A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Dres, v. Also: dress(e, drese. P.t. and p.p. dressit, drest, draist. [ME. dresse, dresce (c 1300), OF. dresser, drescer.]

1. tr. To put in place; to erect or set up. Thar men mycht se … Men assalȝeand richt hardely, Dressand vp ledderis douchtely; Barb. xvii. 372.
Ane cren thai haf gert dres vp hey Rynand on quhelis; Ib. 608.
The counterfittit king him dressit on hicht; Alex. ii. 2189.
Quhen Alexander … Saw the standart dressed hey; Ib. 7287.
The king of Ingland gart dress vp ane gallous … , and thair hangit thame; Maitland Ho. Seytoun 23.

b. To direct; to turn a certain way. Also fig. Ane, Paulus to name, … Til hewine dressit hart and sycht; Leg. S. xxxv. 185.
The king dressit vp his visage; Alex. ii. 8052.
Sichand, he dressit vp his wis; Ib. 10479.
Dres all thy mynde and thy cogitaciounis evermare to do wele; Hay II. 95/24.
Help and support … The hevyn and starris [to] dres our vayage hens; Doug. iv. x. 108.
Dres hyddirmar thy futsteppis towart me; Ib. xi. xvi. 48.
Gathele … made Hyber admirall of the navyn charging thai suld dres thair cours to the ile now callit Ireland; Boece i. ii. 35 b.
Quhy do ȝe nocht the sempyll peple teche, Quhow and to quhome to dresse thaire orisoun? Lynd. Mon. 2648.

2. To put in order, to arrange. Bunnok fast can him payn Till dres his menȝe in his vayn; Barb. x. 212.
Cowpis [were] out brought of gold sa clere, One towalle burdys arayit & drest; Troy-bk. i. 374.
He [a knight] sould nocht dresse nane insicht in housis; Hay I. 114/3.
This knauledge … instructeth thé … how to drest [sic] thy batells, and beseage the tovnes; Fowler II. 109/1.

b. To put in good order or condition; to make fit for use by cleaning, adjusting, etc. (Very common in 17th c.) Ȝour hienes can nocht gett an meter … To rewle ȝour robbis and dres the sam; Dunb. lii. 11.
Horssis ar dressit for the bargane feil sys; Doug. iii. viii. 67.
I am the king Correctiouns boy, Cum heir to dres his place; Lynd. Sat. 1476.
The fyre … [that] Thair dennaris suld haif drest and dicht; Scott ii. 89.
To the cordiner for dressing and treing your buttis; 1591 Thanes of Cawdor 204.
He … went vp and brocht doun sum straberries and dressit fyve or sex disches of desert; 1600 Crim. Trials II. i. 157.
I may cause George dresse the studie in the stairhead; 1642 Baillie II. 20.
Thay drest and clengit thair cairt peices; Spalding I. 132.
To dress and repair the samen dask as ye shall think expedient; 1668 Pr. Inchmahome 169.
To the wright for dressing some things about the house; 1672 Foulis Acc. Bk. 9.
To cause … dress the guns that they be keept from rousting; 1688 Ann. Banff I. 164.
fig. The veray trew God … dressis and puttis in ordour euill myndis be his prouidence; 1573 Cath. Tr. 5/15.
absol. To caus pleughe and harrow the Grein … and to dres about the stanke; 1647 Glasgow B. Rec. II. 115.

c. To cut and smooth (stone for building). The masonis … that dres the allouring to Strivelin; 1501 Treas. Acc. II. 103.
Ane plesing kirk craftely biggit of assillare weill hewyn & dressit; Boece ix. x. 312.
The saidis Jhonne and Bartrahame … sall wyn the stanys … in the querrell, and sall dres thame and lay thame; 1532 Edinb. B. Rec. II. 58.
To thre massouns dressing aislar stanes; 1591 Edinb. D. Guild Acc. 459.

