A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Lour, Lowr, v. Also: loure, lowre, lower. [North. ME. lowr (? a 1400: see Lourand ppl. a.), loure (c 1450), e.m.E. lowr(e (1575, 1622, 1647). Related to ME. lure(n (c 1300), ME. (c 1300) and e.m.E. loure(n, lowr(e, to frown, scowl, look angry or sullen, be depressed or mournful, and transf. (a 1450– ) to the clouds, sky. a tempest, etc. (Louring ppl. a.). Cf. MDu. loeren to lurk, lie in wait, to peep, peer, to frown, late MLG. and MHG lûren to lie in wait (mod. Germ. lauern), Sw. lura, Da. lure id., also to doze, nap.]

intr. To lie low, also to lie hid, shrinkingly, abjectly or furtively. a. To cower, crouch, shrink; also fig. Also, to shelter, take refuge. Than tod lowrie lukit quhair he couth lour [: armour], And start on fute all stoneist; Henr. Fab. 945 (Harl.).
Dame Danger in to ane nuk scho lowris And quakand thair the Quene scho lay for dreid; K. Hart 391.
On kneis I crap and law for feir did lowre [: bowr, sowre, dowre, clowre]; Doug. Pal. Hon. i. 521.
Than Bissines the grit gyn bend, Straik doun the top of the foir tour; Comparisone began to lour And cryit furth ‘I ȝow requeir, Soft and fair [etc.]’; Dunb. xlii. 69.
Quhen Dauid vnder the sek did loure; 1571 Sat. P. xxix. 22.
J. Stewart II. 123/25.
Thir vipers … Doun louring and couring, Quhill storm wes went away; Burel Pilgr. i. xii.
Wilt thou … believe in Jesus Christ? Wilt thou have recourse to him and lour under his passion? Rollock Wks. II. 154.
I caitiue on this earth doth loure and creepe; Grahame Anat. Hum. 66.
fig. Fra than that floure list not till loure; Montg. Bann. MS. p. 52/9.
Loues cælestial force … still growes mair and mair Quhen most it seimes to lowre [: power]; Mure i. 158.

b. To grovel. Also fig., to yield or submit; const. for, unto, to (what is submitted to). (1) [The fox] Syne lowrit on growfe and askit grace; Dunb. xxxii. 12.
Rycht law he gart thame lowr, Vnder his feit he gart thame lurk full law; Stewart 1500.
Ib. 38720.
(2) And off the serwys off a man Off neyde he [Xerxes] held hym payid than Quhare befor he gert the se For his schyppys lowrand be [L. Abasit for his schippis be]; Wynt. iv. 984.
The gods aboue sen luif hath maid them coy, Unto his law then quhy sould I not lowre [: showre]; Philotus 464.
I heir that George and the relict hes sent for yow to receave keis from yow, soe lower ye to that; 1642 Thanes of Cawdor 290.

c. To skulk, lurk. Lowrand law thow [the fox] can gar hennis de; Henr. Fab. 1960.
Throw buskis and throw brayis Law can thow lour to cum to thy intent; Ib. 1972 (Ch.).
Ib. 2286.
Alecto … prevely begouth awach and lowr About … Quene Amatais bour; Doug. vii. vi. 5.
Ib. ix. 66.
He blinkit he winkit he lurkit he lowrd To sie as he jinkitt it vas a good bowrd; Wode's Psalter (Bass) 214.
Lurcane and lowring; 1583 Sempill Sat. P. xlv. 716.
As lyone fearce in loodge, he louring lurkis; James VI Poems II. 19/30.
Ib. 28/26.
Fraud … Vith subtile luik low louring lyk ane loune; J. Stewart II. 226/105.
In greenest grasse the deadly adder lowrs; Craig ii. 119/3.

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