A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Lichtin, v.2 Also: -en, lȳchtin, -en, lychtting; inflected lich(t)n-, lych(t)n-, lightn-. [ME. lighten (Cursor M.), lightn-, lyghten, liȝten, -ne, f. Licht a.2]

1. tr. To make bright or light, to light up, brighten, to give light to or shed light on. Also in fig. contexts. (1) As sonne and mone lichtnis the hevin and all the warld, sa lychtnys the twa eyne all the mannis persone; Hay II. 157/36.
As Phebus, in the orient, Lichtnis [v.r. lychtnis] in haist the occident; Lynd. Mon. 5559.
(2) On loft is ryssyn the gret illumynar The lampe that lichtnes euery regioun; Arundel MS. 274/4.
O Mary … I beseik thæ that with thy brichtest face thou lichtin me on my latter day; Ib. 281/87.
Hamilton Cat. 161.
Our dirk orisoun … Is lychnyt now with licht of euery licht; Bann MS. 30 b/18.
Representand the lycht to lychtting and confort folkis that ar in myrknes; Lindsay MS. 38.
Rollock Wks. I. 302.

b. fig. To illuminate spiritually or intellectually; to shed spiritual light upon; to enlighten. Rycht as the Pape, gif he be a gude haly man as he aw to be, lichtnis all the lave of the Cristin faith, sa dois the sonne all the warld; Hay I. 27/15.
And haue ye mynde on the formare dais, in quhilkis ye war lichtnit; Nisbet Hebrews x. 32.
Sanct Xistus, the Pape quha now rycht wirschepful lychtnis the Roman Kirk; Winȝet II. 77/29.
G. Ball. 146.
Lichten & instruct me be ȝour guid inspirations; Hamilton Facile Tr. Pray. 3.
The declaration … of this wordis lichtens [L. illuminat] … the lytil anes; Ib. 69.
These thingis Agbarus wrait … beand a littill lychtned frome aboue; Bisset II. 355/9.
absol. [He] sall strenthin with His Spirit, lychtin with the pure word of His euangel; Lyndesay Pref.

c. To provide light for (a person's eye or vision). As the licht of the sone quhairby the eie is lichnit takis not from the eyne the pouar … of seing; Hamilton Cath. Tr. 140.

2. intr. To shine, emit light; also fig. Efter that, quhen Cristin fay Lichtnyt than in treuth verray; Wynt. v. 4900 (W).
These two [sc. Virgil and Cicero] be thame, Which wer the eyes of Latine toung, hes lightned muche the same; Fowler I. 113/22.

b. To flash lightning. The flambe of fyreflaucht lychtnyt heir and thar; Doug. iv. iv. 80.

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