d. To make ready, prepare, fit up. With that, withoutin mare delay, Thai dressit thame for thair iusting; Alex. i. 2981.
He … dressit him to the bataille; Hay I. 54/8.
Think ȝe nocht schame, That for the poore hes nothing drest; Dunb. lxxxii. 48.
Lang experience & vse in were to Romanis dressit ane reddy way to victorie; Boece iii. xxi. 122 b.
Go dres ȝour hors, ȝour harnes, and ȝour geiris To rin at listis; Maitland Maitl. F. xvi. 11.
Schir Androw Wode … dressit his schipis to pase fordwart; Pitsc. I. 286/10.
A ditche is drest For me — bot, loe! my foes therein doe fall; Montg. Psalm lvii. 35.
I … being about to cause dresse a chambre for my nephew; 1653 Hope Diary 156.

e. To furnish with some addition or appendage. The byssy knapys … thar crestis hie Dressys with trelȝeis and camys honestlye; Doug. xii. ii. 92.
Ane mekill Inglis bybill drest with ane selich skyn; 1596 Fraser P. 229.
Sewine chyres dressed with searge and freinȝies; 1652 Edinb. Test. LXVI. 159.

3. To arrange (matters or affairs); to bring to a satisfactory state or conclusion. (Common throughout the 16th c.) Thus all thi werkis thou suld ordane and dres actually, habitualy, or vertualy in God; Irland Asl. MS. I. 52/22.
He counsalit him … to dres all gret materis be himself, and the small materis to commit to his nobillis; Bell. Boece I. 69.
In this sort all thingis [being] dressit to gude poynt; Boece i. iii. 36.
Quhen the Empriour had dressit all his affaris, … he departit to Westmorland; Ib. v. iii. 1.
Sa far as ȝe ȝour mater will propone, It salbe drest, and ȝe ȝour self depesched; Rolland C. Venus II. 45.
For dressing and ordering sic cummerse as chancit at the tyme; 1566 Inverness B. Rec. I. 131.
That causit him … be contentit to cheis certane commissionaris to dres the matter; Pitsc. II. 14/2.
The legatis … past to France to dresse, and decore the Quenes mariage; Dalr. II. 391/2.
All thair differences wald be setled and dressit with their awin freyndis; 1607 Lett. & St. P. Jas. VI iii.
absol. He sendis Bischop Monluch … to … dres anent the transporteng of the armie frome the … bordouris; Dalr. II. 445/2.

b. To contrive, bring about. Mannis saule suld lufe me best, Sen it my deide hes drest; G. Ball. 154.

c. absol. To make terms or composition. He tuke na rest, Till all that countrie had componit and drest; 1570 Sat. P. x. 294.
Some hes dressed and componet privatlie; Bann. Memor. 215.

d. To lead by advice or persuasion. At quhilk tyme your honouris drest hir … to yeild to our soverane lord the croun of this realme; Bann. Memor. 300.
Androw Forman … spuritt haistalie to Glasgow to sie gif he micht drese the lordis to obey thair magistrat; Pitsc. I. 293/14.

4. refl. a. To direct, turn, betake (oneself) to or from a place or person. Quhen the erll wald sturdely Dres him to thame with his baner, Thai wald fle; Barb. xiv. 247.
He drest hym stoutly agaynis thame; Hay I. 50/14.
Thus dressit thay all furth for dreid of deid; Henr. Fab. 909.
Quhen thow dois fro this warld thé dres; Dunb. xi. 36.
The wowf hes drest him to his den; Ib. xxxii. 67.
And as he wes him dressand to the way, Fra Kent thair come … Ane messinger; Stewart 19280.
I … sa fra thame incontinent me drest; Rolland Seven S. Prol. 44.
I … than hame did me dres; Ib. 4188.
Peter to Annas hous him drest; Maitl. Q. xvi. 49.

b. To set, apply, or address (oneself) to do something. Quhen ony wemen wil hir dres To do ocht; Leg. S. xxxi. 490.
He … dressit hyme Rome to seke; Ib. xl. 101.
Be cause of hee and grete besines … we might noth gudli dresse vs to melle tharwith; 1416 Liber Melros 539.
Quha dressis thame to bye victuall; 1439 Edinb. B. Rec. I. 6.
Off the douchty Dowglas to dyte I me dres; Howlat 391.
Scho dressit hir to ly In ane dark corner of the hous; Henr. Test. Cress. 404.
Thou suld behald How thai tham dres for to condampe the king; Kennedy Pass. Christ 469.
Quhen A. Virginius … was dressing him to procede in this iaw; Bell. Livy I. 279/25.
Quhov everilke bird drest thame for tyl aduance, To salus Nature; Lynd. Mon. 196.
To beild one citie, he hym drest; Ib. 2711.
He dressis him selfe … to keip concord; Dalr. I. 252/8.

