A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Mukill, Muckil(l, a., n. and adv. Also: -ell, -l(e; moukill. [Var., with unexplained change of vowel, of Mikill or Mekill; also (? north.) e.m.E. muckle (1600), and common in the mod. Sc. and north. Eng. and north. Ir. dialects. It seems unlikely that there is any direct relationship with the w. midl. and south. ME. mucle (Layamon), mu(c)kel (14th c.), mokel (1379), also mochell, muchel, where the u, o spelling prob. represents a different vowel.] Not found alone in Sc. before the late 16th c. (but cf. Mukil(l)wort n.), unless, as seems possible, the following is intended to repr. a Sc. pronunc.: Men of mokill speche mon som tyme lye; Fortescue 264.

a. adj. Big, large, great, much. b. absol. as n. Much. c. adv. Much, to a great extent. a. (1) Johnne Hendirsone … creipit in the kirk undir the litill dur and opnit within the mukill dur; 1593 Logie Par. Hist. I. 38.
Fayue [= five] mounters littill and moukill; 1651 Montgomery Mem. I. 314.
Within the muckle yett; 1654 Edinb. B. Rec. VIII. 354.
His muckell coat was unbuttened; 1667 Dumbarton Kirk S. Oct. 24.
The upper muckle end Of her nain shell's snuff-mill; c 1700 Fugitive Poetry II. xli. 2/43.
(2) In the likeness of a mukill grim man; 1649 Corstorphine Kirk S. in
Sc. N. & Q. i Ser. IV. 27.
A muckle woman with a reid coat; 1661 Reg. Privy C. 3 Ser. I. 648.
(3) The greit iron murderer Muckle Meg; 1650 Letter from the Lord General Cromwel concerning the Rendition of the Castle of Edinburgh 16.
(4) The mukle devil will be that mans for he is mukle and they are greedy; W. Guthrie Letters Horning 7.
For her nain shell coult wish Te muckle Teil had tene tem all; c 1700 Fugitive Poetry II. xli. 4/109.
(5) This hath won me muckle gear; G. Stuart Joco-Ser. Disc. 60.
b. Tyne geir tyne litil tyne honour tyne muckil tyne hart tyne al; ? 15.. Watson Mazer (Royal Sc.
Mus.). That he suld giff me as mukle as my nybour had gotten; 1617 Inverurie 203.
c. This piece of cros … will nocht … put you mukle by dyatt; 1600 Bruces & Cumyns 615.
It very muckle did me please; 16.. Watson's Coll. i. 37.
Dailie I admyre mukle that I get not advertisment from yow; 1640 Aberd. Council Lett. II. 271.
Agains the heid aiking by to muckill drinking; 16.. in Anal. Scot. I. 286.
In England, that stands muckle in mister of a reformation; Presb. Eloq. (2 ed.) 96.

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