 522.
Of all discordis betuix thame … thai suld submit thaim … till an assise of richt
a1500 Henr. Fab. 30.
Of this poete my maisteris with ȝour leif Submitting me to ȝour correctioun … I wald preif To mak ane maner of translatioun
a1500 Henr. Fab. 2303.
Wald ȝe baith submit ȝow heir to me, To stand at my decreit perpetuall
1490 Irland Mir. II 68/31.
I submyt me my deidis and writtis in all maner of way humily to the correccioun of the halykyrk
a1538 Abell i b.
I submit me to correctioune
1558-66 Knox II 147.
I maist willingly submit … my self to the hailsume disciplin of the Kirk
c1590 Fowler II 146/19.
He obtening the victorie, he nochttheles submitts him self peaceblye to thy discretion
1603 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. II 46.
The defenderis … declairit thay … wald submit thame selfis & all actionis ciuil & criminall to the Laird of Leslie his awin will and jugement
intr. c1490 Irland Asl. MS 60/20.
In the court of our souerane lord I submit to the correctioun of the haly kirk
1720 Rothesay Par. Rec. 358.
[He] promises faithfully to come hither at the term … and submit to discipline

b. To come to terms with, conform to (an ideology, set of doctrines, etc.). 1691 Continuation Historical Relation Late General Assembly 56.
Mr. Menȝie, he was first a hill-preacher, next he submitted to episcopacy

3. tr. To make (a person, institution) subject or subordinate (to another). Also fig. c1420 Wynt. vii 1742.
The kyrk off Scotland … To ger be submyttyt ay To the kyrk off Yhork
c1420 Wynt. vii 1793 (W).
And oure bischopis to be alwayis Submyttit anerly to the paip
fig. 1490 Irland Mir. III 114/6.
Arestotil declaris … that ane wnrichtwis man lufis nocht his self for he folouis syn and submittis the maist noble part that is ressoune to the part sensatiue

4. tr. To refer (opposing parties in a dispute) to an arbiter; to refer (actions, agreements, entitlements to office) to an arbiter or assize.(1) c1400 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 53.
To the ordinance of qwham … bath the saide partis ar submittit oblyst & sworn til stand vnderly and kepe but ony reuocacioun
1409 Slater Early Sc. Texts No. 72.
Thai sall call bath the partyis … befor thaim & thair consele askand thaim to be submittit to thaim & to thair counselis vnsuspect apon sic complaintis
1495 Acta Conc. I 419/1.
Baith the saidis partiis allegiit that thai wer summittit of before in the said mater to Johne Gordoun [etc.] … and that the said personis jugis tuk the said materis to thaim and wer sworne therto [etc.]
(2) 1388 Bamff Chart. 21.
Thai ar fullyly accordit for tham and thayr ayris the qhwilk anecordans [sic] wes submitit tyl assys
1490 Irland Mir. II 68/31 (see 2 reflex. above). 1592–3 Misc. Maitl. C. I 55.
We … did refer and submitt actionis we had debatabill amangis ws to the jugement and decreit arbitrall of Grahame of Fintrie
a1650 Row 345.
The King … haveing gotten many submitting their teinds to him … declares that he will have also all heretable offices, … regalities [etc.] … submitted to him

5. To entrust (persons or things) to (in, into) another's care or keeping. 1513 Doug. xii Prol. 96.
And blisfull blossummys in the blomyt ȝard Submittis thar hedis in the ȝong sonnys salfgard
1530 Lynd. Test. Pap. 659.
Quharefor I thynk ȝour gudis naturall Sulde be submyttit hole in to my cure
1562-3 Winȝet I 24/33.
Thair wes sumtyme submittit to my techement … humane childer of happy ingynis

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