A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)

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Affer(e, Affeir, n. Also: afeir. Cf. Effere. [Early ME. affere, afere (c 1300), OF. afere, var. of afaire, whence late ME. affayre, Affair. The main Sc. uses (which are common in OF.) are not found in ME.]

1. Manner of bearing or conducting oneself; appearance or deportment. Freq. with adjs. as grete affere (= pomp, dignity), gude affere, etc. Also in pl. = manners, ways, actions. Bot off thar nobleis gret affer, Thar seruice, na thar realté, Ȝe sall her na thing now; Barb. ii. 182.
The queyne and Mortymer On othir party cummyn wer Vith gret affeir and rialté; Ib. xx. 89.
Apolyna … The cors … can ta, And in hir ȝard gert it entere, Of gastly Ioy vith gret affere; Leg. S. xlvi. 320.
Thou sall hym wytht gud relewe … That … avynand is off honesté, Off fayre affere and thewys gud; Wynt. iv. 1955.
The multitude … Commendyt heily his affere, His aporte, and his manere; Ib. ix. 3145.
Wallace twa men … went, Dissemblit weylle, that no man suld thaim ken, Rycht in affer as thai war Inglismen; Wall. v. 144.
[To observe] Yhowr manhed, yhour worschip, and affere, How ȝhe conten, and how yhe armys bere; Lanc. 3041.
Thair leggis wer chenȝeit to the heill, Frawart wes thair affeir; Dunb. xxvi. 39.
Lynceus … Resistys, as he myght, with fell afferis; Doug. ix. xii. 99.
The fair fresch Lavinia … Of bewte, schape, and all afferys … Sa excelland that wondir war to say; Ib. xiii. viii. 59; etc.
That fre anserit with fair afeir; Maitl. F. cxxx. 73.

2. State or condition. He said, he wald … se the affer Off that contré, and of thar wer; Barb. xvi. 27 (E).
Thai … Chesyt a strenth, quhar thai thar lugyng maid; In gud affer a quhill thar still he baid; Wall. iv. 514.

3. Equipment, outfit; array (of battle). Thai tald Wallace off Patrikis gret affer; Wall. viii. 166.
[There were] xl thowsand, apon the Scottis to fair, With fell affer; Ib. x. 206.
Arthuris folk … ware to few aȝaine the gret affere Of Galiot ȝit to susten the were; Lanc. 984.
The gret afferis of athir host and array; Doug. i. Prol. 253.

4. Affair, business. The grettast part of our warkis and afferis Beyn endit now; Doug. xi. i. 32.
He dar nocht … repair in the cuntrey for doing of his lessume afferis; 1605 Stewart Memor. 114.

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