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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 1963 (DOST Vol. III).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Locality, -ie, n. Also: locallity, -ie, loccalitie, localatie, -etie. [16th c. F. localité, L. locālitas, e.m.E. locality, -ie (1628), the property of having position in space. The following senses are appar. exclusively Sc.]

1. a. The authoritative apportioning of liability for payment of ‘local stipend’ (Local(l adj. 2) or augmentation of stipend among the heritors or other possessors of the teinds of lands lying within a parish, by a parliamentary commission ‘for plantation of kirks and valuation of teinds’. Also decreet of locality.Cf. decreet of platt, Plat n.(1) 1635 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV. 515.
We … heritouris … humble intreates your lordshippis … to quhome … the care of plantacioune and provisione of kirkis belongis to … grant localitie of the forsaid stipend siluer and victuall therupon
1649 Acts VI ii. 498/2.
Quhairas by decreit of the commissiouners for plantatioun of kirks the saidis kirks [of Kirkpatrick] is provydit to sex chalders of meill [etc.] … and quhairas ȝit thair is not any localitie givin to the minister of the said stipend … [the heritors] refuising to accept the same till it be legallie and judiciallie givine them as a locallitie
Thairfoir the saids Estaits … have ratified … the localitie of the minister his stipend of the kirk of Kilpatrik … Imprimis out of the laird of Lusse his landis of … Garscube [etc.] … thrie chalders … meill [etc.] … Item out of Sir William Hamiltoune … his landis of Wester Kilpatrik ane chalder meill [etc.]
1664 Morison Decis. 14789.]
[There being but a decreet of modification [of stipend] and no locality, the Earl alleged locality should be first made and he liable but for his proportional part of the stipend
a1705 Forbes Tithes 392.
That where a ministers stipend is cast by a locality upon the teind of any parish
Ib. 393.
When ministers pursue localities or augmentations of their stipends against the heretors, the titular of the tithes must be call'd
(2) 1663 Decis. Lords G. 48.
Mr Andrew Kinneir, minister at Calderclear, in anno 1650 obtains a decreet of locality against his parochioners and namely against the Earl of Roxburgh for his lands … which are burdened with a locality far above their proportion of rent
1666 Galloway Synod 50.
The severall ministers … to give to the bishop … the nature of their benefices … as also whether they have decreets of locality
1687 Acts Sederunt 178.
That where a decreet of locallity is obtained by a minister for his stipend, any succeeding minister needs not obtain a decreet conform thereupon

b. Liability for payment of stipend out of the parish teinds as apportioned among the heritors in this way; any one individual's share of this liability. c. A parish minister's stipend, esp. as paid in this way: see Local(l adj. 2. 1633 Dunkeld Presb. II. 370.
The gentlemen heretoures … thinkis thameselffis hardly dealt with be me give I sould burding thame with the localitie of the stipend dew to me … in respect I have assignatioun to my stipend from the titular wtherwayes to be payed to me
1647 Acts VI. i. 779/1.
[The commission for plantation of kirks and valuation of teinds] to modifie stipendis and appoint localities … to the endis [mentioned in previous acts]
1649 Ayr Chart. 188.
Over and above the localities designit to the ministeris serveing cuir at the kirk of … Air
1651 Argyll Synod I. 251.
Comperit my lord Marques of Argyll as haveing right to the rents of the late bishoprik of Lismoir and gave in as localitie for paying of that ane thowsand marks appoynted by our late soverane lords the Kings Majesties gift as stipend to the minister of Downoon
1654 Galloway P. (13 Jan.).
The said Robert obleisis him to freith … the said earle of the localitie and teind dewtie to the minister serving the cure at the Kirk of Dalry
1672 Acts VIII. 79/2.
Where ministers are not alreadie sufficientlie provided or have not locallities assigned to them for their stipends out of the teynds within the paroche where they serve the cuire … according to the quantities proportions & rules contained in the … act … 1633 [the commission] to modifie settle & appoint constant locall stipends to ilke minister out of the teynds of the parish where they serve the cuire
1673 Kirkcudbr. Sheriff Ct. Processes No. 176.
The quhilk yearlie rent was alogatt be the Bischop of Dumblain to the present minister of Dundrennan as a pairt of his loccalitie and steippance for serving the cuire within the said parrishe
1675 Kirkcudbr. Sheriff Ct. Deeds I. 514.
[To uplift the feu duties and teinds … always reserving to the minister his] wonted localitie
1676 Kirkcudbr. Test. (Reg. H.) 12 Jan.
Restand of teind beire or locallitie for this present cropt 1675 yeirs sex small peeks of beire
1696 Peebles B. Rec. II. 153.
That the viccaradge teynds be no pairt of the ministers locality
1699 Ritchie Churches S. Baldred 23.
The old localitie payable to the minister of Tyninghame

