A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Fure, v. Also: fur, four, fuir, fwir, fuyr. [LG. fören, G. führen, Du. voeren.]

1. tr. To carry, convey, transport, esp. by sea. Also absol. (a) He … bad that he Suld … fouryd be Oure the se in til exile; Leg. S. xxi. 784.
That nane … sal fra the fest of sant Petir … fure ony schippis, merchandise, or gudis to the Swyn … or Bruges; 1466 Acts II. 87/1.
At the maisteris fure na gudis vpone his ourelop; Ib.
With flour and wyne als mekill as thai mycht fur; Wall. iii. 222.
Fiftene tunne of wyne, … furit be the said maister of schip to the port of Wigtoun; 1483 Acta Aud. 122*/2.
For the furnising … the schip callit the Egyll, til haf furit men of weyre in the raid of Leith; 1502 Acta Conc. III. 190.
Thai brocht to Athole bestiale & corne samekle as mycht be furit; Boece x. vi. 360.
Flitting and furing his seruandis and gudis; 1576 Oppress. Orkney 59.
The parochinaris to cum with thair hors and boitis to fure him; Ib.
To wictuall and outred the schippis quhilkis furit his maiesties ambassadouris direct to Denmark; 1592 Acts III. 541/1.
For everie serplaith of guid fured or promesed to be fured eistwarde, the skipperis ar obleist to fuir hame … twa lastis of guidis; Bisset II. 207/36.
(b) His said bote ful of lyme als meikle as scho may gudely fuyr; 1483 Cart. S. Nich. Aberd. II. 336.
The skipar aucht to defaik samekle of his fraucht as wald fuyr the merchandis gudis to … Sanctandrois; 15.. Aberd. B. Rec. (J).
Boitis … to serue flitt and fwir in my lordis seruice; 1603 Shetland Sheriff Ct. 104 b.

b. To bring, carry, bear. Many … confectionis on force that phisik furth furis; Howlat 706.
Thoucht ane man wald set his besy curis, So far as laboure and his wisdome furis; Bell. Boece Proheme vi.
Euery man [to] cutt als grete ane branche as he mycht fure; Boece xii. vii. 467 b.
How suld my febill body fure The double dolour I indure? Scott xvi. 1.

2. intr. To fare, go. He gart the fame than fuir throw all Scotland; Stewart 59300.
As in a sea-fairing flot, the formest by saile doth fuir before with lantern and flag; Birnie Kirk-b. xvi. 25.

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