A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Plat, v.2 P.t. plat(t, p.p. plat. [Late ME. platte(n to become flat (c 1430), e.m.E. plat(te to cause to fall flat (1530), plat to place, set (1568), ME. platte p.t. caused to fall flat (Piers Plowman A): cf. Du. pletten, Germ. platten to flatten, smooth, OF. plat(t)ir (f. plat Plat a.) to flatten, throw down flat, lie flat.]

1. tr. To place flat, clap into place, set, put. Scho gert plat on hyr hys basynet Wytht othire armys; Wynt. ii. 50.
And he hys hand plat to the wound in hy; Doug. ix. ix. 117.
And ȝe ladies that list to pisch Lift vp ȝour taill, plat in ane disch; Lynd. Sat. 1919 (Ch.).
Sen thair may be na vther buit Plat on his head ane horne; Philotus xxxviii.
Above a thousand hands daylie imployed platt up towards the sea sundrie perfect and strong bastions; 1639 Baillie I. 197.

b. In non-material sense. Thay tuke that ȝoung prince frome the sculis … And haistelie plat in his hand The gouernance of all Scotland; Lynd. Complaynt 135.
Syne plat me godly men into thair place; 1567 Sat. P. vi. 102.

2. To cause (a person) to fall flat, to throw down. That innocent thay tuke … And platt hym bakwart to the croce; Lynd. Mon. 3907.

3. intr. Of a person: To fall down flat (upon one's face, knees, etc.), to prostrate oneself. Also reflex. Throw hiddowis ȝowling of the wowf This wylie tod plat doun on growf; Dunb. xxxii. 58 (B).
The quyet closettis oppynnyt with a rerd And we plat law gruflyngis on the erd, A voce com til our erys; Doug. iii. ii. 52.
Thar lady … That was in dedly swoun plat for dispar; Ib. iv. vii. 59.
At which wordis he … platt him self upoun his knees; Knox I. 59.
Mr. Patrick … plat on his kneis befoir the king; Pitsc. I. 222/15.

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