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Lardener, -ar, Lardin-, Lardner, -ar, Lairdner, -ar, n. Also: lardyner, -ar; lardnare, -air; lairner. [North. ME. lardiner (Cursor M.) a larder, ME. lardyner (c 1400), -ener and e.m.E. lardiner, a larderer, AF. lardiner (14th c.) larderer, med.L. larden-, lardinarius larderer, late (1380) lardenarium, -inaria larder: cf. Larder n. Cf. also Ladinar. Sense 1 below is confined to north. ME. and, chiefly, Sc.]

1. A larder or store-room for meat and other provisions, a meat-cellar. Also in phr. to mak lardnar, to store meat (= med. L. facere lardarium). (a) [Qui fuerunt quondam Michaelis de Lardener patris … Michaelic de Lardner; 1373 Reg. Great S. (1814) 103/1.]
Tharfore the men of that cuntre, For sic thingis thar mellit were Callit it the Douglas lardenere [E. lardner]; Barb. v. 410.
Fleschewaris … sal serve the burges … fra the fest of Sayncte Martyne quhil Yhule of the flesche in thar lardyner to be graythit and dycht; Acts I. 33/2.
iij dosane of rachteris to the reparation of kichyne and lardyner; 1527 Treas. Acc. V. 325.
(b) For the fee of the maister of the lardner v li.; Acts I. 346/2.
[The rural dean,] Quhill the lardner was laid held he na hous; Howlat 217.
Fyffty gud martis … til oure lardner in Striueling; 1482 Fam. Rose 149.
vij salt martis ressavit fra Jame of the lardner; 1512 Treas. Acc. IV. 462.
To red the uvir lardner and setting of burdis in it to be ane chalmer iiij s.; Ib. 523.
For … new keyis to … the … Quenis grace lardner; 1537–8 M. Works Acc. (ed.) 226.
David Blantyre, ȝeman in the gret lardner; 1538 Treas. Acc. VII. 125.
Ane wolt callit the lardner; c 1563 Reg. Panmure I. cxlv.
In the auld lardner, tua auld doors; 1644 Irving Dumbartonsh. I. App. 104.
His budget … was … His lardner and his bibliotheck; Colvil Whig's Suppl. ii. 8.
(c) Johne Flemyng of the lardynar; 1503 Treas. Acc. II. 312.
(d) [Fleshers,] at thai mak lardnar [L. quod faciunt lardarium] in gret and it out tavernis in smallis; Acts I. 333/2.
Quhen thai opyn fische thai luke nocht quheder thai be mesale fische or wane, that is the cause quhy na fischar suld mak lardnare; Ib. 335/2.
Robert of the lardnair; 1506 Treas. Acc. III. 360.
Ȝeman of the lardnar; 1530 Reg. Privy S. II. 67/1.
(e) The lairdnar. Item, vij fattis for fles twyme; 1519 Reg. Episc. Aberd. II. 177.
[A large chest] to the petty lairdner; 1532 M. Works Acc. (ed.) 105.
For … clengand … the conduitis within the place throch the lairdneris to the closattis; 1537–8 Ib. 222.
Irne werk … to tua lychtis in the pittit lairdner; 1538–9 Ib. MS. VI. 25 b.
David Blantyre in the lairdner, Robert Murray in the petty lairdner; 1542 Treas. Acc. VIII. 151.
Ouer kitching … Nedder kitching … Lairdnar … The Cape house [etc.]; 1562 6th Rep. Hist. MSS. App. 648/2.
In the lairner, ane mat and ane pair of blankets; 1663 Inv. Lord J. Gordon's Furniture (OED.).

b. fig. To mak ane lardnare of, to make into butchermeat. Of handis and heidis, baith braune and blude, He maid ane lardnare [F. faisoit sa venoison]; Alex. ii. 4520.

2. The officer in charge of a larder. Also master, maister lard(e)nar. [Michael le Lardiner vic. de Edenburgh; 1296 Rot. Scot. 29/1.]
To William Donaldsonis wif, lardnare to the Quene; 1513 Treas. Acc. IV. 43.
In the master lardenaris handis; Ib. 529.
Dauid Wod, maister lardnar to the Kingis grace; 1535 Reg. Privy S. II. 260/1.

3. Attrib. (in sense 1) with -dur, -man (= sense 2), and in Lardenare-mart. To the chapell and lairdner durris for nalis to thaim, viij d.; 1513 Treas. Acc. IV. 523.
That new window aboue the lardner doore; 1661 Lamont Diary 139.
The making of officiaris sic as baxtar, browstar, fleschar, lardnarman, cattour; 1525 Acta Conc. Public Aff. 227.
For intromissioun of certane howsis be the sellar and lardnair men … x lib.; 1539–41 M. Works Acc. (ed.) 290.

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