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Fyle, File, v. Also: fyl, fyll, fyill. P.t. and p.p. fylit, fyllit, filit; fyled, filed; fyld, fild, fylte. [ME. file, fyle, early southern fulen, OE. (á-, be-, ᵹe-) fýlan, f. fúl adj. foul.]

1. tr. To make unclean, filthy, or dirty. (a) It semes not ȝour celsitude … To fyle your teith or lippes with my blude; Henr. Fab. 1484.
To glar my drink, and this fair watter fyle; Ib. 2626.
Fairand ouir the feildis, … [I have] oft fylit my feit in mony foull fen; Rauf C. 444.
Baith courting, cod, covering & shete Of silk he fylis with his feit; Seven S. 1453.
In the dusty pulder … [I may] Suddill and fyle hys crispand ȝallow hair; Doug. xii. ii. 124.
The dayntie dammis may nocht sustene The faithfull for to fyle thair flure; Lauder Minor P. ii. 57.
Quho tuitchis pick … vill fyll thair hand; J. Stewart 234 § 13 b.
Hir haill arme … was fylit with putrifiet wennum; 1633 Maxwell Lett. 221.
Foul a dribble fyld my teeth; F. Semple Banishm. Poverty xxvii.
(b) Of skynnaris [it is said] … that thai file the kingis watter; Acts I. 336/2.
Sum … Spat in his face, filit his cristall eyne; Kennedy Pass. Christ 447.
Quhat hard mischance filit so thi plesand face; Doug. ii. v. 67 (Sm.).
Anthone … slew his broder Geta abone his moderis breist, filing … the samyn be grete effusion of blude; Boece v. x. 182 b.

b. To make foul with excrement. Also absol. to evacuate. Quhill he for feiritness hes fylit vp the way; Henr. Fab. 2558.
That fowll his nest he fylis; Dunb. xliv. 24.
He fyld never sadell in his dais, And Curry befyld tua; Ib. l. 47.
For euery lord, … Brocht in ane bird to fyll the nest; Lynd. Complaint 306.
Thair avairis fyld vp all the feild; Scott ii. 177.
Shee's a foule bird that fyles her own nest; Ferg. Prov. (1641) 18.
absol. Thow fylde [M. fild] faster than fyftene-sum mycht lawe; Kennedy Flyt. 471.
Suppois thai fyllit with thair arssis; (Dunb.) Maitl. F. xi. 89.
Thow … maid bot a mow, Syne fyld by the row; Montg. Flyt. 70 (T).

c. To pollute, render impure or unhealthy; to infect. For of myne syne it is vnfayre, Quhene I spek it fylis the ayre; Leg. S. xviii. 498.
Thay … suld nocht lat thame pas away … to fyle the cuntre about thame; 1456 Acts II. 46/1.
For feiritnes full oft I fylit the wind; Henr. Fab. 2561.
Quhilk gif I wald at lenth declair It wer yneuch to fyill the air; Lynd. Mon. 1242.
The reik … and the stink of the gun pulder fylit al the ayr; Compl. 42/19.
Your gredynes it stinkis and fylis the air; Lauder Minor P. i. 468.
To alter my styll … for fylling the air; Polwart Flyt. 598 (T).
They had alreadie wared … fiftie merks upon that poore woman … , fyled by her husband with the French poxe; 1642 St. A. Presb. 6.

d. To let (land) become foul with weeds; to spoil (a fishing ground). (1) Gif thi natiff man or thi bonde haf fylit thi land with guld, for ilk plant of it he sall gif to thé … a mutone; Acts I. 387/2.
Gife hir land be clene scho sal kep it clene, and gife it be filyt scho sal gife gud labur and diligens to distroy it; 1473 Reg. Cupar A. I. 167.
He that sufferis his land to be fild with guld, or siclik improffitabil wedis, sall pay ane ox; Bell. Boece II. 164.
(2) Be the ballasting of the fysche boits with staynes, .. casting the same in the sey, the fyscheing of hering is hurt and the grund fylet; 1611 Conv. Burghs II. 327.

e. intr. To become foul. The quhilk wayke stomak sone fylis, … for fault of gouernaunce; Hay II 120/1.

