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Allane, Alane, a. and adv. Also: allan, alan; alaine, allain(e, allayn(e; all-, alean(e, alen(e, elane. [Northern ME. alān, al ān, from al All adv. and ān Ane num., corr. to southern ME. alōn, aloon: see Alone. The form alen(e, used by Gau, is north-eastern Sc. Nisbet writes al-, allaan after aloon of his English original.]

A. adj. 1. Alone, solitary, unaccompanied or unattended. Sometimes intensified by all. (See also Bird-, Jupe-, Lefe-, Sark-allane.) I ȝed alane in the kyrk-ȝard; Leg. S. xviii. 588.
Scho of the barne had dout, To lewe it in the house alane; Ib. xxvii. 217.
He was walkand a day in ane herbare allane; Hay II. 5/32.
Tyll a chyftane, thai held it fantasy To walk allayn; Wall. xi. 660.
The schiref behuffit allan to walk in the fyrst nycht; Myll Spect. 290/25.
Sen he has all my brether tane, He will naught lat me lif alane; Dunb. iv. 94.
Quharat was wont alane Andromocha To entir oft; Doug. ii. viii. 33.
Sen my first luf is gane, By deth dissoverit, and left me alane; Ib. iv. i. 36.
All alleane he hes discendit To hir; Clar. iv. 2611.
For I hald lufe ane A perse allane; Rolland Ct. Venus i. 222.
Sche and he allan and the dur steakit upon tham; 1564 St. A. Kirk S. 223.
Lat seruell menbris smert And bound allane [Q. alaine] remaine; Maitl. F. clxxii. 4.
The Lord … … maid me atteans, being alean, to fall on gruiff to the ground; Melvill 24; etc.
Then had I brook'd faire Ismene allaine; Craig ii. 138/18.

b. Without assistance. Alysawndyr than … owt can aras The trownsown, that thare stekand was. He rase allane, fra it wes owte; Wynt. viii. 5241.

2. Preceded by pronouns as him, thaim, etc. (Orig. in the dative case.) All him alane the way he tais; Barb. ii. 146.
He was hym allane A commowne man till euerilkane; Leg. S. ii. 979.
[Thou] nocht ellis had to gyf hym til Thane, for that thu ves thé alane; Ib. v. 627.
Qwhare before wes oysid nane Bot Hebrew langage it allane; Wynt. i. 1478.
Hys douchtyr … sall … hald hys herytage hyr allane; Ib. viii. 725.
Julius Cesar fled him allane with few in company; Hay I. 59/7.
Thow sall nocht de thé allane, quod the Dowglas; Howlat 516.
Thus gud Wallace with Inglismen was tane, In falt of helpe, for he was him allayne; Wall. ii. 142.
Nocht sped but diligence we se; For nathing it allane will cum; Dunb. xv. 29.
Thus stude Virginea hir allane; Bell. Livy II. 9/28.
They saw stand ane fair horse it alleane; Clar. ii. 252.
He was nocht able, him selfe alane, the hale ennimies to resist; Dalr. I. 215/14.
That na eldar … suffir ane singill woman … to dwell hir allane in ane hous; 1597 Misc. Maitl. C. I. 129.

b. With possessive pron., as mine, his allane. Quhou myght thou be sa cruell … As me to leif alyve, thus myne allane? Doug. ix. viii. 55.
Being within the same [hous] his alane, the said Ihonne … lokit the dur thairof; 1569 Prot. Bk. J. Scott 87.
The Governour remanit almost his allaine in Edinburgh; Leslie 245.
As I mussit myne allane, I saw an river rin; Montg. Ch. & Slae 77.
I saw the kingis maiestie and … my lordis brother gang furth at the hall dure … thair allanes; 1600 Acts IV. 209/1.

c. The allane, by itself. Ane sinne will draw on another, for there is neuer a sin the allane; 1590 Bruce Serm. O viij b (J).

3. In the phr. to lat, or leve, allane, to let alone, leave undisturbed. Al war thai fled full wery, left me alane; Doug. ii. x. 11.
So, so, hald on, leif this ded body alane; Ib. 144.
That thay … lat thayme alen and hald thayme noth of valour; Gau 4/21.
Quhat evir thay say, scho lute thaim all alane; Freiris Berw. 436.
Ga speik of Eger and Schir Gryme and lat the Lordis alaine; 1570 Sat. P. xxi. 112.
Ces, hart, … And lat alan all penseiffnes; Maitland M. Fol. clxxix. 2.

4. Without addition; singly, solely, exclusively, only. (Passing into adverbial use.) Met I had nan Throu warldis man bot Criste allan; Leg. S. l. 776.
Thar-off the certane Is nane can telle bot He alane; Wynt. iv. 378.
In Ytaly pere till it wes nane, To sawff off Rome the towne allane; Ib. v. 420; etc.
Suppos thai have na soverane … bot anerly God allane; Hay I. 157/2.
He is allane ferme and stable; Irland Mir. I. 32/1.
Saif ȝow allane Na leid I luiffit all this owk; Dunb. lxxv. 26.
Neyn sal trou or pwt thair hop in neyne bot in god alene; Gau 54/7.
Intill his fauour we are taine Throw Faith in Jesus Christ allaine; G. Ball. 54.
Thir fyue persouns allane ressawit the wryttingis; Pitsc. II. 93/36.
The Capitane … thinkis … that he aucht mair to his cuntrie alaine than to al his freindes; Dalr. II. 283/21.

b. As adv. Only, exclusively. Wenyng allane Ené to haue reprevit; Doug. i. Prol. 417.
Thow sall haif victorie Gif thow allane on me depend; G. Ball. 48.

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