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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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About this entry:
First published 2002 (DOST Vol. XI).
This entry has not been updated since then but may contain minor corrections and revisions.

Vesy, Visy, Vysit, v. Also: ves(i)e, -ye, -ey, wesy(e, -ie, -ey, vess(i)e, wessie, veisé, visie, -ye, -e(e, -ey, -ij, wisy, -(i)e, vysé, wysie, vizé, vissy, -(i)e, wissy, -(i)e, vyss(e)y, -ie, (weas), visidte, -it(e, -itt, -yte, -eit, -et(t, -iet, -ied, wisit(e, -et(t, vysyte, wysyd(e, -yt(e, -et(t, vissit(e, -eit, -iet, wissit, -et, vesit(e, -itt, -e(i)t, wesi(e)t, vesyte, -ytt, veiseit, weisseit. P.t. also vesit, wes(s)it, vesiit, -iet, -eit, wessiet, viste, visit(e, wissit, wysit, -yt, visyte, -itt, visiit, visseit, visiett, wysytyd. P.p. also vesite, wesyd, vesiit, -eat, weseit, -iet, -yed, visit(e, -yt, -itt, vissit, -yte, wissit(t, visiit, -ied, vizeit. [ME and e.m.E. visit(en (Ancr. R.), wisit (Cursor M.), vesyt(en (1389), vysed (c1420), visset(t (c1440), vizit (1580), OF viser, visiter, L. vīsitāre.] I. 1. tr. Of God, also, once the Virgin Mary: To come to (a person) a. To provide benefit or care. b. To inflict punishment or disaster. Const. with (by) the penalty or instrument of hurt. Also to visit the sinnes of the fatheris upon the children. c. To bring death. Also const. be deceis or some other overt reference to death.a. a1400 Leg. S. x 94.
God now has visyt this citte Fore to deliuere it owte of care
a1508 Kennedy Pass. Christ 1612.
O man, behald thi Maker and thy King, Quhilk His seruandis wisseis into stres
a1500 Rois Garlandis 443.
As thou vesyit Sanct Johnne sa vesy thou my saule in the hour of my ded and offer it to thy sueit sone Jesus
a1568 Bann. MS 22b/2.
Cum Haly Spreit moist superne Vesy Thy pepill and inspyre Illumene ws with licht eterne
1576–7 Reg. Privy C. II 589 (see b below).b. (1) 1490 Irland Mir. III 60/27.
For tribulacioun purgis … the saule … tharfor the gud Cristin man suld richt gretlie be emplesit quhen God visis him with thir thingis
1549 Compl. 24/23.
Moyses sais, be the spreit of Gode, gyf ȝe obeye nocht my command, I sal visee ȝou vitht dreddour, vitht fyir, [etc.]
1551 Hamilton Cat. 59.
I [sc. God] sall visie and punis thair wyckidnes with a wand, and thair synnis with strakis
1576–7 Reg. Privy C. II 589.
It hes plesit God to visie thame with the lyke derth and scarssite, and this realme with sic incres and plenty [etc.]
1657 Aberd. Council Lett. III 278.
It hath pleasit the Lord to visit us by ane fyr keindlit in our streets
(2) 1567 G. Ball. 2.
I the Lord thy God am a jelous God, and visitis the sinnes of the fatheris vpon the children
c. (1) 1464 7th Rep. Hist. MSS App. 736/1.
Quhen that God wesys tham to pase of this wardle
1478–9 Peebles B. Rec. I 183.
Geff … that the said Sir Wylyam Gybson that God wesy hym and decessis
1557 Prot. Bk. Gilbert Grote 21.
[In case] God vise him be deceis in the quenis grace armi
1575 Edinb. Test. III 277.
Thomas Thomsoun … being seik in bed weseit be the hand of God
(2) 1489 Wemyss Chart. 114.
And forthere, giffe God vesys the said Dame Margret before the said knycht
1537 M. Napier Mem. J. Napier 44.
We are surelie informit that the said Alexander is vesiit be the hand of God
1556 Lauder Off. Kings 487.
God … wyll ȝow vesy, quhen ȝe leist weine
1589 Edinb. Test. XXI 38b.
In cais God veise him at this tyme ordanes his bodie to be honestlie buryet

2. To visit with punishment, to punish. c1450-2 Howlat 226 (A).
The sparrowe Wenus he wesit [B. vesyit] for his vyle deidis
a1568 Scott i 151.
To wisy all thir wrangus workis ar wrocht God gife thé grace

