A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)


Declar. Causis [1582] Ane Declaratioun of the iust and necessar causis, moving us the nobillite of Scotland and uthers ye King's maiesteis faithful subjectis to repair to his Hienes presence, and to remane with him for resisting of the present daingeris appearing to Goddis trew religion and professours thairof & to his Hienes awen person estait & croun & his faithful subiects..& to seik redres and reformatioun of the abuse..of the commoun wealth. Directit from Striviling with special command and licence to be prentit Anno M.D.LXXXII. Colville, John; Robert Lekpreuik, Edinburgh, 1582. Also reprint Maidment, James (ed.); Edinburgh, 1822.