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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 1937 (DOST Vol. I).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Colrach, Colrath, n. Also: coleraich, -rech, collera(i)ch, -rauch, coloraich(t; colreth, colerath, -raith, colle-, collaraith, collouraith, colorath, -haith; colrak, colorac(h, collarach, colleracht; colraytht, colerathe, collerat(h, collarayth, collorathe, coiliraithe. [Variants of Culrach. The confusion between c and t in manuscripts makes it uncertain how far the forms in th are genuine.] The surety given on removing a case from one court to another.(a) 1500 Prestwick B. Rec. 65.
Patryk Huntter . .has fwnd colrak for Jhone Gylcrist
1511 Balmerino (Fife) Charter MS.
Coloraich to fynd
15.. Ibid.
Colleraich to mak and caucione to fynd
1511 Reg. Panmure II. 280.
Colorach to find
1539 Bk. Carlaverock II. 468.
Collerachtis and cautioun thairupoun to geif and fynd
1541 Rec. Earld. Orkney 62.
Cautioun of coleraich for justice to be ministerit to parteis complenand within term of law
1542 Elgin Rec. I. 73.
Souerte collarach [was] fundin that the said James suld hef justice ... within this Covrt
1545 Reg. Privy S. III. 165/2.
Cautioun of colerech for justice to be ministrat to the partiis complenand
1545 Reg. Paisley App. 4.
Ad previlegium et libertatem nostre regalitatis replegiandi et reducendi, cautionemque de collerach pro justitia partibus [etc.]
c 1549 Aberd. B. Rec. II. 308.
With full power … coloraicht to mak and cautione to fynd for administratioun of justice
1571 Inverness B. Rec. I. 201.
Vnder the pane contenit in the act of colleracht
c1575 Balfour Pract. 407.
Gif he … desire the samin cause to be repledgit to his masters court … , offerand to that effect caution of collerauch, conforme to the lawis of this realme
1597 Skene Verb. S. s.v.
Colrach, sumtimes is called ane furth-cumand borgh, bot properly it may be called ane back-borgh or cautioner
(b) 1495 Bk. Carlaverock II. 450.
Borowis and colrathis for to fynde
1519 Buccleuch Mun. II. 134.
Cautioune and coiliraithe neidful to fynd
1521 Soc. Ant. XI. 165.
The said lard offerit Iames Cunningham colreth and cautione for the said Iames
1521 Exch. R. XV. 20 note.
Caution of colorhaith for justice to be ministerit to the perteis complenȝeand to gif and find
1524 Montgomery Mem. 100.
Catioun and colourehaith for iustice to be ministerit
1542 Reg. Privy Seal II. 754/2.
Grantand … to him full power … cautioun of coleraith for justice to be ministerit to partis complenand within terme of law to gif
1555 Peebles B. Rec. 227.
Thomas Tuedy … fand John Dikesone souirte till enter to justice, and gaif his colleraith
1558 Ayr Charters 107.
Ane of the baillies ... offerit cautioun of collerat for justice to be mistrat to the said Malie
1559 Coll. Aberd. & B. 314.
Giffand . .to our said baillyes . .powar. . collorathe to finde
1559 Peebles B. Rec. 256.
The said baillie became souertie to do justice … and gaif his collouraith as vse is
1575 Glasgow B. Rec. I. 46.
Robert Lindsaye . .desyrit the said Dauid to be replegit to his court. . and offerit caution of colraytht to that effect
1594 Misc. Spald. C. II. 122.
The said day, comperit personale Williame Cuming. . , cautioun of colerathe . .to ane noble lord [etc.]
1601 Frasers of Philorth II. 268.
Cautioun of collerath, for administratioun of justice to partyes complenand

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