3. a. passive. To be ill, to be afflicted (with sickness, etc., also, once, be deceis (cf. 1 c above)) (be (the hand of) God). Also ellipt. b. Of God: To afflict with sickness (cf. 1 b (1) above).a. (1) c1475 Wall. vii 381.
c1475 Wall. x 783.
Byschop Synclar was wesyd with seknas
?a1500 Dewoit Exerc. 154.
Quhen that my heid or body is wesyit with ony seiknes or sairnes
1532 Acta Conc. & Sess. (St. S.) 80.
[The pursuer … was in Edinburgh] visit with infirmite
1535 Stewart 15106.
This Lucius … With eild and seiknes viseit wes
1545–6 Corr. M. Lorraine 158.
Attour, he is now veseit be infirmite
1559 Maitland Ho. Seytoun xi.
1562–3 Treas. Acc. XI 253.
That nane … eit … in the tyme of Lentrene ony maner of flesche, except sic personis as are vesiit witht seiknes
1622 Crim. Trials III 515.
1629 Reid Auchterarder 69.
Persones visseit with frenacies
(b) a1578 Pitsc. I 156/30.
He was … vissitit with the heot feweris
a1578 Pitsc. II 318/1.
Thair was no towne in Scotland bot it vas vesitit with gret seiknes
1602 Conv. Burghs II 150.
(2) a1500 Colk. Sow ii 34.
Throuch the will of God, so as it was, Thay war weseit with suddane soir seiknes
1571–2 Wemyss Chart. 202.
He was sa veseat be God with infirmitie off body
1580 Prot. Bk. W. Cumming 253.
And attoyr … he is presentle vesseit be the prouision of God with seknes
1599 Aberd. B. Rec. II 202.
Being visiet be the hand of God with furiositie
1602 Reg. Privy C. VI 862.
1606 Aberd. Eccl. Rec. 54.
Maister James Ross … presentlie visied at God's gude plesure with the plague of pestilence
1645 Misc. Bann. C. II 272.
I, Robert Crombie … being visite with the seiknes of the pestilence at the pleisour of God
(3) 1554 Prot. Bk. Gilbert Grote 3.
[Disponed … all his lands [etc.] … for her use … in case he should be] vesyit be deceis or his hame cuming
(4) ellipt. 1610 Hist. Carnegies 343.
Few or nain did ewer conuales that wes visit after that fason
b. 1586 Glasgow Burgesses v.
It hes pleased God to wissie me with seiknes
(b) 1600-1610 Melvill 74.
The Lord leyes His hand upon him, and visites him with an extream fever
1680 Kirkcudbr. Sheriff Ct. Deeds II 245.
If it shall please the Lord to viseit the said William [with sickness]

II. 4. To visit (the sick, poor, etc.), freq. as an act of charity or piety. Also const. in food, etc. and with comfort, etc. b. As a doctor, etc., offering medical, etc. care.(1) c1460 Dietary 45.
Do to thi God reuerens; Wise the pouer [etc.]
1478 Acta Conc. I 20/1.
His labouris in passing to visij the Lord Somervilis sone … vexit with infirmite
c1500-c1512 Dunb. (ASLS) 268/28.
Schrif me, Lord, that I abusit haue The … deidis of marcy corporall: To hungry meit, nor thirsty drink I gaif, Wesyit [BD visite, B. veseit, M. vesiit] the seik nor [etc.]
1526 Acts II 315/2.
Gilbert Keith … is to depart to vesye his fader before his deceis
c1552 Lynd. Mon. 5944.
Oftymes ȝe … vesyit me … Quhen I wes presonar and seik
1566 Canongate Kirk S. (ed.) 51.
To wisie the seke and puris
1598 St. A. Kirk S. 874.
Mr. Robert Ȝule is appointit to visie the seik this ouk
(b) a1400 Leg. S. xxviii 1188.
Mak we ws redy … Hyme … to visidte, & ȝeld till hyme … That office that ws acht to say … For worthi men quhen thai ded are
a1400 Leg. S. xxxi 325.
1456 Hay I 224/16.
The childe writis till his fader prayand him to cum till him, and vysyte him, for he is in perile of dede
1573 Davidson in Sat. P. xlii 504.
This to be thair cure, To veseit, comfort seik and pure
1603 Haddington B. Rec. (Robb) 6 Sept.
That na persoun sall enter ony hous quhare ony sek persoun is to veseit thame
1623 Perth Kirk S. 27 Jan.
He ȝeid … to Bilȝonssyd to wisite his wyffis sister being deidlie seik
1644 Row xxv.
I was sent for to viseit the old Laird of Balfor, quhen it wes reported that he wes not liklie to live
(2) c1420 Wynt. v 3913.
Scho oysyd to wysyt [C. wesy, W. vesy] bodyly All powr [folk] … In mete, or drynk, or clethyng, And in all odyr nedfull thyng
1531 Bell. Boece I 48.
It was ane thing richt odius … to visee nocht the pacient with comfort and consolation
1533 Bell. Livy I 29/32.
Thai war all disparit … Nochttheles, Romulus vesyit thame with consolacioun saying [etc.]
1622-6 Bisset I 29/28.
To visie the seik, and diseased, with confortabill counsolatioun
b. a1500 Bk. Chess 1691.
A mediciner of men … of fair maner suld be … Off gret promys to cur men of thair caire To wesye oft seik folk & the saire
1597 Elgin Rec. II 50.
The said Corsour said … his bairn was helpit be the said Cummyng … Cummyng cam to wisie the barne [etc.]
1654 Glasgow B. Rec. II 303.
Archibald Grahame, ypothecare, to … visie the seik poore of the towne
(b) 1568 Hosack Mary Q. of Scots i 534.
She refusit to send hir medicinar or ypothicar to visite him

