A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Ron(e, n.1 Also: royne, ronn-. [ME rone (Gaw. & Gr. Knt.), ‘A northern word, and prob. of Scand. origin’ (OED). Cf. mod. Norw. dial. rune, ON runnr, in the same sense.] A thicket of low bushes, brambles, etc.; thick undergrowth. Also attrib. with rute. (1) And has bot one small hole but dout In-to that thorne-ron richt secre; Troy-bk. ii 2437.
The wod was large and rowch of buskis ronk … Of breris ful and thyk thorn ronnys stent; Doug. ix vii 31.
The rig callit the Thorn Royne; 1586 in Donaldson Cramondiana 60.
(2) Sa is the suerd of knychthede ordanyt to kutt away … the … wedis and ronnis of thornis of evill men that lettis … travalouris; Hay II 28/34.
The rosis reid arrayit rone and ryce; Henr. Fab. 1335.
The lyone … throw the rone rynnand, Fell in the net; Ib. 1521 (Bann.).
Lowrence … In ane rouch rone, wes at the furris end; Ib. 2247.
The rone wes thik that Wallace slepyt in; Wall. v 357.
Kyddis skippand throw ronnys efter rays; Doug. xii Prol. 182.
With montanis hie ascendand … , With mos and mure and mony wodis wyld, And ron and roche; Stewart 11268.
As the ald dyik gangis on to the fwt of the lone of the rone; 1547 Prot. Bk. Sir Wm. Corbet 8.
Vndir the rise the ra did ryn Our ron our rute our rynd; Tayis Bank 38.
Quhair ron & rys rais in aray Endlang the reuer syd; Ib. 109.
That pice of land callit the Rone; 1566 Inchaffray Reg. 128.
attrib. The wird sisteris … Saw revinis ruge at this rat be ane rone-ruite; Montg. Flyt. 282 (T).

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