A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Fire-, Fyreflaucht, -flaught, n. Also: fyr(e)flawcht, fyirflaucht, fyire-, fyrflacht, fireflocht. [Fire n., Flaucht n.] 1. Lightning; flashes of lightning. (a) Of fyre-flaucht sic flawis fleand That it signified the se birnand; Troy-bk. ii. 1711.
This herytyk … Wes brynt wyth fyrflawcht suddanly; Wynt. v. 4548.
Ȝit cummys thare with the rayne grete thonder and fyre flaucht; Hay II. 100/15.
With rane, fyreflaucht, & all ill wedder … neir the lyf is out of me; Seven S. 2030.
The flambe of fyreflaucht lychtnyt heir and thar; Doug. iv. iv. 80; etc.
So aufull thunder fell doun fra the sky, And fyre-flaucht als; Stewart 43596.
As fyreflaucht haistely glansyng, Discend sall the most heuinly kyng; Lynd. Mon. 5556.
Quhen nathing was seine bot stormie windis, cludis and rane, thundir and fyrflaucht; Dalr. I. 288/17.
Thair rais … ane extraordinar heiche wynd, with fireflaucht, rayne, and weit; Spalding II. 101.
(b) As fyrflacht passis owt of the est and schenis to the vest; Gau 52/28.
Suiftlie so … he gais As fyrflacht fell from firmament fast flew; J. Stewart 14/78.
(c) From both thair helmes the low ȝeid as fyrflaught; Clar. v. 2327.
Fulmen, fyre flaught; Duncan App. Etym.
The terrible fire-flaught and hudge inundation of raine … marred all that purpose of ryding; Row 330.
Ther was a great raine, with fyre-flaught or lightning; 1654 Lamont Diary 78.

2. A flash of lightning, a thunder-bolt. A gret fyreflawcht and a felle Than hapnyd in Rome; Wynt. vi. 429.
The are was … clowdy & mystye, with ithand wynd and fyreflauchtis; Boece xi. iv. 411 b.
Ane huge bleys of flambys braid doun fell … In maner of a lychtnyng or fyre flaucht; Doug. xiii. x. 12.
Delivir us fra all dangears … of fyirflauchtis and thundir; Hamilton Cat. 270/2.
With fleing fyreflauchis [H. -flaughts] burning bricht and schyre; Polwart Flyt. 553 (T).
Thair wes … sein gryt inflamatiounes of fyre-flauchtis; (1604) Melvill 569.
They daunced together, and … the ground under them was all fireflaughts; 1661 Soc. Ant. XXII. 253.
fig. I find that a fire-flaught of challengis will come in at midsummer; 1637 Rutherford Lett. (1862) I. 265.

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