A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)


Loutfut MS [1494] Loutfut MS: heraldic collection. Loutfut, Adam. Variant text MS BL Harley 6149. fol. 44a and 78a. In The Book of the ordre of chyvalry, Byles, A.T.P. (ed.); EETS OS 168, London, 1926. pp xxvi-xxix. Also The Coat of Arms, T. O'Neill, vol. iv no. 32, 1957, pp 307ā€“10. Also Deidis of Armorie. Recent edn. L. Houwen STS 1995. fol. 128vā€“132v. See Diane Bornstein The Scottish Prose Version of Vegetius' De re militari in Studies in Scottish Literature 8, 1970ā€“1. pp 174ā€“83. Dated by Bronstein as 1494 (p.177, fn. 12). (Transcr. DOST Lib.)