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Blith, Blyth, a. Also: blithe, blythe, blyith, blaithe; blitht, blytht, blicht, blycht, blyctht. [ME. blith(e, blyth(e, early bliþe, bliðe, OE. Blíðe, ON. Blíðr. The forms in -tht, -cht, are partly due to editorial expansions of the superior t common in MSS.] Happy, glad, in good spirits, cheerful, pleasant.

1. Of persons (in general or for some particular cause). (a) Thai had A lord … so blith … that [thai] had gret caus blith to be; Barb. viii. 383, 386.
Than Dowglas blithar wes than ere; Ib. xvi. 486.
I wald blith haf bene At thi brydale; Leg. S. xxxiii. 181.
Efter mete quhen men are full and blithe; Hay I. 249/22.
Hyr self vplift to Paphum passyt … joly and blith [L. laeta]; Doug. i. vi. 182.
Joyus and blith; Ib. iv. iv. 57.
With whom I wald be blaithe to helpe; Melvill 126.
Whose biding made vs blith; Craig i. 19/31.
(b) Quhen he wes blyth, he wes lufly; Barb. i. 389.
Quhen Petir this herd, he wes blyth; Leg. S. ii. 1024.
[He was] blyth in til admonestyng; Ib. xxvi. 178.
Angelis blyth and brycht; Wynt. i. 124.
He … sulde the blythare be alway That he [etc.]; Ib. v. 2224.
That na man suld … be our blythe; Hay I. 36/27.
All the ost off comforde was the blythar; Wall. viii. 1001.
God wait gif scho was blyth to cum; Seven S. 209.
Be blyth in hairt for ony aventure; Dunb. xxiii. 6.
Anchises. … blyth and glaid Lyft eyn … to hevyn; Doug. ii. xi. 15.
Blyith in countenance; Lynd. Meldrum 83.
Blyith and mirrie; Ib. 1223.
Be blyth quhen thay ar licht; Scott iii. 13.
To reioyis and blyith to be; G. Ball. 39.
The king and his counsall … war verie blyth and reioysed; Pitsc. I. 240/3.
In baill be blyth, for that is best; Maitl. F. lxxxv. 1 .
Ay blyth to begin all barret and baill; Polwart Flyt. 435.
(c) Thu aucht blitht to be; Leg. S. ii. 445.
In this warld … wes nane Sa blicht a man; Ib. xxxiii. 620.
Hop[e] … can weill mak blycht; Ratis R. 568.
Lycht of wyne and blycht; Bernardus 309.
Quhilk made the king so blytht that [etc.]; Pitsc. I. 143/9.

b. Const. of (the cause of gladness). Also with for. He wes blyth off that tithing; Barb. ii. 454.
The Troyiens … thar-of war rycht wonder blyth; Troy-bk. ii. 719.
This Pape than blyth off this word wes; Wynt. vi. 1016; etc.
Of that bourde I was blythe; Howlat 87.
Beand … blytht of thare aduersite; Irland Asl. MS. I. 70/21.
All gud Scottismen ware rycht blyth of that accordance; Ib. 239/25.
Our folkis … blyth and glaid Of this kowth surname; Doug. iii. ii. 130.
So blyth thai wer than of that victorie; Stewart 10510.
That the angelis ar blythe for the weilfair of man; Winȝet I. 124/16.
Hir … that of my baill is blyth; Montg. Misc. P. ix. 21.

c. Absol. with that = that … one. Quhat may I do bot … byd ay quhill that blycht list to me bute; Bann. MS. 224 a/35.
In to my armes swythe Embrasit I that blythe; Maitl. F. cxxx. 150.

2. Of the countenance, bearing, spirit, etc. Adryane with blitht faire Sa[i]d [etc.]; Leg. S. xxxviii. 351.
The Gregeois … Graunted it, with visage blyth; Troy-bk. ii. 611.
The Scottis passyd hame with blyth sembland; Wynt. viii. 6579.
That makis … blyth hert; Hay II. 127/6.
This eild … ȝarnis play, and al blycht chere; Ratis R. 1265.
The renk … Salust the bauld berne with ane blith wout; Gol. & Gaw. 1273.
With blyth bosum the sam Sal ȝou ressaue; Doug. iii. ii. 56.
Hys blyth browys brent; Ib. viii. xii. 14.
A blicht blenk of hir vesage bair; Tayis B. 59.
The Scottis couragious, of a blyth hope; Dalr. I. 163/8.

3. Of inanimate things. Also of birds. Bemes blythest of ble; Howlat 3.
Birdis blythest of ble; Ib. 17.
The blossummis blyith; Henr. Fab. 1331.
Yhe birdis, blyth as bellis; Wall. ii. 222.
Bricht letteris of gold, blith vnto blent; Gol. & Gaw. 68.
With bemys blith, bricht as Lucifere; Dunb. G. Targe 81.
Ene of amiable blyth asure; Id. xxi. 48.
At the blith [L. laeta] ȝettis; Doug. i. xi. 28.
All the blythar wald the banket be; Stewart 3596.
I hope … to se ane blyither sicht; 1570 Sat. P. xxiv. 60.

4. In comb. with bodyit. Kene knychtis … Blyth bodyit and beld; Howlat 332.

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