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Wed, Wod, Wad, v. Also: wede, wedde, ved, weid, weed, veid, vod, woid, vad, wade. P.p. also wed. [ME and e.m.E. weddenn (Orm), wedde(n (Layamon), wede(n (1297), weede (1485), wed (a1533), OE weddian, MLG wedden, ON vedja; Wed n.] tr.

I. 1. To marry (a woman, also (a) wif (spous)), to take (a woman) till (one's) wif. (a) The marschall, quhais cosyne He had weddit on-till his viff; Barb. xvii 28 (C).
Yrtacus … ȝarnite … The kingis dowchtir for to wed; Leg. S. x 315.
Nocht for that he vedit wyf, … Bot, for he mystuk for to wed His lordis wyfe; Leg. S. x 375.
Wede; Leg. S. xxxviii 549.
Till wyff he weddyt … dame Sybille; Wynt. vii 617.
His sistir and his he and he Had weddit; Wynt. ix 3094.
The mychti quene of Trace … Ane message send vnto this prince … Requyrand him to wed hir; Henr. Orph. 77.
The lady was wowd, bot scho said nay, With men that wald hir wed; Henr. Bludy Serk 106.
Quhen I mak my wedding band I will resaif hir of ȝour hand Syne with worschip hir wed will I; Seven S. 2415.
Of thir thre wantoun wiffis … Quhilk wald ȝe waill to ȝour wif, gif ȝe suld wed one? Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 530.
He quhilk hes weddit ane spous is ane bridgrowme; Gau 57/2.
He weddit hir at kirkdur with ane ring; Stewart 20650.
Palexis, ȝe sall Cadar wed, Whom ȝe have handfast; Clar. iii 1875.
Quhat alyt ye man to ved a vyf Cowd ȝou nocht find … A heltyr for to hang ye vitht; Bk. Dean Lismore 48.
(b) Henrie … Woddit ane wyfe … and brocht hir hame; Stewart 42068.
Quho so voddis a vif in ony of this dais hostile they s[albe] pertit or ellis thay sall leif togiddir with mekill sorrow; Medical Recipes 93.
(c) To wad ony vder wyfe; Lynd. Sat. Proclam. 47.
Circumcitione he vald first resawe Or that he vaddit thair sistyr; Makeson Genesis 169.
(d) [In Virgo] it is nocht guid to weid ane maid … bot it is guid to veid ane vedow; Medical Recipes 88.

b. specif.To marry by proxy. Sir Leonet hir weddet with ane ring In the name only of his prince; Clar. i 359.
He sent ambassadors … to France, ther to weed him a wyffe; quho brought with them … a beutifull and comiley ladey; Balfour Ann. I 76.

c. Applied to a woman marrying a man. Scho … with auise of his counsall did wed Lodwik hir lufe; Rolland Seven S. 9709.

d. absol.or intr.To marry, to undergo marriage. Also proverb. The knycht gart cleth hir in his clathis Adornit as scho wald go to wed And sa furth to the kirk hir led; Seven S. 2467.
For quhen thai sal rise agane fra deid, nouthir thai sal wedde, nore be weddit; Nisbet Mark xii 25.
As in the dais before the gret flude thai war etand and drinkand, weddand and takand to wedding; Nisbet Matth. xxiv 38.
proverb. A man may wooe where he will, but hee will wed where his hap is; Ferg. Prov. No. 114.
Wow over mure, bot wed over middin; Carmichael Prov. No. 1669.

