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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 1937 (DOST Vol. I).
This entry has not been updated but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Assith, Assyth, v. Also: aseth, asseth; assithe, assitht, assigh; asyth, assythe, assytht. [f. the sb. So late ME. asythe, assethe.]

1. tr. To satisfy, esp. by the payment of compensation; to compensate. Occas. with of or for.(a) a1400 Leg. S. xxxii. 489.
Thu … in sum parte ma assith me Of the lang seruice I haf mad the
Ib. xxxiii. 118.
Gold & siluir … At mycht assith fullely thare wil
1389 Reg. Cambuskenneth 260.
He sall assith the forsaid abbot for the releif of that ilk land
1424 Acts II. 4/1.
That thai be punyst and fynde borowis bath till assithe the kyng and the party plenȝeande
1447 Edinb. Chart. 68.
As the Prouost … has fullely paiit and assithit ws for the hale rest of the twa yheris finance
c1420 Ratis R. 1543.
Lauchful or evyne pwniscioune May thaim assith be na resone
1480 Aberd. B. Rec. I. 411.
That the saids persons acht til wpricht and assith him for hir [a mare]
1485 Peebles B. Rec. 192.
Swa that he war plesit and assithit of all actioun and quarellis twichand him
(b) c1420 Wynt. vii. 1913.
Fra he it gat Assythyd in sum part than wes he
Ib. 3006.
The Qwene Profferyd hyr to swere bodyly; Bot that assythyd noucht the party
1438 Montgomery Mem. 29.
And sa terme in terme … quhill the forsayd Alan … be fullily asythyt and content
1548 Crim. Trials I. 336.
That thai … sall assythe, satefy, and pleise Robert Cathcart … for the mutilatioune committit be thame vpoune him
1584 Acts III. 298/1.
That his hienes and his thesaurare hes sene quhair the partie is assythit
1609 Skene Reg. Maj. ii. 150 b.
Gif he does the samine wilfullie, he sall … assyth the partie

b. Freq. with of (the amount at issue).(a) 1396 Scot. Ant. XIV. 217.
Qwhare that faylyheys of xl. marcis … the forsayd Erle sal aseth him of swa mykl [as] faylyheys
1399 Holyrood Chart. 113.
Gif the fiffe mark … mai be recuverit … be the lach, or gif the king asithis him of als mekil
1416 Red Bk. Grandtully I. 186*.
Whil the said Alisandyr … be fullely payd and assithit of the said soum
1445 Glasgow Chart. II. 440.
Of the quhilk sowm I hald me well content and fulleli assithit
1482 Bamff Chart. 31.
Ay and quhill the said Alexander … be fullely content assithit and payit of the foirsaid some
1515 Dunferm. B. Rec. 300.
Thai … held thaim weill content, assitht, and pait tharof
1521 Maxwell Mem. 246.
Of the quhilkis sowme I ame weil content, assighit, and plesit
(b) 1392 Lennox Mun. 47.
Qwhyl thai be fullily asythyt of scathes, costages or trawales
1418 Liber Melros 502.
Qwhile at thai be fullely assythit of the said fowrty pond
1432 Montgomery Mem. II. 9.
I … haldis me weil pait and fullily asythit of the said sowm
1461 Liber Plusc. 388.
Scho hes assythit Deed of all his rentis
1468 Peebles B. Rec. 159.
We [baillies] … haldis ws thairof wel payit content and assythit

c. To satisfy in respect of desire. c1460 Wisd. Sol. 363.
He sais, that manis sicht, … may nocht be full assithit of the thingis that ar in this warld

2. With double object of person and payment, etc. 1396 Scot. Ant. XIV. 217.
The fors[a]yd lorde Erle sal aseth the forsayde scher Jone in the forsayd mariage iiii. c. marcis of vsuale moneth
1412 Aberd. B. Rec. I. 389.
To prufe … that he had assithit fullely Lankyn Wist marchand of Brugis the price of a boce of Maluesye
c1420 Wynt. viii. 718.
Till assytht thame thare yharnyng, Gyve thame possessiown amang thare kyth

3. To pay, make payment of (a sum).(a) 1428 Antiq. Aberd. & B. III. 460.
The profytis … remaynand with the said Murthou to the tym the said sovm be fullely assithit
1438 Ib. III. 265.
I oblyse me … to pay assitht and refounde to the said Gilbert … a hundreth pundys
1482 Bamff Chart. 31.
For the quhilkis mariagh … Scher James sal content, assitht, and pay to the foirsaid Alexander … nyne scoir of markis
1507 Stirling Chart. 72.
Ay and quhil the foirsaid … twa hundreth pundis be fullely assith, content and pait
(b) c1460 Regim. Princ. 231 (M).
Bayth interes and all the scathis haill To be assythit richt as the principall
1481 Antiq. Aberd. & B. II. 329.
Ay and quhylle the sowme … be fullely assythtit content and payt
1622-6 Bisset II. 227/2.
The faultouris … to be punisched accordinglie and to assyth the dammaige

4. intr. To pay compensation. c 1400 Wemyss Chart. 38.
Gif ony of the partis favty wil nocht assythe til vthir but ony distreynying
14.. Acts I. 8/2.
He sal assyth to the kyn of hym slayn eftir the assyse of the land

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