5. To travel to see or visit (a person); to go up to (a person); to attend on, pay respects, etc. to (a king, etc.); esp. to pay a call or visit to (a person) for the sake of friendship or social interaction. In passive use const. with (= by) a person. Also intr., to vissie with (a person). b. tr. To communicate with (= by means of) a letter. Also without construction. c. To frequent (persons of ill-repute).pres. a1400 Leg. S. v 631.
He vent to vesy the kinge, & tel hym of his travalinge
?1438 Alex. ii 7368.
‘Childer,’ said auld Cassamus, ‘Heirin is cumming for to wesy [F. vient vëoir] vs The King of Grece
1460 Hay Alex. 802.
To Macedone thair cuming was Ane gret ambassad fra king Nicolas Askand [tribut] … Or ellis he suld cum visie thame anone
1513 Doug. iii v 32
With breist … kendillit in gret desyre Our cuntre man to vissy and with hym talk
1515 Treas. Acc. V 54.
He past with licence to vesy his frendis in Italie
c1520-c1535 Nisbet Acts xv 36.
Turn we agane, and visie [W., P. visite] brethir be al citeis
1550 Exch. R. XVIII 502 n.
I hav beyn … trobillit with ane sair leg, quharthrouch I mycht nocht cum west tyll wisy ye and uthir freyndis
15.. Clar. iii 2347.
Ȝe mone cum oft and vissie me
1568 Hosack Mary Q. of Scots I 530.
She causit him … be placit … directlie vnder hir awin chalmer, quhair she spairit not to visie him evin before hir convalescing and how familiarly they had cumpany togidder
a1597-1617 Hist. Jas. VI (1804) 208.
(b) 15.. Clar. ii 230.
Visit me in all the heast ȝe may; For I may never be in joy perfite Whill I ȝow se
1559 Knox VI 67.
Dowble impediment I had, ryght Wirshipfull [sc. Sir William Cecill], that I did not vesitt yow according to your expectatioun
1568 Buch. Indict. 37.
The erll Bothuell … quhome in hir gretest extremitie sche sparit nocht to vesite
1586–7 Cal. Sc. P. IX 239.
Whethir I mynd to go to vesite Sir Frances this efter none
1588 Crim. Trials I ii 162.
Scho … had kynd freindis thair, bot had na will to visseit thame
a1597-1617 Hist. Jas. VI (1825) 38.
They past … to Stirling to vissite the yong King
1603 Conv. Burghs II 163.
To … send foure commissioneris … to pass in Ingland to the corronatioun of his maiestie, to wysett and congratulatt his maiestie
1619 Fam. Innes 210.
Giff ye goe home befor Lambas I pray you vissit me in by-going
1622-6 Bisset I 38/25.
To gif the inhabitantis … bettir moyane, to visied thair said king
1643 Baillie II 125.
Meekle Jo: would have been in to visit him
16.. Herries Mem. 27.
p.t. c1420 Wynt. v 1901.
This lady wowyt gret pilgrymage … And wysytyd [C. wissit, W. visyte, E2 weseit] hyr goddys
a1508 Kennedy Pass. Christ 344.
Thai sleippit thris, and thris He wesyit thaim, He bad thame walk
a1500 Rois Garlandis 443 (see 1 a above). 1551 Hamilton Cat. 54.
Thai wald nocht resaif the faith of our salviour Jesus Christ, quhen he in his awin propir persone viseit thame with his preching and miraculis
15.. Clar. iv 2160.
1566 Anderson Collect. Mary II 270.
The quene … haistytt to Jedbrough … Heir the king wysit hir and was repulsit
1568 Cal. Sc. P. II 622.
[A Scotsman … in his journey home] wessiet [us]
1571 6th Rep. Hist. MSS App. 654/2.
I wald skarslie hawe belevit ye would haue bene neir hand and wesiet me nocht
a1578 Pitsc. I 380/4.
The quen passit throw the toune and wisitit all the kirkis [etc.] … that is to say scho wessit the blak freiris [etc.]
p.p. a1400 Leg. S. xxvii 52.
Sa Godis grace Greu in hyme ay sa that he With angelis wald oft visyt be
(b) 1649 Sel. Biog. I 383.
He was visited with a religious and learned pastor
intr. a1578 Pitsc. I 17/5.
The queine … gat credence to vissie and haunt companie with hir sone
a1650 Row 110.
The Generall Assemblie may send a man to visit with these whom the Presbyterie shall adjoyne to him
b. tr. (1) 1580 Morton in Cal. Sc. P. V 425.
[Has thought good to] viseit [him with this letter]
1585–6 Waus Corr. 343.
My lord … having occasioun to direct [etc.] … thocht guid to vesie your lordschip with this letter
(2) 1584 Buccleuch Mun. II 341.
Richt honorable … I haue taine the hardies heirby till visy ȝou … as ane messager quha sall assur ȝou of [etc.]
c. a1500 Bernardus 212.
Man or childe haffande a gret delyte For to wesy [L. visitant] … Ioculatouris or trumpouris