d. A schoolmaster's stipend. 1656 Rothesay B. Rec. 13.
If the cuntrey people suspend any charge to be geawin be the scholmaister to thame for payment of thair partis of the scholmaisters localitie the towne to be obleist to discus the suspensioune upone thair chargis as lawe can afford
1658 Ib. 21.
Payment to the said skuillmaister of his localitie
1669 Rec. Old Aberd. I. 118.
[The treasurers] to pay Mr. Wm. Hay, Maister of the Musick school, his localitie due to him from the toune frae Witsonday 1668 till Witsonday nixt 1669

2. The revenues of a particular parcel of land allocated to an individual or corporate body as a pension, stipend or other regular allowance. Also b. a parcel of land the revenues of which were assigned to a donee in this way. 1640-1 Kirkcudbright Min. Bk. 157.
Desyering the said committie to allot and allocate to thame … viz. to the said Mary … and Bessy … ane competent localitie furthe of the rediest [pr. redrest] of thair said husbands rentes … for aliment of thame and thair said childrene: [allotted to them] furthe of the rediest [pr. redrest] of thair said husbands cornes and cropes, of the crop 1640, … to the said Mary … ten laides of aites and ane boll beir [etc.]
Ib. 167.
These gives power to the said committie … to settle the foirsaid localitie quhairby the said supplicant may be peyit thairof
Ib. 168.
With power to the said Margaret to intromet with and uplift the foirsaid localitie, allotted as said is
1655 Argyll Synod II. 127.
Mr Allan Clerk, minister at Glenelg, … was not able to doe duetie to his paroch for want of mantinance and … his stipend was detained from him, and the reason … a strife that is raisand betwixt McCloude and his mother, the lands shee has for hir joyntur being formerlie Mr Allans localitie and shee alleadges to have the landes free of all things
1657 Johnston Diary (1940) 60.
If the Protector should … give me a localitye of payment of my debt on the registers
1661 Red Bk. Grandtully II. 157.
Sir Robert bids me tell ȝow iff I could gett a localitie for a pensione of 2 or 300 pound on Boroustounness I wold fynd verie good payment
1666-74 Fraser Polichron. 310.
He would regreet that ministers had too mean stipends and … when decreetes of platt were procured, he gave localities of land to all his ministers and would not suffer customs, carriage or any exaction to be imposed uppon these platts of ground
1677 Aberd. Council Lett. VI. 112.
The toune of Aberdeine had his majesties gift for 1200 punds yeirlie out of the rents of the bishoprick of Ross … and had a precinct and localitie designed to them for payment of their 1200 punds yeirlie so that the Earl of Crawford … could not be heard to quarrell them for their intromissione with the rents of their own localitie
1532-1681 Ib. Ib. 108, 109, 113.
The deceist earle of Crawford as thesaurer and otherwayes haveing right to the rents and bishoprick of Ross did persue the magistrats … for … payment of the super plus rents of the said localitie attour the 1200 pound contained in the gift
1680 Lauderdale P. III. 197.
My lord McDonele cam in & demanded his munny of his pention. … Sir Wm. told him he had a localetie for his pention that others had not
1685 Lauder Notices Aff. II. 635.
Lundy … is created Vicount of Melfoord (this is a piece land he hes got of Argile's forfaultor, as his locality of the money Argile was owing to Hamilton of Monkland, wherto Lundy had right as donator to the said Monkland's forfaultor)
a1686 Turner Mem. 112.
Neither could I by any intreatie move Menyies to march quicklie to the hills … .The truth is he has a localitie therabout and looking more after money than men from the countrey people, he protracted the time
16.. Anal. Scot. II. 163.
In regard by the foresaid agreement as said is the doctors wife had possessed a localitie of the bygone rents and before arriestment also uplifted part of them

c. An allowance granted to one person out of the emoluments of an office occupied by another. 1684 Lauder Notices Aff. II. 482.
The four comisars of Edinburgh pershues the Arch-Bischop of St. Androis and the Bischop of Edinburgh for paying the locality imposed upon them when the said comisars in 1609 quate the confirmations of the great testaments … to the respective diocesian comisars, viz. 606 lb. Scots

