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Let, n. Also: lett(e, lete, leit(t. [ME. lette (12th c.), lett, f. the verb. Cf. Lat n.] Cf. also Letting vbl. n.

1. a. Hindrance, obstruction, opposition. Also to set or mak(e let to, to hinder or to prevent. b. Something that hinders, an impediment. c. Hesitation or delay. a. (1) He had to slepe sa mekill vill That he mycht set na let thar-till; Barb. vii. 172.
Swa that na let thar in be maid; Ib. xix. 449.
Gif it happnis that any … schapes for to ride witht oste ilk an of the lordes … sall set let thairin at thair powair; 1384 Acts I. 349/2.
For quho so haistis him … To pas a gait our-hastely, He sall haue let; Troy-bk. ii. 1685.
Quhen he wes on this purpos set The Erle of Flawndrys mad hym let; Wynt. vii. 2306.
Na kyn swylk fundatyown Suld newyre in to that plas be set To ma sic dowtys or sic lete; Ib. 2454.
Bot Goddis gret pyté … Tillhys purpos made gret lete; Ib. viii. 2435.
And ȝit may sik men have let naturale that thai ar nocht worthy in bataill place; Hay I. 80/30.
To semple men scho [Worthiness] makis na let truble nor stopping; Asl. MS. I. 177/26.
That nane of yow tak upoun hand to mak ony impediment, lett or distrublance to oure said cousing; 1543 Reg. Privy S. III. 34/2.
Dyvers gret impedimentis … quhilkis gif thay haid bene knawin to ws wald haif maid lett and impedyment; 1569 Mary Facs. Nat. MSS. III. lix.
To the great lett and hinderance of the incres of gude lettres; 1576 Reg. Privy C. II. 543.
All lett and impediment quilk mycht have stayed the toune unput thame to proffet removit; 1630 Aberd. Council Lett. I. 339.
Nor shall [we] cast in any let or impediment that may stay or hinder any such resolution; 1638 Nat. Covenant in
Facs. Nat. MSS. III. xcvii.
(2) Quhat he walde, he mycht do Bot let of ony man thar-to; Leg. S. i. 214.
Owre the wattyre than wes he sete Bwt dawngere or bwt ony lete; Wynt. vi. 2000.
To follou nature … Quhose uill thay must obey but lett or stay; James VI Lusus Reg. 26.
(3) The forsaide Jone … sal … joise the forsaide landis … withoutin let, perturbacion, harme, or distroubelance of me; 1439 Charter (Reg. H.) C.O. No. 49.
Without any of your lettis, stayes, trubles, imprestis of thare men or any other hinderance whatsoeur; 1628 Stirling's Royal Lett. I. 265.
The said Earle of Callander to passe furth of this kingdom … and to returne without any lett or molestatione; 1661 Reg. Privy C. 3 Ser. I. 8.
b. Gyve thare hapnyd ony let That maryid ware noucht this Margret Wytht the ayre apperand; Wynt. vii. 2435.
Thai thowcht In to thame the let fell nowcht; Ib. viii. 3208.
Bot gif sum suddand let put it of delay; Rauf C. 540.
Quhat is the let I may thé nocht embrace? Doug. v. xii. 142.
Not to do … quhairby ȝe shuld … be the verry lett of ȝour father's liberte; 1545 Bk. Carlaverock II. 27.
Trew luif hes no let; Arbuthnot Maitl. Q. xxxv. 176.
How could he justlie, be ony lettis, be secludit thairfra? Bann. Memor. 132.
Lat no guid meanes be omitted, nor no lettis of small moment stickin at, but a plane dealing usit; Ib. 238.
That delay may breade a let and geve us tymelie wairning; 1588 Warrender P. (S.H.S.) II. 140.
That ye may knaw who be the impedimentis and lettis to his Majestie; 1594 Colville Lett. 131.
Efter delay comes a lette; Ferg. Prov. 6 b.
All lets, my flight which doe empeach, remove; Mure I. 301, ii. 6.
Some arrysing letts empesched this conceate; 1613 Warrender P. MS. I. 34.
To declare … what lets and rubs I met with in the service of the Lord; 1622 Blair Autob. 21.
That the lack of powder was the greatest lett; Gordon Geneal. Hist. 455.
c. Thair wes no let that tyme, tha war nocht lidder, The men of armes rudlie ran togidder; Stewart 2361.