2. To defile with some impurity, esp. of an immoral nature. (a) Sa that al that mentyme I fylyt sawlis als fer as myne; Leg. S. xviii 564.
Na ȝet sal I fylit be vith ony manis flesh; Ib. xli. 149.
Hys tempile, was Fylede in the effusioune Of mannys blude; Troy-bk. ii. 471.
He suld hald his handis undefoulit or fylit with our vilaynouse dedis; Hay II. 49/20.
Ȝe hecht to revenge me of this devill That schupe to fyle my womanhed; Seven S. 281.
Templis … war … fylit with ymagery of idolis; Boece viii. xiij. 278 b.
A rowkar and rownar sall fyle his awin saule; Hamilton Cat. .
At last thay war sa balde [as] to … pollute and fyl the sacramentis; Dalr. II. 382/16.
(b) To fil myn flesche sa ȝed I wod; Leg. S. xviii. 466.
The mowth … it filis nocht Anerly bot als the thocht; Ib. 537.
Thay that handlis … oders onhonestlie quhair throw thay fil thair self; Gau 16/14.

b. To taint through wrong-doing. Inglesmen … quhilk fylit the myddle marche; c 1541–2 State P. (Reg. H.) No. 27, p. 1.
The wardanis … salbe ansuerable to the king for all … guidis transportit in Ingland fylling thair merches; 1587 Acts III. 452/1.
Incais his guidis stollin fyill his merche; Ib.

3. To stain with dishonour or disgrace; to blacken or defame. (a) The feynd … Thocht that he wald put a smyt In hyr gud nam, for to fyle it; Leg. S. xxx. 58.
Thus this Philipe fylyd the fame Off ryale Frawns, and his awyne name; Wynt. vii. 2117.
Len me thi licht … To fynd the faire in fame that neuir was fyld; Henr. Orph. 172.
Dido of Cartage floure, … Quhais hie renoune na strenth nor gift mycht fyle; Doug. iv. Prol. 256.
Quhat wes it movit thé To fyle thi faith and to be mensworne; Stewart I. 226.
Ȝour faithis ar fylit, To frawd thay silly aipis; Scott xxxiv. 31.
A … knycht, … heireing Edgar innocentlie fylte with sa foul ane blek, was verie discontent; Dalr. I. 319/21.
(b) I … Filyt the glor and honour of thy name; Doug. x. xiv. 52.
He … exhortit thame to file not with schamfull fleing the glore that thay conquest afore be thair manheid; Bell. Boece II. 178.
The rymes and geistis feneȝeit of Arthure and his knichtis … filis and obscuris mekill the fame of thir nobill men; Boece ix. viii. 305 b.

4. To find guilty, to convict. (a) Jame Andro, … Kethrin Andro, fylit of pycry; 1488 Lanark B. Rec. i.
The foresaid assise … fylyt the foresaid Alexander & coutht noucht acquyt him of commone thyft; 1520 Fife Sheriff Ct. 211.
To … present thair men, tenentis and seruandis, … fylit for ony billis; 1565 Lennox Mun. 429.
The said assyis … culd not find na pynt quhairon to fyle them; Diurn. Occurr. 348.
Quhatsumeuir persone clengis not of certane knawlege the personis accusit, he fyles thame; 1592 Acts III. 531/2.
[He] was so confident that he could not be fyld when Mr Lewis Steward came to plead for him; 1629 Annandale Corr. 29.
They should not fyle the pannel, though copulation be proved; Mackenzie Laws & C. i. xvii. § 5.
(b) Memorandum to get the buk quhar the lard of Johnston was filit; 1498 Justiciary Rec. (Reg. H.) I. 144.
Ritschart Broun was convictit and filit for the thifftuis steilling of twa maris; 1525 Stirling B. Rec. I. 22.
The man that is clenged, albeit wrangowsly, can not be filed againe or punist; Skene Verb. S. s.v. Assisa.
Francis Dugwid … they file as guilty of art and part of the crime of deforcement; 1673 Justiciary Ct. Rec. II. 205.
He did only desire that the justices would inclose them till they returned an apposite verdict, either filing or cleansing; 1682 Decis. Lords F. 20.
(c) Johnne Lindsay … fyllit for the chaissing and howsing of John Somervell; 1555 Digest Justiciary Proc. B. 116.
Sir Thomas callit was in judgment, And with ane sise fyllit incontinent; Clar. iii. 1780.
The saise wald nocht fyll him, wherat the Court was verie crabit; Melvill 218.
Marshall did sweare … that he had not fylled him at all; Row 387.
(d) The barronis … hes refusit to furneis assysouris that knew and culd fyill the criminallis; 1592 Reg. Privy C. IV. 825.

b. To fyle a bill, to find the charge made in a bill justified and the accused guilty. Certane Scottismen upon quhome thair wes billys filyt to the … Wardane; 1552 Treas. Acc. X. 150.
He … sall keip court and tryist at the said Keparis command … and sall help to speir and fyle billis alsweill of Ingland as Scotland; 1563 Reg. Privy C. I. 240.
Sindrie billis [were] also fylit one the bordouris, as use is; Leslie 87.
He … sayd he wold nether qwit nor fyll those billis; 1576 Douglas Corr. 207.

c. To confirm a charge on a person. To admonische the lard of Pharnihirst to relief the wardane … for vi oxin fylit on Thome Ruthirfurde; 1566 Treas. Acc. XI. 506.

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