A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Oxgang, n. Also: oxgange, oxgan(e. [Late north midl. ME. (a n)oxgang (15th c.), north. e.m.E. oxgang(e (1532), and in later use north. and north midl. Eng.: cf. Oxingang n., Oxgate n.] Before the mid 16th c. the localised quots. for this form all refer to southern or south central Scotland.

An oxgang or bovate; a measure of land equal to one eighth of a ploughgate and reckoned as (more or less) equivalent to 13 acres. The extent of land calculated as the share of one ox in the land ploughed by the standard eight-ox team (see also Ox n. 1 b, quots. 1427, 1578–9, etc.) of a single plough in the course of a year, thus one-eighth of a ploughgate (Pleuchland n., also Pleuchgang n.). Freq. oxgang of land and regularly uninfl. in plur. following a cardinal number; also quasi-comb. in oxgang-land. Also oxgang of (a specified farm). [Et quælibet carucata fuit viij bovatarum Et quælibet bovata fuit xiij acrarum et dimidii; c 1300 Coldingham Priory App. lxxxv.]
Ane oxgange hale the space, That twa hundreth fet in lynth has & twenty, and in bred alsa Sewyne schore of fute & nama; Leg. S. xvii. 49.
Yhwmen, powere karl or knawe That wes off mycht an ox til hawe, He gert that man hawe part in pluche … Swa than begowth and efftyr lang Off land wes mesure ane ox-gang. Mychty men that had ma Oxyn he gert in pluchys ga; Wynt. vii. 3604.
Alsua at he sulde hafe be uthir charteris twa oxgang of land and thre akris; 1428 Liber Melros II. 520.
1431 Ib. 524.
That the oxgang of land of the chemis pertenand to the said abbot … wes lese na the westir oxgang of land and chemis of the said Dauid; 1437 Reg. Dunferm. 285.
All & sindry my landis callite the Hollcroft with the pertinentis the quhilk is thre oxgang of landis; 1439 Charter (Reg. H.) C.O. No. 49.
1475 Acta Aud. 39/1.
Oxgang; 1513 Wigtown B. Ct. 13 b.
For the vrang occupin of his oxgan of Clachare; Ib. 16 b.
Ox gane; 1515 Ib. 46 a.
1530 Carnwath Baron Ct. (ed.) 117.
Lucius Quintius … havand na richis bot onle iiij ox gang of land beȝond Tiber fornens the common havin; Bell. Livy II. 304.
Ib. 116/32, etc.
The plew land thai ordanit to contene viij oxingang, the oxgang sall contene xiij akeris; Acts I. 387/1.
Ib. xxiv.
My kyndnes of ane bair ox gang of land; 1564–75 Hamilton & Campsie Test. I. 21 b.
Una bovata terre nuncupatur Hegingis oxgang; 1567 Reg. Privy S. V. ii. 358/1.
My teind schaeffes off ane quarter and ane oxgang … off the towne and lands of Tayne; 1575 Old Ross-shire I. 21.
That hallf toun and landis of Corthullie extending to thrie oxgang land of the davach of Letoche; 1620 Grant Chart. 318.
Of one-fourth part of eight oxgang of the town and lands of Wester Caputh; 1663 Dunkeld Presb. I. 147.

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