6. To see, look at, observe, freq. officially; inspect; examine (a person) (in some regard). Also const. gif, quhat, how, etc. b. specif. To inspect craftsmen with regard to their work, etc.; to fulfil the function of visitour (Vesitour n.).(1) 1463 (c1580) Edinb. B. Rec. I 21.
The said Johne [sall remane] at the hous of the said myln and vesy thame daylie at thai walter nocht na behuifull thing … and swa the said John sall continuallie remane ewist about the said myln quhair he may wesy thaim and thair faltis
c1475 Wall. iv 397.
The wemen als he wysyt at the last; And so on ane hys eyne he can to cast
c1475 Wall. ix 357.
Her I haiff brocht with me Off likly men … Wesyit thaim weill bathe statur and curage
1533 Bell. Livy I 282/19.
Grete buschementis of pepill come out of all partis of the ciete to vesy [L. vidit] him
1533 Bell. Livy II 184/11.
The consull … vesyit all his surname and lynnage, arrayit in gudelie maner afore him
1539 Aberd. B. Rec. I 165.
That the balȝes … cerse, vesy, and se all maner of codderaris, vagaboundis [etc.] … and command … that thai … remoif tham selfis
1565 Edinb. Univ. MS La.iii.388a, 20b.
All the witnesis be examinat and wysit with the depositiones thairof
1573–4 Glasgow B. Rec. I 1.
[People] dilatit as lepir, and ordanit to be viseit and gif thai be fund sua [etc.]
a1578 Pitsc. I 266/24.
The king … knew never the coming of the airme of Ingland quhill they war withtin … thrie mylis … Quhene thir nowellis war schawin to the king … he … raid to the hillis to wessie thame [Pitsc. I 264 h. of ch., Hou the king raid to wissie the Inglis men]
1609 Skene Reg. Maj. i 9.
Gif it happins anie man to be excused be seiknes … foure faithfull men sall be send to visie the seik man, and to try quhat kinde of seiknes he hes
(b) 1612 S. Leith Rec. 9/2.
The sessioun ordaines that the poore younge boyes of the toune be weisseited and taking ordour withe and put to the scoills
(2) 1529 Stirling B. Rec. I 37.
That the baillies sall pas … and wesy Jenne Millar [etc.] … gif tha be infecit with lypyr
1560 Rolland Seven S. 5282.
I the morne sall cum and vesie ȝow, Quhat gold ȝe get, and quhair ȝe wirk & how
1628 Dumbarton B. Rec. 30.
That Margaret Hunter [etc.] … be brocht vissit, and tryit gif they have ony unsensibill marks
(b) 1592–3 Stirling B. Rec. II 378.
That the den of gild … sall pas and visit the haill breither how they are inarmit
b. 1495 Aberd. Trades 265.
For the correction of evil werk … and cersing and reforming of it that William Tamsone and Thomas Meldrum sal vesie, consider, and understand the craftsmen of thar craft
1568 Inverness Rec. I 171.
Andro Gutthre [etc.] … to wse the office of visitour that is to say to wesie the haill … buytht haldaris and workaris thairin to work gude and sufficient wark and sall pas tweis in the owke trocht the haill buytht haldaris … and all the haill wark maid … to be presentit