3. The name of a levy, or of allowance provided from it, for the entertainment of troops in their quarters.Originally, a levy exigible district by district from shires and burghs at fixed rates, as appointed by the central government and received by local collectors, each particular body of troops having a specific district separately allocated to it for this purpose, in or near which it was commonly but not necessarily quartered: cf. also Local(l adj. 3. See also Dumfries & Gallow. Soc. 3 Ser. XXXVIII. 169 f., 185-6.At first usually stated to be for furnishing ‘coal and candle’ to troops in their quarters, but also for supplying forage for the horses of mounted troops. Latterly applied chiefly or only to an exaction for supplying forage imposed upon burghs and landward estates in the south-west. 1645 Acts VI. i. 351/2.]
[That everie shire and burghe shall interteene … a proportione of horse and foot … according to the reule of loan and taxt
Ib. 353/1.
And eftir compt … with the comr of these regimentes [sc. put to quarters] … the shyres or brughes [providing quarters] shall have assignatione pro tanto and a third pairt moire to their localitie for their … satisfactione
1649 Ib. ii. 441/1.
The Estaits … taking into thair consideratioun the suplicatioun … be the shyr of Angus … ordanis thair proportion to be imposed according to the locallitie of the shyrs allreadie sett doune
Ib. 506/2.
The Estates … do assign unto them [the army] the severall shires and burghs for their localities and quarterings … according to the proportion of maintenance
Ib. 518/1.
The saids Estaits … appoints the committie of war of Perth to conveine befoir them Colonell Sir Johne Broune, Coll. Pittscottie and the collectour of the shyr to tak … inspectioun if Sir Johne Brouns troups have exceidit thair mantinance in quarterings or vplifting the mantinance of the said shyr that it may be refoundit to mak the said Col. Pitscottie his localitie quhilk is exhausted be the saids quarterings
That the said committie devyd thair locallitie in tymecoming that the troops be not prejudiciall to the regiments nor they to the troups
Ib. 518/2.
The severall collectors to go with the officers … to the committees of war, whereby the committees of war may regulate their severall divisions according to the localities of the maintenance of shires and burghs therein
Ib. 519/1.
Where billets are not left [sc. by troops taking ‘transient’ quarters] that the quarterings shall be allowed to the heretors in the first end of their maintenance aff the localities of these that quartered upon them
1650 Ib. 582/1. 1651 Bentinck Dornoch 220.
The said day convenied the haill Comittee of Warr of the Shyre of Southerland anent the localitie of ilk Capn. within the said cuntrey as followis
1653 Caldwell P. I. 122.
Allowit to the tenents of Highat, Bigart & Ramsheid fra Marts. 1652 the half of their mantynance cart hors money to Air localitie & otherways
1653 Stirling B. Rec. I. 207.
[The burgesses] have bene at great … chairgis … be quartering of the garisone within our burgh and furnishing of coall, candell [etc.] … to the souldiouris in thair quarteris and hes had no localitie for payment of coall nor candell as uther garisones have had
Ib. 208.
That … your lordship [sc. Monk] wald tak some course to setle a localitie upoun some place whair it may be most convenientlie had for payment of coall and candell to this garisone
1654 Ib. 215.
For ane localatie of coall & candell to the toune
1655 Monk in Scotl. & Protectorate 300.]
[Wee are to settle the locallities of oates and straw and fire and candle in all the quarters through Scotland
1656 Dumfries Doc. Burgh Chart., Box No. 25.
The loses the town susteined by Captain Grimsditch quarterings by fyve gairds his awne locality and vther incident charges and loses by his souldiers [£150 sterling]
1658 Glasgow B. Rec. II. 405.
It is conclndit … that such maried officiares or souldiers of the regiment … quha sall tack houssis for ther awin particullar dwelling and beis removed befor the tym outrun … at their removeall therfra they giveing in ane note of the localitie allotted to them for paying of ther houssis mailles … they not burthinging the towne with moir nor ther localitie amountes wnto
