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Clene, Cleyn(e, Clein(e, a. Also: clen, cleinne, cline, cleen(e, clean(e. [ME. clene, OE. clæne. Cf. Clane a.]

1. Free from dirt or stains. (a) The stryndes … Rynnand throw gravaile quhyt & clene; Troy-bk. i. 263.
That tyme Cryst in clathis clene Wes swelyt; Wynt. v. 1401.
A fair fut-schete, quhite and clene; Hay II. 143/35.
Braid burdis … Cled our with clene clathis; Howlat 673.
Ane knight, Closit in clene steill; Gol. & Gaw. 612.
Clowis of clene maill; Ib. 683.
The fylit clathis away thai drewe, And with clene napry cowerit newe; Seven S. 1542.
Sic fowll tailis, to sweip the calsay clene; Dunb. xiv. 73.
Go clenge thé clene and cum to me; Ib. xxxiv. 35.
That euery nychtbour on euery Setterday at evin mak clene fornent thair awin hous; 1548 Edinb. B. Rec. II. 141.
That nobil kyng … resauit that litil quantite of cleen vattir; Compl. 7/27.
He … saw the wyf baith dry and clene; Wyf of Aucht. 13.
Our ship wes clene and saillit very fast; Montg. Misc. P. xlviii. 109.
To sie that the watter of Clyid … be keipit clene, and vnpolutit … with deid caryouns; 1602 Conv. Burghs II. 152.
(b) Ane othir poynt … is to halde his armouris cleine and faire; Hay II. 31/32.
Thai … airly will rys To kepe the college cleine; Howlat 201.
The sone, as cristall sa cleyne, In scheildis thai schaw; Gol. & Gaw. 478.
The said Iohne sall hald ane sufficient wetchman … he kepand the tour heid cleyn; 1550 Breadalbane P. (Reg. H.) No. 73.
For keiping of Leith Wynd cleine, but middings; 1560–1 Edinb. Old Acc. I. 358.
That … the pulpeit and daskis in the kirk be sowpit and haldin clein; 1589 St. A. Kirk S. 652.
This thay did to keip thame cleine frome all filthines; Dalr. I. 93/28.
Mathow vndertakis to sweip and keip clein the haill battilingis and spoutis, … of baith kirkis; 1635 Glasgow B. Rec. II. 31.
He … sall clenge and make cleine the same [stands] ilk Saturday, with the calsie wheron they ar sett; 1669 Aberd. B. Rec. IV. 255.

b. Clear of, free from, something. Quhen that the feld sa clene [C. cleyn] was maid Off Inglis men, that nane abaid; Barb. xiii. 443 (E).
To keip this countrie cline fra forrane strangeris; 1573 Sat. P. xxxix. 24.

c. Free from impurities or foreign substances. Withhalding fra the said Elys … wif lxvj boll of clene broddit aitis; 1478 Acta Aud. 63/2.
Banrentis and baronis … In clathis of clene gold; Gol. & Gaw. 1275.
All baxteris sall have breid of quheit, sufficient gude and clene stuff; 1507 St. A. Baxter Bks. 85.
Quhen … thame list swarmys furth bryng, Or in camys inclus thar hwny cleyn; Doug. i. vii. 29.
To gyf … ix ellis of ell braid claitht of ilk stan of clen vow; 1526 Carnwath Baron Ct. 30.
Of clene gold wowyn in frenȝeis liiii unce; 1538 Treas. Acc. VII. 112.
Ane small barrell of pulder contenand v stane … clene pulder; 1544 Ib. VIII. 307.
Eat-bredd … of cleane eatmeill, onmixit with ony vthir stuffe; 1608 St. A. Baxter Bks. 72.
Thrie buistis of browne clein candie; 1616 Edinb. Test. XLIX. 160 b.
Butter, ayther fresh or salt, fowl or clein; 1642 Stirling Merch. Guild 58.
lx bollis … of good cleine quheitt with thrie bollis … of bleckit quheitt; 1662 Edinb. Test. LXX. 274.

d. Free from disease or infection. That na … brousteris sell ony aile till man or weman bot to kennyt & clene folk; 1499 Prestwick B. Rec. 36.
That na infectit persoun … convers with clene folkis vnder the pain of deid; 1513 Edinb. B. Rec. I. 139.
The counsale … chairges all maner of lipper folkis that … thai convers nocht amang clene folks; 1528 Ib. 232.
Quhen the plag of pestilens occurris, ve ar solist to seik ane cleene duelling place; Compl. 34/24.
Thocht he war the clenest man thairout, Maist fair of face [etc.]; Rolland Seven S. 5963.
Ihonn Forest … to serue in the clene mwre as ane clene clenger; 1585 Edinb. B. Rec. IV. 419.
That Iohne Walker … be cleangit and be maid ane cleane cleinger; 1647 Glasgow B. Rec. II. 119.

