A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Deliver, Delyver, a. Also: deliwer, dyliuer; delyuere, -lyuir, -lywyre. [ME. delyver(e, deliver (14th c.), OF. delivre.]

1. Of a woman: Delivered (of a child). Othir women till be hir by, Quhill scho delyuer wes, he bad; Barb. xvi. 285.
Quhen Sychen deliuer was Of a knaf-child; Leg. S. xxvii. 108.
Till hir cusing deliuer was; Ib. xxxvi. 140.
At anys the modyr … Off thame twa delyvere wes; Wynt. ii. 190.
Off this bysyn best Scho wes delywyre; Ib. 1306.
Als sone as this lady was deliuer of hir byrth; Myll Spect. 283/9.
Heccuba … the self samyn nycht Was delyver of Paris; Doug. x. xii. 42.
Tanaquil … held her within the palice quhil sho was deliuer of ane childe; Bell. Livy I. 89/23.
Incontinent the seik woman sould be delyuer; 1576 Digest Justiciary Proc. I. 25.
The Queyne in the meyne was delyver of a ladie callit Elizabeth; 1593 Warrender P. II. 417.
She was delyver of ane bairne thair; 1618 Ritchie Churches St. Baldred 172.
His wyf being gryte with child … mynding thair to remane quhill scho war deliuer; Spalding I. 44.

2. Active, agile, nimble. The kingis folk, that war Deliuer off fute, thaim gan our-hy; Barb. iii. 737.
Men that licht and delyuer war; Ib. x. 61.
He is delyuer, stalwart and smart; Alex. ii. 1777.
Ib. 2933.
Deliuer he was, and heich our lappyt swyth; Wall. xi. 112.
He was richt agil, and deliver of body; Bell. Boece II. 180.
This ane, deliuer and but ony wound … , come more feirsly to fecht; Id. Livy I. 58/18.
Clariodus was delyver and ȝing; Clar. i. 53.

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