A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Rok(e, Roik, Rouk, n.2 Also: rock(e; royk; rouck. [ME and e.m.E. roke (c1250), appar. f. an ON *rauk, superseded by the umlaut-affected form reykr Rek(e n.1, whence also Sw. rök, Dan. rög (Dan. dial. roek). Cf. also Icel. roka driving spray or snow.] a. Thick mist lying close to the surface of the land or sea; fog; drizzling rain. b. A cloud. a. This wildernes … Was dark as rock, the quhilk the sey vpcast; Doug. Pal. Hon. 157.
The mystie rocke, the clouds of raine, From tops of mountaines skails; Hume 27/61.
(b) The rayn and royk reft from ws sycht of hevin; Doug. iii iii 95.
Dyrk as ony roik, That to the ruffis toppys went the smoik; Ib. xii x 95.
Winter come to hand, … With wynd and weit, and mony schouris snell, With mist and roik, and als with mekle rane; Stewart 15232.
Ib. 46112.
(c) For wes he never ȝit with schouris schot, Nor ȝit ourrun with rouk, or ony rayne; K. Hart 10.
Quhair thair is … Dirknes, mirknes, rouk and mist; Rowll Cursing 172 (M).
Thick rouk in the morning, thairafter warme and fair; 1659 A. Hay Diary 170.
A thick rouck and frost; 1660 Ib. 244.
b. The soyl ysowpit into watir wak, The firmament ourcast with rokis blak; Doug. vii Prol. 36.

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