A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)


[various dates] The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland. 1124-1707. Thomson, T., Innes, C., Record Commission (ed.); 12 vols., Edinburgh, 1814-75. Printed by command of H.M. King George III in pursuance of an address to the House of Commons. Vol. I published 1844 by command of H.M. Queen Victoria. The ‘Record Edition' : the suppressed Volumes, viz. I (1814), V (1817), VI (1819) are distinguished by date of publication. Various other editions, esp. that of Sir John Skene, Edinburgh 1597, have been collated with this. Undated quotations from vol. I belong to the 15th century, ?after c1425 or, in some cases, to the 16th. century. Acts, 1240-1571, also cited from The Parliamentary Records of Scotland in the General Register House, Edinburgh, Vol. I, 1804. See also Acts and Constit. Scotl.DOST Lib. 
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