c. ellipt. To proceed or prepare to act or be active. When open maid was the entre, They dressed thame, as best myght be; Troy-bk. ii. 668.
Dangere … departing coud hir dres, And me delyuerit vnto Hevyness; Dunb. G. Targe 226.
He dressit him rycht sone and suddanelie, Bot ony baid; Stewart 6896.
Scho suld my serwyce find als reddy As duke to duches docht him dres; Scott vi. 20.
He draist him haistale and bunde to France; Pitsc. I. 355/6.
The Hammiltounis vrges the Douglas to dres him for the morne; Dalr. II. 75/10.

d. To address (oneself); to apply. Efter he fand nocht Curt as he luiked for, he drest him to the ministers; Melvill 121.

5. intr. To betake oneself. = 4 a. Hanyball than prewaly Drest [v.r. drew] tyll hym agayne Scypion In tyll confederation; Wynt. iv. 1732.
Walk furth, pilgrame, … Dres fro desert, draw to thy dwelling-place; Dunb. lxxiii. 10.

b. To set oneself. = 4 b. Vthir sum in consate At leser drest to dance; Colk. Sow i. 316.
To dyt thocht I begowthe to dres, The sentence lay full evill till find; Dunb. lxxviii. 7.
Mercur, but arest, Dressyt to obey hys gret faderis behest; Doug. iv. v. 120.
[Thai] mon … na wayis dres to dant thame daintelie; 1573 Sat. P. xl. 229.

6. tr. (and refl.) To attire, array, clothe. That body, that ded was In riche atyre & dressit wele; Leg. S. xvi. 523.
He drest him into his weid; Alex. i. 1246.
Lusty gallandis, That I held more in daynte … Ne him that dressit me so dink; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 377.
I irkyt of my bed, and … gan me blys, syne in my wedis dres; Doug. xii. Prol. 303.
He chargit thai suld … dres thame in harnes and recounter inemyis; Boece iv. xvii. 156.
Scho rais, and in hir chalmer hir drest; Lynd. Meldrum 1031.

b. To put on (armour). Syne lustillie he did his geir on dres, As flour of knichtheid; Clar. iii. 2357.

7. To deal with or treat harshly or severely; to maltreat. Also const. in. Thai, that come to spy That land, thai dressyt wnmoderly; Wynt. ii. 704.
Robene, in dule I am so drest, That lufe wilbe my bone; Henr. Robin & M. 53.
Than Sothron saw off thar gud men so drest, Langar to bid thai thocht it nocht the best; Wall. ix. 951.
Thus drese thai wedis sa deir, That dantely wes dight; Gol. & Gaw. 998.
Behald how Iowis hes drest Thy blissit saluatour Chryst Iesu; Dunb. lxxii. 111.
Was neuer woman … Sa cruellie drest with ane vnfaithful man; Rolland Seven S. 1178.
My corps … Quhy suld it so be drest Be thé, and daly pynd; Scott xx. 37.
It is petie the commownis for to heir How thai ar drest with thift and oppin reiff; Maitl. F. cviii. 32.
The Marques of Argile (haueing drest the place of Drum as ye haue hard) … marchis from the said houss touardis Kintar; Spalding II. 356.

8. To attend to, care for, cure. Quhen the woundit men wer drest, And all the deand men confest; Lynd. Meldrum 814.
Seing of paine I am drest, I haif obtenit all my pay; G. Ball. 222.
Sen scho is merciles, … Quhilk suld thy dolour dres; Scott xx. 7.
With help of God & France I sall, within ane litill space, Thy dolouris all to drese; 1571 Sat. P. xxv. 64.

b. To give redress to; to recoup. He dressitthe said bischope … for certaine teindis and tax that the bischope gaif him; Pitsc. I. 322/20.

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