A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Erast(e, Erest(e, adv. Also: eyrast, eirast, -est, earest. [Early ME. erest, earest, OE. ǽrest, ǽrost.]

1. Earliest, soonest in time, first. Hichtand fare reward & gret To quha-sa erast mycht hym get; Leg. S. xxix. 561.
Quha-sa wald mast hir gefe Of erand suld ereste eschewe; Ib. xxxiv. 50.
Than war it to the comowne lawe, That is imperyalle, erast drawe; Wynt. viii. 438.
That a man in tyme of nede is mare behaldin to his carnale fader … , first and formast and erast; Hay I. 131/13.
Sic chaplancie … sal be erast disponit and providit to the chaplanys that kan best [etc.]; 1458 Cart. S. Nich. Aberd. 329.
Quhar the saide Lauchlane may eyrast ande best get and lows the saide x markis worth off lande; 1482 Fam. Kilravock 147.
To gathir and ressaue xlij lib. … of the rediast of thar watter malis of Dee and Done, quhar it may be erast gottin; 1513 Aberd. B. Rec. I. 83.

b. At an early date, in the beginning. Gud Wallace … Erest in weyr to Sanct Jhonstoun couth fair; Wall. viii. 1697.

2. In the first place, by choice or preference, most of all. (a) And erast [eat] the maist moiste metis formest, for thai ar of mare lycht degestioun; Hay II. 123/1.
Til hyr ij sonys … for al the days of thar lyuys coniunctly and seueraly as it likys tham erast; 1475 Reg. Cupar A. I. 203.
Quhen he belevit erast to deliver him of al dangeir; Bell. Boece II. 229.
The febris … Of quhome the nature … Is ay cald watter erast to desyre; Stewart 26684.
Albeit it chance … that he fal on sleip quhen he suld erast walk; Winȝet I. 6/13.
We … willdo quhat we traist may erast caus yow to desist fra pursute of him; Leslie 91.
(b) The thing suld be erest chosin the quhilk is mare delytable; Hay I. 85/35.
He may ches him thare quham to him lykis erest to ga; Ib. 194/17.
Serue a mychty man, … And althir erest serf a kinge; Ratis R. 1020.
He that wes maist noble, desirit erest to fecht in the wangard; Bell. Boece I. p. lvii.
Skantlie he micht hald Britane into rest, So oft rebellit and erest of the best; Stewart 14933.
(c) Suppois ane circle forme be eithest to get, thai suld eirest cheis to mak ane quadrangle forme; Lindsay MS. 83 b.
(d) All lyfe also the quhilk is to detest, To God and man, and earest to the best; Stewart 3273.
Quhilkis corruptis the air earest in the tyme of Autumne; Skeyne Descr. Pest 8.
This appeiris earest be errour of the prentair; 1587 Acts III. 521/2.

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