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A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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First published 1983 (DOST Vol. V).

Plausibill, Plausabill, a. Also: -ible, -(e)able and plawsable. [e.m.E. plausible, -yble etc., praiseworthy (1561), acceptable, popular (1541), affable (1633), apparently trustworthy (1682), also, applausive (1542), F. plausible (1552), L. plausibilis deserving applause, acceptable.]The forms in -abill, -able are appar. confined to Scots.

a. Winning approval, generally acceptable, popular. b. Only apparently deserving approval, only apparently acceptable or trustworthy. c. Winning, ingratiating, affable, agreeable (words, or in manner). d. Of something administered to one: Acceptable, not unpleasant.a. 1554 Knox III. 167.
I haif bene compellit to speik … sic thingis as was not plausibill to the earis of men
1572 Buch. Detect. (1727) 33.
Thair wer alswa certane plausibill thingis grantit to pleis the pepill
a1578 Pitsc. (1728) 223.
This charge was very plausible and well-pleasing to the whole nobility
b. 1565 Facs. Nat. MSS. III. xlix.
And swa vndir pretence of that plausible argument to draw eftir thame a large tale of ignorant personis
1588 Reg. Privy C. IV. 281.
The narrative … hes ane plawsable face to cullour the … pretendit forme thairof
1650 Rec. Kirk Scotl. 600.
Quhateuer may be the plauseable and faire carriage of some of that enimey ȝet doubtles ther is ane levin of error & hypcrassy amongst them
a1658 Durham Subtile Self 52.
Self hath always some one plausable-like and flattering design
c. 1577–8 Reg. Privy C. II. 667.
Quha … being in executioun of thair office the saidis souirteis requirit the saidis officiaris with plausabill wordis to desist and ceis
1657 Balfour Ann. II. 112.
He spent much and had much vsse of his subiects purses wich bred some clashings with them in the parliament ȝet wold alwayes … end with a sweett and plausable close
1690 Dunlop P. III. 65.
Hee was about four hours with her. She seemed prittie plausable and desayered another meeting
d. 1682 in Lauder Observes App. iv. 304.
Had not on of the lounes … taken upon him to be his advocat who … insisted that it [sc. the Test] might be tendered to him in a way maist plausible and in a poustar maist agreeable to his stomack

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