A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Ourcast, v. P.t. ourkest. P.p. ourcast, -kest; owrcassyn. [Sc. var. of Overcast. Also, in various senses, in the mod. Sc. and north. Eng. dial. as owercast.]

1. tr. To cover over (with sand). Gif it happynnis that the sayd myln be owr set with fludis … or to be owr cassyn with sand; 1482 Peebles B. Rec. I. 191.

2. ? tr. Of clouds or tempest: To spread over, overcast (the sky) or ? intr. Of the sky: To become overcast. A blak tempest Brays but delay and al the lyft ourkest; Doug. v. xii. 52.
Quhill clowdis clattris and all the lyft ourcastis; Ib. ix. xi. 20.

b. P.p. Of the sky: Overcast (with clouds). — The firmament ourcast [Sm. ourkest] with rokis blak; Doug. vii. Prol. 36.

3. intr. Of the stomach: To be upset, to ‘turn over’. (Cf. Overcasting vbl. n. and Ourthraw v. 6.) Bot quhen he on the barrowis blenkit The telȝouris hairt a littill schrenkit, His hairt did all ourcast; Dunb. xxvii. 30.
All the nycht my hairt ourcastis With bokking and with hinder blastis; Lynd. Sat. 4347 (Bann.).

4. To throw (someone) over, to cast off. absol. Gif ȝe our cast, My lyf is past; Scott xii. 53.

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