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Slicht, adj.1 Also: slichte, slycht, slight, schlicht, sleicht. [(Orig. north.) ME and e.m.E. slight (Cursor M.), slecht (1393-4), sleight (c1400), slite (1558), OScand. *sleht- (ON sléttr), MDu., MLG slecht, slicht).]

1. Describing articles of commerce, commodities, etc.: Of inferior or ordinary quality; ? occas., small, light in weight, not substantial. b. specif. Describing coins. Cf. croun of wecht (Croun(e n. 5 d.). ij breddis of bughe, ane better and ane slichtor; 1502 Halyb. xxi.
Ane cheseb of rede chamlot to the Gray Freris … with cors of slicht gold; 1506 Treas. Acc. III 80.
Vermiewling slycht asur quhit leid [etc.]; 1537–8 M. Works Acc. (ed.) I 215.
Twa slicht coverings, to 16 s.; 1563 Old Dundee II 244.
Ane gros of slycht silking pointis; 1567 Edinb. Test. I 59.
Ellevin slicht hattis price … iiij li.; 1569 Edinb. Test. I 247.
ix eln … of slycht veluot blak colourit price of the eln lv s. … tuelf eln of blak veluot price of the eln iiij li. iiij d.; 1575 Edinb. Test. III 352.
Thrie dosane of cristell spectacles price of the dosane xvj s. … vj dosane of slicht spectacles price of the dosane v s.; 1580 Edinb. Test. VIII 85b.
Thrie rym of paper of the slicht hand price of the rym xvj s.; 1583 Edinb. Test. XII 286b.
Ane fyrrekin of slycht saip, estimat to iiij li. iiij s. iiij d.; 1583 Edinb. Test. XII 355b.
Ane ȝoung and imperfyt prentes quho at his first interprys of schaiping takith not in hand the fynnest stuff bot rather sum slycht cloth; J. Stewart 3.
Ringis with slycht staneis; 1593 Edinb. Test. XXV 160b.
Fourtie pair [gloves] slicht browderit heidis at lj s. the pair; 1615 Edinb. Test. XLVIII 214b.
Aucht schlicht cowmon stringis at x s. the peice; 1618 Edinb. Test. L 164b.
1625 Brechin Test. IV 201 (see Knappet(t n. (b)).
Item, the secund [sort of shoes] of slichter leather, double sollit [to be sold] at fourteine penneis; 1640 Aberd. B. Rec. III 250.
For two pair of slight gloves, 5 s.; 1674 Cunningham Diary 41.
(b) Ane dosone of sleicht penner scheithis price of thame fyve schillingis; 1615 Edinb. Test. XLVIII 249b.
b. v gaudeis of slycht crounis; 1540 Acta Conc. & Sess. MS XIII 83.
Sax wnicornis, tua slicht crownis, … ane demy; 1540 Maxwell Mem. I 411.
[Coined gold consisting of] slycht crownis … lewis of wecht, [etc.]; 1566 Crawford Mun. Invent. II 89 (22 May).
Ane slicht croun of gold; 1568 Edinb. Test I 204b.
Cunȝeit … of siluer … half merk peices and xl pennie peices, being bot slycht and vj pennies fyne layit money; Diurn. Occurr. 297.
Thir slicht turnouris wes the onlie money almost passing throw all Scotland; Spalding I 264.

2. Of things, events, etc.: Small, insubstantial, not great, in degree, size, etc. b. Unimportant, trivial. c. Incomplete, unsatisfactory; careless, casual. Ane uther that was not gyltie … bot twichit ane lytill with a slicht suspicioun; Buch Detect. (1727) 26.
Breickis thay had verie slichte, and indeid mair to hyd thair memberis than [etc.]; Dalr. I 93/21.
Thair constancie … is nocht worthie of sobir and slicht prais; Dalr. I 96/8.
The Erle of Moray … preparet the banket, nocht of the slicht maner, bot verie fyne and fair; Dalr. II 276/8.
So mony things my mynd molest My sleiping is bot slicht; Montg. Misc. P. v 32.
proverb. Manie hands maks slicht [Ferg. Prov. (1641) No. 606, light] wark [L. onus levius]; Carmichael Prov. No. 1121.
Manie hands maks slicht wark, namelie at the meate; Carmichael Prov. No. 1139.
b. Edwert his eldest sone in ane slicht batell … wes wondit quharof … he deit; Abell 79a.
I am sory that for sic slicht caus ye sould be put to so greit expensis; 1588 Aberd. Council Lett. I 47.
c. I haife ressauit ane of the vessis that hais your cheyn, quhilk I think verray slycht tikat, for it declaris nocht quhow mykill it lyis in vad of; 1590 Waus Corr. 462.
In your overly, rash, and slight way of using obtestations … as when ye say, for God's sake, … only as a customary by-word; Durham Commandment (1675) 91.
(b) [Angus gave but a] sleicht [answer and] ewill vordis [to the Provest]; 1595 Cal. Sc. P. XI 606.
proverb. Establishe honest diligent but feu searcheris for many handis makis slichte uarke; James VI Basil. Doron 90/11.

3. Of persons: Lacking seriousness or substance (in character, etc.); of little account, worthless, good-for-nothing; low; disreputable. b. specif. Of a woman: Loose, immoral. (1) Thow hir for lufe did cheis … thocht thow knew hir slicht; Scott xx 29.
The commoun armes maid be messingeris in tymes bipast wer sa slender and guid chaip that the greater nowmer of slicht men socht to be admittit to that office quhilk aucht& … to be vsed be personis of discretioun honestie and credite; 1587 Acts III 450/1.
Alexander Cullane convocat ane grite nowmer of slicht men and invyous personis … to withhald the said complenare fra the said burgh; 1588 Reg. Privy C. IV 268.
Now lychtest, untychtest and slychtest I sie, … My hart thinkis it ryctest with thé to be frie; Maxwell in Paisley Mag. (1828) 385.
Johnne … accumpanyed with certane utheris slicht personis … had taken away two horses; 1588 Reg. Privy C. IV 295.
Vappa, spilt wine; a slicht man; Duncan App. Etym.
Troupis of the commoun peple, of the slychtest sort; Dalr. II 403/5.
We find the occasione of thir odius vycis … verai comond … becaus sa monei yong slycht men ver sustenit in thir partis; 1597–8 Warrender P. (SHS) II 354.
Seing the sclanderer wes bot ane slicht boy requestis the magistrat to put him in firmance [etc.]; 1613 Fraserburgh Kirk S. 20b (5 Aug.).
Yon fleing godhead slight [sc. Cupid]; James VI Poems I 27/178.
Six slicht soldiouris, alledging warrand … to tak salmound … thir lounes cumis [etc.] [marg. knaverie of soldiouris]; Spalding I 293.
Robers nor any idl nor slight persones; 1653 Aberd. Sheriff Ct. III 61.
(2) Al slicht in maneris, or waik in learning not able for the administratione of the sacramentis; Dalr. II 398/16.
b. Ther was a scandall delated upon Janat Red … for recetting ane lowse man … and ane slight woman Mt Mckynzie in her howse; 1668 Alyth Par. Ch. 97.
I haveing from somewhat of her discourse been suspicious of her being a slight person, would goe into no room with her; 1685 Caldwell P. I 159.

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