7. a. Of a person in authority, esp. a monarch or ecclesiastic: To make an (official) visit to (a place); to go to (a place) to inspect or regulate the activities of persons or institutions, etc. Also absol. and transf.pres. 1447 Antiq. Aberd. & B. IV 197.
Foralsmikle as for the gude of pece and tranquillite of oure realme and justice to be haldin … we adress vs … to visy the said partis
1560 Donaldson Sc. Reform. 227.
I am appoynttit superintendent … and be vertew thareof … I am … chargeit to visey the kirkis for establissing of ane uniforme and godlie ordour in the same
1597 Elgin Rec. II 63.
The elderis … to visie thair quarteris to sie quha ar not ȝit communicat
(b) 1564 Craven Argyll Diocese 9.
I pas presentlie … to the Isles, to veseit sum kirkes
a1578 Pitsc. I 159/30.
1584 Acts III 303/1.
Bishopis … sall … put ordour … within thair dioceisis viset the kirkis and state of the ministerie within the same
1600 St. A. Kirk S. 920.
That the ministeris and baillies of thi[s] citie sall pass to gidder and viseit the samin citie, and to tak sic ordour that na evill disposed nor ydill personis have libertie to duell in sic ane reformit congregation
1613 S. Leith Rec. 11/1.
That euerie Sabothe … aught of thair number sall … veiseit thair haill bounds … specially the houss of sic as wentes vyne
1649 Dumfries Kirk S. 22 Nov.
The persones efterfollowing … to vesit thair seueral quarters of the towne for tryall of the poore thairin
1698 Banff Ann. I 169.
Ane nightly gaurd … of … ten men who are to wisset the whole towne each hour … and to apprehend … vagrant persones
p.t. 1531 Bell. Boece I 68.
King Ewin … desiring to governe his realme in justice, visit all the boundis thairof, and punist faltouris
1689 Cramond Kirk S. III 26 Dec.
Reported … by the minister that according to the sessions appointment he had mett with and visitt at Barntoun … the inhabitants of Craigcrooke [etc.] … by preaching unto them … and that after sermon he had exhorted them to the duties of Christianity … and had taken up their names for examination as was publickly appointed to them
(b) a1578 Pitsc. I 380 marg.
a1578 Pitsc. I 380/2 (see 5 p.t. above).
p.p. 1424–5 Acts II 7/1.
Anent hospitalys … to be vesyit be the chanceller … and thai that ar fundyt be bischoppis … to be vesyit be the bischop … quhame it efferis to & reduce & reforme thame to the effec of thare first fundacione
1689 Cramond Kirk S. III 26 Dec.
The minister acquainted the session that he had almost visitt the whole paroch (themorrow … being the last dyett of visitatioun thairof) and that seeing he was now to beginn the dyets of examination of the paroch [etc.]
absol. 1554–5 Edinb. B. Rec. II 358.
For the clenging of the kirk about quhen my lord Sanct Androis wesyit
1574 Glasgow B. Rec. I 29.
Sersaris … sall … visie and inquyre of ilk hous that nane be seik
(b) 1607 Melvill 732.
The act … concerneing the visitatioun of provinces … For the visitor to say to his fellow visitor … that he will goe to visite without him wer [etc.]
transf. a1500 Bk. Chess 2124.
He wesyes all the chekker with his wand And richt so suld the iustice do in land

b. To inspect, examine, investigate (a place), chiefly officially, as to some aspect of the place itself. Also with clause object.(1) pres. 1530–1 Acta Conc. MS XLII 127.
To … peramble, vesy and consider the rycht merchis
1533 Boece 52a.
Sevin men … quhilkis considering the barrane ground sall thareof extend the boundis … and quhare it is plentuos sal distribute les [etc.] … vij men … quhilk vesying all the landis of Scottis … be the maist equale marchis thai couth dividit the boundis
1555 Peebles B. Rec. I 218.
The inqueist ordanis the baillies gang vesy the briggis and calsayis … gif thai be sufficient vphalding be the dichtaris as thai promist
1566 Edinb. B. Rec. III 224.
To ressawe awld billis of nychtbourheidis … and thairefter to pas and wesey the samyn
1582 Perth B. Ct. 19 Dec.
The saidis personis of inqueist … past vesyit sichtit and considderit the said foir twa tenementis
15… Corr. M. Lorraine 442.
I am past oure to vesy your grace werk in Falkland and will remane thair … and put ordour to your grace werk
(b) 1544 Maxwell Mem. I 285.
To vyse the hous within, and sie and consider gif the geir was in place eftir the inuitour
1590 Reg. Privy C. IV 512.
To pas to … Irwing [and to] visie and considder [the … harboury thereof … ] and gif the same can not be helpit to visie sum uther commodious place … quhair ane herbry may be biggit
1598 Conv. Burghs II 37.
Foure men to wysie the estait of the toun and commoun rent of Ruglein, and to report
1598–9 Glasgow B. Rec. I 191.
1607 Melrose Reg. Rec. I 32.
Quhilkis personis … viseing the same … fand that the balke … apperteinis justlie to the said Johne Hall
1660 Rothesay B. Rec. 289.
The visitours … to visie the hie dyks and marches
(c) 1658 Aberd. B. Rec. IV 174.
Desyring the counsell to come and visit the ground and tack inspectioun theroff
1696 Banff Ann. I 167.
p.t. 1597–8 Aberd. B. Rec. II 160.
Thay … past and visiett the said backyett and fand that it was navayes lesum
p.p. 1549 (c1580) Edinb. B. Rec. II 146.
Declairit that thai had sene the said land, vesiit the samyn, and fand that it wes ruinous
(b) 1566 Peebles B. Rec. I 302.
1601–2 Montrose Treas. Acc. 3b.
That day the Linkis vas visitit
(2) 1630 Craig-Brown Selkirkshire I 449.
To meit and visie where Torwoodlie his ile suld be bigit

c. To spy out, reconnoitre (a place). Also with clause object.(1) a1400 Leg. S. xl 855.
Rycht sa this man … thane can hyme espy, Til he viste sere placis, quhar he With fow folkis suld lugit be; & thane to Carleile vent … & tald thar-of
1460 Hay Alex. 3046.
Quhan him list to gif the toun assaile [etc.] … He … red about and visiit all the toun, And spyit the place and it avisit weill
c1475 Wall. iv 219.
Twa spyis he send to wesy all that land
1513 Doug. xi xi 122.
The Latyn feildis thou vissy and aspy
(2) c1475 Wall. xi 424.
Wallace wesyd quhar Butler schup to be