2. passive.To be married, to undergo or be in the state of matrimony. Also const. with, (on) to a spouse. Also proverb. (1) He gert wele for the mangery Ordane quhen that his sone Dawy Suld weddyt be; Barb. xx 69.
A ȝounge man … that … Thretty dais had veddit bene; Leg. S. v 225.
Orpheus and … Erudices, Fra thai war weddit [etc.]; Henr. Orph. 86.
Gif the cause of a man with a wife is sa, it spedis nocht to be weddit; Nisbet Matth. xix 10.
proverb. Prove thy spouse or tho be weid; Carmichael Prov. No. 1248.
(2) He as wyff wald wedit be Wmquhill to man, and … Tak hym a man in sted of wyff; Leg. S. ii 821.
The Peychyts askyd the Scottis then Weddyt to be wyth thaire wemen; Wynt. iv 1774.
Dame Mald … Now weddyd wyth oure kyng; Wynt. vii 586.
Mald that was weddit to the empriour of Almanȝe; Asl. MS I 202/22.
The sade Wilyeam being weddit with the dochter of the sade [blank] Tuledeff; 1500–1 Acta Conc. II 495.
Andromacha wes wed agane Onto ane other husband; Doug. iii v 28.
He … for hir saik … Wald neuer be weddit to ane wyfe; Lynd. Meldrum 1572.
I am content That waddit beine ȝour sister with the king Of Spainȝie; Clar. i 397.
How to Meliades … He sould be waddit; Clar. iv 1583.

b. transf. or fig.To be closely attached to (a person, opinion). The heir … is of so tender age … and so wedded and broudned upon her … that to take her away out of her custody would … be the losse and death of the child; 1662 Reg. Privy C. I 225.
Lett it newer be sayd that you … will be so wadded to your own opinion as to suffer yoursilf to be rancked amongst … rebelles; 1668 Maxwell Mem. II 314.

c. fig.Of non-material things: To be united. The nobill renounit jorne That wirship weddit [F. mariée] beis at richt In blude and harnes; Alex. ii 5713.

3. To arrange for, cause the marriage of a daughter or son. Also const. upon the marriage partner. Also absol. The kinge … his douchter vedit had & fore that cause a gret feste mad; Leg. S. vi 47.
His heldast douchtyre … He wedyt wele; Leg. S. xxvi 105.
Our brother of Ingland Hes for his doughter sent … desyrand To have hir waddit at hir hame cuming; Clar. iv 1917.
Romaryn he wadit honorabillie Upon ane count; Clar. v 2845.
absol. Ȝe for gold and gud baith wed & wage; Ȝe sell ȝour sonnis and aris mariage To carllis of kynd and bot for thar riches; Prestis of Peblis 325 (A).

II. 4. To wager, stake (something). Freq. with clause object. Also const. on an outcome or with a person. Ile wod my lyfe [B. I trow full weill], ȝon same is he; Lynd. Sat. 814 (Ch.).
It will hurt bettir, I wad [Ch. woid] ane plak, Richt now quhen ȝe hing on a knag; Lynd. Sat. 4032 (B).
Than Lowrie … sone ane flane culd fedder, He hecht to pers him at the pape Thairon to wed ane wedder; Christis Kirk 104 (M).
James weddit ane tar barrale that the quene grace of Yngland suld mary the king of Swane … Stene Robesone weddit ten merkis of money aganes the said tar barrell that scho suld nocht mary the said king of Swane; 1560 Peebles B. Rec. I 262.
Quod sche This wage I win cleir … Godis sawle sayis he … I will nevir wod with that woman agane; Bann. MS 159a/20.
I wed my heid that thai sal tone thame; 1572 Sat. P. xxxi 134.
Shute on; lat sie vho first my wedfie w[ins]; For I will wed ane apple and a nute; Montg. Sonn. xlvi 8.
So fall I to you I'll wad fourty shilling I gar your dowpe dirle; 1657 R. Moray Lett. 62.
That the wholl word of God's law … is a sure abyding thing and cannot be altered. 4 meditations from the point. 1. [etc.] … 2. That its not saff to wad on ourselfes; A. Hay Diary 223.
Some tells that he suddenly was goon to Edenb. … I'll wad, sayd he againe, its to cast doun Restalrig castle; 1667–70 Lauder Jrnl. 187.
Being questioned … there anent I answered [etc.] … where he stopped me saying, I wade you are come here to give a testimony; 1674 Ravillac Redivivus (1678) 21.

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