A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Hare, Hair, a. Also: har, harr; haire, hayr. [Northern ME. hare, har, midl. and south. hore, hoor, hor, OE. hár, ON. hár-r. Cf. Horie a.]

1. Hoary, grey or white with age. a. Of persons: Grey-haired, venerable. (a) Hare carle, thus thow chapis nocht; Alex. ii. 1233.
In stede of Cassamus the hare; Ib. 3653, 6515, etc.
Ȝon ald herauldis hare; Ib. 6616.
The worthy anciene knycht … sa hare and alde; Hay II. 7/3.
(b) This bevir hair; Henr. III. 117/57.
Thare saw I crabbit Saturn ald and haire; Dunb. G. Targe 115.
Ane hair bogeart, that hostit out flewme; Id. Tua Mar. W. 272.
Ane Butes hayr and ald; Doug. ix. x. 132.
Ane ald man and ane hair; Stewart 43816.
That helhound auld and hair; Burel Pilgr. ii. xviii.

b. Of the hair, head, or beard. Nakyde wes hys [sc. Noah's] harnays hare; Wynt. i. 449.
His heid … for greit eild was canous hare; Alex. i. 160.
His beird, his browis, baith war hare; Ib. ii. 45.
Ib. 3181.
Scho gaif me … ane ald harr and dotand heid; Myll Spect. 297/17.
The steill helmys we thrist on hedis hair [Sm. hayr]; Doug. ix. x. 52.

2. Of frost: White; hayr-ryim = Hare-frost n. Baith hill and holt heillit with frostis hair; Henr. Fab. 1692.
With frostis hair ourfret the feldis standis; Doug. vii. Prol. 41.
The hayr ryim is ane cald deu, the quhilk fallis in mysty vapours and syne it fresis on the eird; Compl. 59/12.
The sweat was seen upon the said Margaret's cattle all the night over like the due of hair ryme; 1629 Black Sc. Witches 15.

b. Of weather: Frosty, cold. In till a coif he crap Fra hair weddir and frostis him to hap; Henr. II. 297/147.
By gowsty placis, welch savorit, must and hair; Doug. vi. vii. 79.
I … Persauyt the mornyng bla, wan, and har [: on char]; Ib. vii. Prol. 130.

3. Of ground, rocks, or stones: Grey, greyish. Occurring in early place-names as Harestan (c 1320), but not always distinguishable from Hare n.1 The sulȝe stythly, hasart, rouch and hair; Doug. vii. Prol. 130.
Beȝond ws is na … vthir thing except haire rochis and welterand wallis; Boece iv. xvi. 151 b.
Sum parte … led ane myserable life in desertis, montanis, forestis, or hair craggis; Ib. viii. xii. 278 b.

b. Of woods or copses. Only conventionally in verse, appar. without any precise signification, in the traditional phrases hare wod and holtis hair, in ME. verse as hare wode (14th c.), hær wude (Laȝamou), and holtes hore, hare (c 1320). The place-name Hares(ch)awes occurs a 1240. (1) That semyd ane hare wode for to be; Wynt. viii. 3588.
This Troiane prynce … Intil hys stalwart stelyt scheild stikand owt Lyke a hair wod the dartis bair abowt; Doug. x. xiv. 142.
(2) Huntyng at herdis in holtis so haire; Howlat 773.
Malkyne went hame … Attour the holttis hair; Henr. III. 94/122.
He followit to him haistely among the holtis hair; Rauf C. 419.
Wrightis welterand doune treis, … Ordanit hurdys full hie in holtis sa haire; Gol. & Gaw. 470.
Argatill, … With craig and cleuch and mony holtis hair; Stewart 11266.
That garris me … walk amang the holtis hair, Within the woddis wyld; Maitl. F. cxxx. 26.

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