d. To go to (a place) for interest or recreation or some other particular purpose.Quot. 1539 may belong in b.(a) 1509–10 Reg. Privy S. I 306/2.
A licence … to M. Patrik Blakatar … to pas to the realme of France to vesy the schulis, and to uther partis beȝond the sey for the doing of his erandis
c1510 Prester John 310.
Ve propone tyll wesy the graif our Lorde Jesu Christ, … with strang powar till expung his inimeis
1513 Doug. i Prol. Contents.
Quhou that Eneas went and visseit hell
1539 Treas. Acc. VII 182.
To ane mynour that come furtht of Ingland, and past to Craufurd to vesy the mynd
1540 Lynd. Sat. 3164 (Ch.).
Diligence … visie all the vniversities, Bring vs sum doctours of divinitie
1549 Compl. 13/5.
Thir tua princis vsit oft to visye the feildis to tak ther recreatione
1563 Cal. Sc. P. II 75.
[My lord duke … minds not to] vesye [the Court unless sent for]
1570 Leslie 22.
The said Erle of Douglas … tuik his jorney towart Italie … to pas his tyme and vyssie the cuntrey
1605–6 Montrose Treas. Acc. 3.
Giffin to Mr Arthour Erskyne [etc.] … for ryding to wesie Dundie vij libs.
(b) 1617 3rd Rep. Hist. MSS App. 413.
That the earles of Arundell [etc.] … suld visitt Donnotar on Tuysday nixt, in their going towards Aberdene; … I sall … aduertiss your ladyship … both of the number and qualitie of the persons that ar to weas Donnotar and Aberdene together with the certantie of the day
(c) c1420 Wynt. ii 1674.
Pylgrymys … That to Jerusalem walde fayre The sepulkyr to wysyde
c1420 Wynt. vi 153.
He wald wysyte [W. vesyte] bodyly All thaire herbrys … And relewe thame
1456 Hay I 63/20.
He doubtit that his palace suld blaw to the erde that … he rais and past to visyte his palace
1559 Knox VI 31.
Desiring licence to vesitt the northe partes of Englande
1570 Leslie 59.
He wes mekill given to devotione and prayer, vissieting religious places [etc.]
1578 Reg. Privy S. VII 245/1.
To visiet foreyn cuntreis … to find the cure … of his helth

8. To see, look at, view, survey (a sight, etc.). Also fig. b. To participate in (an event, etc.).Quot. Hay Alex. may belong in b.(a) 1460 Hay Alex. 1397.
The duk Betin … Saw Alexander cumand to visie the feild
a1500 Gol. & Gaw. 243.
Syne war thai war of ane wane wrocht with ane wal … The king stude vesiand the wall, maist vailyeand to se
a1500 Bk. Chess 2007.
The turser is a fule … To wesye ocht bot he in conand it haf That for the sicht of flowris in the meid Tynis the thocht of his charge
1501 Doug. Pal. Hon. 1069.
Vesie [L. vissy]
1501 Doug. Pal. Hon. 1461.
Quhy standis thow stupifak, Gouand all day, and nathing hes vesite [L. vissyte]
1533 Bell. Livy I 23/29.
Quhen he … had vesyit the habit … of Hercules, apperand of mare devyne and hevinlie stature than was sene with erdlie creatures [etc.]
1533 Bell. Livy I 29/4.
Thir pepill, eftir thai had vesyit the situacioun, wallis, and policyis of this new toun, had grete admiracioun
1544 Corr. M. Lorraine 83.
I and my freyndis vesit and prekit at the army quhill thai departit furth of the realme
1581-1623 James VI Poems I 229/258.
Than Aly Bascha uisitt [1591 visied] all uith bolde & manly face
(b) 1501 Doug. Pal. Hon. 1828.
‘Cum on,’ said scho, ‘this ordinance to vesite [L. vysyte]’
1558-66 Knox II 358.
A woman … cam amangis many other to vesytt the corps of the said erle
fig. a1568 Scott xxvii 33.
Quhen scho growis heich, I draw on dreich, To vesy and behald the end
b. a1500 Bernardus 216.
A mane … quhik al his fantasy Has geffyne to vice and vesy ioculary
1533 Bell. Livy I 83/27.
Thir seittis … war rasit … xij fute of hicht fra the erde, that thir foresaidis nobillis mycht the more esely behald & vesy the playis quhen thai occurrit
c1550 Lynd. Meldrum 257.
Squyer Meldrum … thocht he wald vesie the weiris And waillit furth ane hundreth speiris … Quhen he come to the king of France He wes sone put in ordinance [etc.]
a1586 Lindsay MS 7.
The pepill … that ar thair viseand the battale