2. In verse in the phrases but let, but, foroutin, withoutin (langar, mare, ony) let, without hesitation or delay, at once, straightway; also b. as mere expletive tags. Freq. in the rhyming position. a. (1) A part to Norhame went but let; Barb. xx. 7.
He was clene but let Of that fals cryme thai one hime set; Troy-bk. ii. 1895.
All that evir he tuke but let Gart hangit be on a gibbet; Ib. 2227.
In till Wygtown he gert set A jwstry, the qwhilk he held but let; Wynt. viii. 3188.
[They] lightit but let; Gol. & Gaw. 755.
Thai … A promes maid to meit Wallace but let; Wall. vi. 866.
Than quyk thai erdit him but let; Seven S. 1825.
Name thame furth but let; Rolland Ct. Venus iii. 196.
Ȝe sall but let my father sone pas to; Id. Seven S. 9231.
(2) [He] raid to the king but langir let; Barb. i. 598.
Forowtyn langir let This letter sall I entyr heyr; Ib. 622; etc.
Than went he to Rome bot ony lete; Leg. S. i. 168.
[They] suld be … hangit hye but langare leit Disputuisly one a gebeit; Ib. xxxix. 175.
Than Esaw, for-owtyn lete, For hungyr that he wes in sete … Gawe wpe alle hale hys herytage; Wynt. ii. 208.
Thre bollys mete This Hanyball wytht-owtyn lete To Cartage gert in hy be send; Ib. iv. 1554.
Thai past syne But ony let tyll Dwnfermelyne; Ib. vii. 346.
But gret delay or langere lete; Ib. viii. 2918.
But mare lete Thai strawcht thare speris and thai thaim mete In to the fwrd; Ib. 4689.
To-morne but baid or langer let, Thow gar my standart vp be set; Alex. ii. 7208.
Twa thousand thar drownyt with outyn lett; Wall. vii. 848.
Withoutin ony mair let than he tuke his leif; Rauf C. 318.
All merchand men … suld … thair promys kepe withoutin let; Bk. Chess 1575.
Thayne I bwitt onne layngar leitt Sall plaig yow for your inequitte; 1588 Montg. in Cullen Chron. Aberd. 62.
b. (1) He wes … Be lyne discendande fra Noye, Off his yhungast son, but lete, That to name was callyd Japhete; Wynt. ii. 639.
Quhen the Phylisteis, but lete, Wyst he had thare his resset, Thai enbussyd thame ner by That womanys hous; Ib. iii. 317.
In wtlaw oys he lewit thar but let; Wall. vii. 1279.
My hairt on thé is sett … Quhill I may leif but lett; Henr. III. 93/116.
I … sained me on euery side, … Then I looked but let, lightlie me fra And saw a hirsall in hie; Anc. Prophecies 26.
Our all vther thing lufit he … Justing and tor[na]mentis but let; Seven S. 409.
Grant at thai may alsso atteyn, but let, The flude Tybir; Doug. v. xiii. 72.
Is this a thing full onlesum, but let? Ib. x. ii. 34.
He that is win sall be at the will Of him that straike him doun but let; Clar. ii. 771.
This lyfe temporall Quhilk ȝe mon lose but let quhen ȝe leist wene; 1573 Davidson Sat. P. xl. 362.
(2) The battel ȝe haue set, This day aucht dayis to fecht withouttin let; Rolland Seven S. 9327.
Ȝit the Kirk suld soner get Comfort ouir all withouttin let Be this ordour … Nor be this new enormitie; 1573 Davidson Sat. P. xlii. 444.

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