1659 in Clarke Papers (1901) IV. 161.]
[We are in greate want of monies to carry on our locality for coales and candle, all the six companies beinge draune into the cittadell [of Ayr]
c 1659 Irvine Mun. II. 262.
From Beith paroch … for thrie monthes and a half localitie … 292, 6, 6
1667 Kirkcudbr. Sheriff Ct. Deeds I. 145.
The thratine mounth localatie payed be use the abovewryten tenents to Capten Insish Capten Balantine and Cornect Halkers men and likewayes the ten mounths mantinances and taxatione … is not inloued in this discharge
1671 Kirkcudbr. B. Rec. MS. 7 Jan.
The Councell desyres Bailȝie Livingistoun … to treat with the Lord Maxwell anent the localitie of the horse put furth by the toune to the militia troupe vnder the comand of the said Lord Maxwell
1672 Holmains Baron Ct. 18 Nov.]
[The tenants are desired to pay their proportion at 2 merks per 100 merkland for the locality of the militia horse … and 9/- for each 100 merkland for the army money for the foot soldiers in the militia
1675 Glasgow B. Rec. III. 198.
The … counsell did … appoynt the persones fallowing for laying on ane locallitie wpon theis within this burgh on quhom their is no shouldiers quartered for helping them on quhom they ar quartered as they think … most reassonable
1675 Reg. Privy C. 3 Ser. IV. 397.
The saids lords doe prohibit … any trowpers to take or exact any money from the countrey people for their localities of corn, hay and straw
1679 McDowall Dumfries (1873) 426. 1680 Conv. Burghs IV. 24.
The reporte … anent the shirriffdom of Air their imposeing upon the burghs of Air and Irwing a locality of corne and strae contrare to all law and custome
1681 Acts VIII. 241/1. 1684 Dumfries Valuation Bk. MS. (County Buildings, Dumfries) 9 Dec.
[The Dumfries commissioners find that the 85 horse of the garrison] will be furnished by 2810 mks. of valuation for each horse … and apoynts the pryce of the said locality to be as formerly, being 2 sh. 6 d. per stone hay, 2 sh. per stone strae [etc.] … and ordeans the collector and clerk to proportion the same and recomends to the said comittie to speak the commanding officer … to sie that redie payment be made of the pryces of the said corne
1686 Corshill Baron Ct. 172.
James Bichet … persued Robert Lachlane … , for the 2 pairte pryce of ane seck, worth 24s scotis lost by them in takeing localitie to sojouris with corne
1687 Reg. Privy C. 3 Ser. XIII. 130.
He heard him [the minister] cry out against the cess paying and locallitie for the maintaining of those troops
1687 Cameronian Soc. Let. in Faithful Contendings 301; Renwick Serm. 20, 60, Shields Hind Let Loose 819, etc.
Paying any of their wicked impositions as militia money, cess, locality or fines
1689 Acts IX. 39/2. Ib. 147/2. 1693 Ib. 257/1.
All free quartering of soldiers in transient or local quarters and all localities for furnishing or carrying corn, straw, hay or grass to soldiers horses is expressly … discharged
1696 Galloway P. 6 Aug.
Ther was a consider able excress that hade been wplifted of the shire for severall yeares, of excise, supplie, leavies & localities

b. The district allocated to a particular body of troops to provide its ‘locality’ supplies or payment. 1649 Acts VI. ii. 518/2.]
[That the regiments companies and troops … be appointed to go … to the severall places where their localities doe lie
In regard there will be a necessity of regiments [etc.] … marching from place to place to their localities … and so must of force march thorow others localities
1650 Ib. 583/1.
That notwithstanding of the removeall of the troops … yet they should exact their maintenance out of their localityes and discharge their quarters in the shyres where they are now to lye

c. Attrib. and comb. 1654 Glasgow B. Rec. II. 299.
Adame Ritchie to pay out of the localitie money £12 5s. 8d. sterling to pay for twa horses of the Inglisch that wer stolne out of the towne
1655 Ib. 529.
Receavit fra Johne Andersone that was restan in his handis of localitie money … 829 li. 4 s.
1681 Cloud of Witnesses 135.
I likewise line my testimony against bonders, cess and locality payers, for strengthening the hands of these wicked ruffians, the troopers and soldiers who destroy the Lord's people

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