2. Morally pure or blameless; chaste. (a) Quha enteryt thare Suld cume of it fer clennare; Leg. S. xli. 170.
Pollicene, The kynges doughtre, virgyne clene; Troy-bk. ii. 1518.
Scho madyne clene was as beforne; Wynt. v. 4838.
Lemman had he nane na wyff; Bot clene and honest wes hys lyff; Ib. vii. 610.
Gude lyf … is mekle to pris in men of armes, for quhen thai ar clene, than ar thai hardy as lyoune; Hay I. 60/12.
Kene knychtis of kynd, clene of maneris; Howlat 332.
To her mes with clen hart & gud deuotioune; Vert. Mess 3926, etc.
Thi counsalouris … suld be clene of consciens; Irland Mir. I. 13/35.
Lauborous diligence, gude warkis, clene leuing; Doug. Pal. Hon. iii. 530.
Repent thé, man, and kepe thi conscience clene; Dunb. xc. 67.
Ane accusar suld be cleene but vice; Compl. 138/15.
I haue keipit my clene virginitie; Rolland Seven S. 1090.
Godds trew wourd, moist clene and pure; Lauder Off. Kings 311.
To … obey hir husband and keep hir body clene; Pitsc. I. 379/15.
Tua tuins of clene virginitie; Montg. Misc. P. xxxv. 51.
(b) The madyne cleyne; Wynt. iv. 1424.
Thow suld traist that scho was virgyn pure and cleyn; Lib. Plusc. 387.
Sche was the moder of God in cleyne and pure virginite; Irland Mir. I. 153/6.
A cleyn sacrifyce … maid I syne; Doug. iii. iii. 55.
This haly religyus woman cleyn; Ib. vi. 202.
Thou sal … be cleyne in thocht and honest in wark; Gau 23/16.
Ane cleyne bairne without ony syne; Ib. 40/2.
I askit of hyr the caus quhy sche wald not perfyt hyr promys mayd to Patrik. Hyr ansuer wes … that he wes nocht cleyn of his body; 1565 St. A. Kirk S. 250.
No wardlie thing sould thé effray Gif thow till him have conscience clein; Arbuthnot Maitl. Q. xxxvii. 34.
That pure and cleine clostir perteining to the sisteris of the Scheines besyd Edinburghe; Dalr. I. 23/22.

b. Devoid of, free from, sin, vice, etc. He baptyste hyre, & mad clene Of al hyr firste synnis bedene; Leg. S. xxxiv. 225.
He suld schrive him clene of all synnys and defaultis; Hay II. 41/13.
O blosum blithe … , Fra carnale cryme that clene is; Henr. III. 148/64.
That fayr sweit thing … clene of lustis curst experience; Doug. K. Hart 936.
He … Baptist wes thair, thocht he was cleyne of syn; Kennedy Pass. Christ 216.
That I may be clein fra all smot of blame; Winȝet I. 26/10.
Thay suld be clene of euery vyce, And, speciallie, of couatyce; Lauder Off. Kings 461.
Keip clene your handis fra wrangus geir; 1567 Sat. P. v. 82.
Sa lang as the quene keipit … hir body cleine frome leichorie; Pitsc. I. 280/22.

3. Free from defect; efficient, capable. Quhen the king his ost has sene So gret, and sa gud men and clene; Barb. xi. 141 (E).
The king left with a clene mengné; Ib. 427.
Schir Gawayne … With ane clene contenance, cumly to knaw, Said [etc.]; Gol. & Gaw. 397.
My lord, than said the clerk sa clene, Ȝe have consauit quhat I mene; Seven S. 779.

4. Free from blame or fault; innocent. Romule … regnand was auchtene Yheris ful in dedis clene [C. cleyn]; Wynt. iv. 30.
The purpos in mysdedis makis the man foule or clene; Hay I. 134/31.
David Cupir is made cleyne of strublance; 1500 Dunferm. B. Rec. 103.
Ȝour self excuse and mak ȝow foule or clene; Doug. K. Hart 622.
My lord folloit Thome Henschaw in iugement for pykre. The inqueist findis him ane clen man thairof, & quittis him of all pykre; 1524 Carnwath Baron Ct. 13.
Our said … lord was present & maid clene and quite tharof; 1542 Acts II. 417/2.
[They bade him] Gif he was clene, thair schaw his innocence; Rolland C. Venus ii. 646.
To mak him self clene of that suspitioun; Buch. Wr. 28.
The Erle Bothwell … denyed the cryme, and said … that he was clein of that fact; Pitsc. II. 196/17.
Quhill he be tryit foull or clene of the crymes quhairof he is dilait, [he cannot get execution against him]; 1589 Reg. Privy C. IV. 343.
Gif he be made quit, and cleane, all his gudes salbe restored to him; Skene Reg. Maj. 33.
Gif they be fundin clene and innocent, the persone complinand salbe punisched with all regour; Bisset I. 119/14.

b. Impartial, fair, just. Thir ladyis all war chosin … On the assyis, … And sworne also for to gif sentence clene; Rolland C. Venus iii. 52.

c. Free from occupation, or duty. The hour sa spendit, thay ar clene, Euin as the preistis, thair matynis said; 1573 Sat. P. xlii. 538.

5. Pure, unmixed, complete. Sum that ware clene Inglis men; Wynt. viii. 4157.
I dreid ȝour recompence Sal be nocht ellis bot clene confusioun; Lynd. Mon. 2532.
Thay heisit vp sails with all thair clene curage; Rolland Seven S. 562.
The clene contrare sall cum to pas but dout; 1567 Sat. P. vi. 63.
The Romanis meitis him, furious and wod, … partlie of cleine desparatione; Dalr. I. 166/20.

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