A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Drumly, a. Also: drumlye, -lie, -ley, drwmly, dromely, drumblie. [Cf. Drubly a.]

1. Of streams or water: Troubled, turbid, muddy. Also in fig. contexts. [The] flude of Acheron … Drumly of mud, and skaldand as it war wod; Doug. vi. v. 4.
Lat the cleir fayth … of our elders be na mixing of glar or mude be tribulit (and maid drumlye); Winȝet II. 78/5.
Having anys gustit how gude fischeing it is in drumly watter, thay can na maner laif the craft; Buch. Wr. 24.
He … did neuir spair Quhill all that vattir cleir … Vas drumlie trublit in ilk conduict clair; J. Stewart 93/502.
Giveing imployment to the Cambellis, … wha crawis ever to fish in drwmly watters; 1615 Highland P. III. 222.
That he fissching in dromely watters mycht with tim mak himself maister of the haill; Melville Mem. 43.
The waters and all shall be muddie and drumblie; Boyd Last B. 228.
Thy evill contrived and desparat matters Makes thee fische in drumley waters; 1643 Bk. Pasquils 144.

2. Of weather: Cloudy, gloomy. The drumly [Sm. drumblie] schour ȝet furth our al the ayr Als blak as pyk … Fyllys the schippys; Doug. v. xii. 55.
Thik drumly skuggis dyrknyt so the hevyn; Ib. vii. Prol. 47.
The feirfull drumly thundris blast; Ib. x. x. 142.

3 fig. Troubled, disturbed, melancholy. This world is a glasse, wherein a drumlie eye may see its vanitie; Boyd Last B. 174.
We did little expect the holding of it in so drumblie a season; 1639 Baillie I. 200.
Shee was for the space of ane yeir compleitt keipt in a most drumly condition; 1677 Inverness Presb. 85.
The Duke of Atholl wrot to Grant desyring ane apoyntment to consert measures upon this drumlie occasione; 1708 Melville Corr. 220.

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