A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (up to 1700)


Montg. P. [a1605] The Poems of Alexander Montgomerie. Montgomery, Alexander, Cranstoun, James and Stevenson, George (eds.); STS 9–11, 59, Edinburgh, 1887, 1910. Includes The Cherrie and the Slae (Ch. & Slae, a1585) and The Flyting between Montgomerie and Polwart (Flyt., a1585), chiefly quoted from supplementary volume; Sonnets (Sonn.), Miscellaneous Poems (Misc. P.), Devotional Poems (Devot. P.) and The Mindes Melodie (Mindes Mel.) all in STS vols 9–11. ed. Cranstoun. STS 59 ed. Stevenson is a supplementary vol. (DOST Lib.)

Montg. P. [a1585, a1568] Poems attributed to Alexander Montgomerie. In The Poems of Alexander Montgomerie. Montgomerie, Alexander; Cranstoun, James (ed.); STS 9–11, Edinburgh, 1887. pp237–81. (DOST Lib.)

*Montg. Suppl. [c1600] Miscellaneous Poems (from the Laing MS). In Poems of Alexander Montgomerie, Supplementary Volume. Stevenson, George (ed.); STS 59. See Montg. P. Original: MS EUL La.iii.447. (DOST Lib.)

Montgomery Mem. [v.d.] Memorials of the Montgomeries, Earls of Eglinton. Fraser, Sir William; 2 vols., Edinburgh, 1859.