A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Mistik, a. Also: mistike, -ick, -ique, mistyk, -yk, -ick, -ice. [ME. (c 1315) and e.m.E. mistyk, -ik, mystyk(e, -i(c)k(e, F. mystique, L. mysticus.]

1. Mystic, mystical. a. Said of the church universal as the spiritual body of Christ. b. Spiritual, transcendental. c. Spiritually allegorical or symbolical. a. Thai and we are membris of the haly body mystice; Irland Mir. I. 51/15.
The Cristin people and mistice body of Jhesu; Ib. MS. 245 b.
That the haly Kirk is callit the mistike bodye and spouse of Christ; Hamilton Cat. 16.
b., c. He wrait excelland bukis of the Trinite … of the mistik ark [etc.]; Abell 84 a.
Thair ornament it was eclesiastik, Of gold and silk it had sic resplendour That to my sicht it was almaist mistik; Rolland Ct. Venus ii. 930.
Hamilton Cath. Tr. 25 (see Misticallie adv.).
A lyons heade … which signifieth after a mistique & hierogliphique sence, fortitude and uigilancie; Fowler II. 174/11.
The olde holy places … had … a mistick meaning; Birnie Kirk-b. xvii.

2. Mysterious, occult; obscure, enigmatical; secret. Off swylk mystyk [C. mysty] wysyownys He mad gud exposytyownys; Wynt. ii. 319.
To say … Quhat sygnyfyid that mystyk word That he swa spak than at the borde; Ib. vii. 473.
[I pray you in future] to writ in ane mair mistik maner, for I am at ane hard poynt; 1547 Cal. Sc. P. I. 17.
[We] fand your writtingis sa mystik that we could nocht onderstand; 1558 Waus Corr. 13.
The heid given to the laird of Dun … being thocht be him obscure and mystick; 1577 Bk. Univ. Kirk I. 384.
For men wil say, O it is ane mystick and secreit thing, thairfoir it is ane commendable and pretious thing; 1599 Rollock Wks. I. 370.

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