9. a. To look at, see, check up on, inspect ((the state of) something). a1500 Seven S. 922.
This knycht the kepar of the towre Come to wesy the gret tressour
1513 Doug. iv vii 70.
Eneas … vysseys hys navy
1533 Bell. Livy I 23/2.
He had vesyit his flok & found ane large parte of thame absent
1533 Bell. Livy I 92/5.
The wound was … now latelie vesyit [L. inspectum] and dicht
1552 Edinb. B. Rec. II 174.
That Patrik Guvane belman keipar of the knock haif ane key of the stepill dur to the effect that he may vesy and keip the said knok
1611 Crim. Trials III 204.
Alexander Menȝeis … being directit … to vissie ane halk-nest … the said umquhile Alexander … eftir visitatioun of the samyn

b. To make an official inspection or examination of (commodities, etc.) with regard to their quality, fitness, etc.pres. 1496 Treas. Acc. I 321.
Gevin to Johne Mawar … to pas to Borthuik and Saltoune to vesy tymmyre for gun paraling … ix s.
1504 Treas. Acc. II 447.
To pas to Dunbertane and tha pairtis to vesy woddis
1513 (c1580) Edinb. B. Rec. I 145.
Quha suld euery market day diligentlie serche, visie and sie all maid wark … presentet in the market, and it that they find sufficient till mark it
1531–2 Aberd. B. Rec. I 144.
To serse and vesy the townis artailȝery
1536 Linlithgow B. Ct. 6 Oct.
That na baxster rameif thair baitht furtht of the bakhous quhill tha warne the balȝeis to wise and wey the samyn
1572 Crail B. Ct. MS 6 Oct.
William Smythe to wesy and prise the saidis fleschis
1578 Aberd. Chart. 343.
Viseand Androw Rais bark pottis [they] ordanit the samyn to be fillit with eirtht
(b) 1599 Edinb. B. Rec. V 261.
Gif the vesetouris awaittis nocht upoun thair dewty and vesetis nocht the saidis skynnis [etc.]
1623 Rec. Univ. Aberd. 281.
Four of thame sould wissit and cognosce the wark quhen it was donn, gif it war ansuerabill
1640–1 Dumbarton Common Gd. Acc. 119.
To vissit the staines win … for the tolbuith and the waye thay sould be led thairfra
p.p. 1527 Selkirk B. Ct. (ed.) 91.
All mettis and messouris … to vesiet and messorit
1545 Haddington B. Rec. (Robb) 23 April.
All to be good stuf and veseyt be the serchers
1625–6 Edinb. B. Rec. VI 332.
Sutche thingis as belongis to the deyne of gild to have cair of … Item to have ane cair everie moneth at leist that the bellis and paisis of the knock be visite for dainger
1662 Peebles B. Rec. II 52.
John Murray, wright, to make weying stone weychtes … the saids stones being first visite be the deane of gild
(b) 1574 Acts III 93/1.
Quhilkis plakkis … sa merkit salhaif cours … that sic of the new plakkis … as sall not be visite and in this sort merkit … sall na wayis haue cours
1584 Edinb. B. Rec. IV 343.

c. To inspect, examine, scrutinise (evidence of various sorts).(a) 1424 Dumbarton B. Rec. App. II 4.
To bryng before thaim thar euidentis at thai wil vise for thaim
1531 Bell. Boece I 231.
Reule … was … send be Constantius … to vesy the blissit reliquies of Sanct Andro
1553–4 Edinb. B. Rec. II 280.
The auditors of comptis … has deligentlie vesyit the compt foirsaid and fund … that the compter restis awing to the towne [etc.]
1560 Rolland Seven S. 840.
Ȝit I mon … all the sternes spy Gif I can find ony remeid thairby … Incontinent he veseis ouir his buikis Sine … vnto the sternes he luikis
1565 (c1650) Dundee B. Laws 31.
To vesey and resave ane inventor [of] the haill evidents and anuall rents … pertainning to the saids chaplanries
14.. Acts (1566) Title.
The Actis and Constitutionis of the Realm of Scotland … viseit, correctit, and extractit furth of the Register be the Lordis depute, be hir Maiesties special commissioun thereto
1568 Cal. Sc. P. II 558.
The box was intercepted and being visiit, thair wes fund in the samin sic lettres [etc.]
1578–9 Reg. Privy S. VII 291/2.
Maister Johnne Skene … wes commandit … to vesie and examinat the haill registeris of the actis of parliament
1621 Fraserburgh Kirk S. 122 (16 May).
1622-6 Bisset I 80/35.
To visie sicht and correct the lawes of this oure realme
1649 Aberd. B. Rec. IV 97.
That they had takin exact notice of the saidis compts, and had examined euerie particular thairin, calculat and wysit the samen
(b) 1574 Acts III 89/2.
[They] sall begin and visite the bukis of the law actis of parliament [etc.]
1695 Edinb. Surgeons III 9.
To visit the papers … and … put thaim in order

d. To scrutinise (books, etc.) prior to publication, usu. for the purpose of censorship. 1574 Reg. Privy C. II 387.
That nane … imprent … buik, ballett or uther werk … quhill the same … be visiit
14.. Acts (1597) Table s.v. Prenters.
Prenters suld not prent ony buikes … bot that quhilk is visied and tryed, havand the kingis licence
1610 Reg. Privy C. VIII 445.
[They are appointed] to visie and examine the grammar composed be Mr. Alexander Home and to reporte thair opinioun thairanent to the counsell

e. To inspect or investigate, chiefly officially, a situation or state of affairs.(a) 1463 (c1580) Edinb. B. Rec. I 21 (see 6 (1) above). 1529 Aberd. B. Rec. I 123.
To pas and vesy the circumstance of the said toun and devise quhar … to begyne to fowse and waw the … towne
1547 (c1580) Edinb. B. Rec. II 130.
That the thesaurer pas and vesy the faltis of the ports … of the towne
1563–4 Edinb. Old Acc. II 196.
Johnne Weir, pouderar, to wesy and mend the haill falthis … in the leid gutters of the kirk
1567 Inverness Rec. I 156.
The baillies … to pas and wesie the skayth sustenit be the saidis Thomas
1574 Glasgow B. Rec. I 12.
The thre baillies … past to vise and decyde the questione of lyneyng
1590 St. A. Kirk S. 667.
The sessioun ordanit Mr. Dauid Russell [etc.] … to pas and vesy hir diseas and to report the trouth to the sessioun
(b) c1420 Wynt. v 1099.
Thare necessyte Walde he wysyte and amend
1564 Cal. Sc. P. II 135.
[That a reasonable ransom be appointed—failing which that the master may have leave to] wiset and ordour his awin affayres
1606 Irving Dumbartonsh. II 197.
To mak some defence to thair toun, agains the surges and inundationes of the seas … These who had the commissioun to viseit that mater maid thair report

10. With clause or infin. object. a. To see, find out, understand (quhat, how, etc.). Freq. const. to vesy and (to) see, etc. gif, that, etc. b. ? To look or seek to do (something) or ? an irregular example of Wis v.1a. (1) a1400 Leg. S. xl 559.
Ȝet wald he [sc. a bishop] mekly on fete ga … To visy in quhat wyse The kirkmen did thar seruice
a1500 Seven S. 2548.
My masteris and I to wesy wend Quhat of my passage mycht appere And we saw be the sternis [etc.]
1531 Selkirk B. Ct. (ed.) 113.
Our bailyeis … to vesy oukly quhar that fre men makis nocht thair pennorthtis
1533 Bell. Livy I 123/7.
Lat ws ascend … on oure horsis, and vesy be quhat ingynis & exercicions … oure wyiffis ar presentlie occupijt
1535 Stewart 56910.
The erle of Marche … Come to his tent to visie how he did
1556 Peebles B. Rec. I 235.
The thesaurare to vesy gif ony tymber be to by to mak portis of
1590 Burel Pilgr. ii 165.
Thir catiffs … vysing, Pure pilgrims how to trap
(2) 1497 Treas. Acc. I 380.
To the man that ȝeid to vesy to se gif he could wyn sclait
1512 (c1580) Edinb. B. Rec. I 138.
Thairto pas … to visey and se the samyn clengeit
1513 Doug. xiii vi 28.
To thame gang wald thai And … vissy and assay Forto convoy the said Eneadanys … within hys hie wallis
1518 Edinb. B. Rec. I 182.
That thai may vesy and se that nane saill
1522 Aberd. B. Rec. I 103.
[To] vise and see gif this statut be fulfyllit
1541 St. P. Henry VIII V 198.
Commissionaris to be send to the Bordouris … to vise, see and considre that all attemptatis that salhappin … be dewlie redressit
(b) c1420 Wynt. vi 1344.
Thare come … A legate For till wysyd and till se How the byschapys governyd ware
b. Arundel MS 250/352.
I … vesyis to resaue Thé als worthely … as euer did ony of Thi haly seruandis

11. intr., absol. or ellipt. To observe, view, look at, also const. all about; to attend or give one's attention to. b. To sight or take aim with a gun. Also in the later dial. 1501 Doug. Pal. Hon. 209.
In steidfast ordour, to vesie vnaffrayit, Thay ryding furth
1513 Doug. iii ix 113.
Vyssyand al about, I se at last This navy of ȝowris drawing hyddir
1513 Doug. viii v 58.
Hail, verray child of Jove … We pray thé wissys, at thou may cum heir … In our helpyng fortobe our bute
1531 Bell. Boece I xliv.
And sine thay luke and viseis throwe the cleir and purifyit watter, quhill thay se the mussillis
1560 Rolland Seven S. 410.
We sal gar paynt vpon the wallis about The seuin science … Sa that this childe may se vesie and luke And tak doctrine
b. a1597-1617 Hist. Jas. VI (1825) 46.
He affixt blak clothis that his shaddow sould not be sene … and cuttit a small hole of the blak cloth that coverit the traleis, whareby he might vissie with his hagbute, to be the mair certane of his interpryse

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